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God Is Making Us White

As the unremembered ages passed, each of these species and subspecies in turn was left behind by our upwardly-evolving ancestors. So too will Homo sapiens be left behind.

by H. Millard

SOME OF US believe that the real God has a plan for us that centers on evolution and that He has evolved White people, and only White people, to be on the threshold to evolving into the next great human species — but that we must step over that threshold ourselves, and thus prove that we are the ones selected, and that we are strong enough in our minds and wills to avoid things that would take us the downward path, that would keep us from taking that step.

The greatest danger to us in this evolutionary sense is miscegenation (mating with, and actually or potentially producing children with, non-Whites) as this takes us in the wrong direction and each child born of a White and a non-White can then spread this wrong direction to many others when he or she grows up and mates.

The second greatest danger to us, again, in this evolutionary sense, is to have too few pure White children to replace us and carry our genes into the future to evolve as God has planned.

A White man or woman is the product of two White parents who are the products of White parents themselves. (Another term for a White man or women is Aryan — a non-Jewish person of European descent — and this is the way the term Aryan should be used. Of course, Aryan also means noble, and one hopes that we will also act nobly as well. Some variant definitions are too restrictive and unscientific, excluding some Whites with ancestors in certain parts of Europe without good reason. We reject those variant definitions.)

Lots of Whites are confused when they see people who they think are also White attacking Whites. Here’s how to sort it out. White, used properly, like Aryan, means non-Jewish people of European descent no matter where they were born or where they live. If you see newspaper columns or films or television personalities attacking Whites, do some investigating and find out the religion/ethnicity of the person writing the column and you will often find that they have white skin — but are actually non-White racially. They may look like us (at least to the untrained eye) — but they are not us.

What is God’s planned path for our evolution? It is to become Whiter with more White traits and characteristics — to become more different from the other races, but also to become stronger and smarter.

Physically, this means, in part, that we are to evolve longer heads (top to bottom) and thus longer faces. This is to accommodate larger brains. Why, you may ask, couldn’t we just evolve larger, rounder, heads to accommodate larger brains? The answer is that our White women would have difficulty in passing newborns with wider, rounder heads — while not having as many problems in passing larger heads that were longer instead. If our newborns evolved to have wider heads instead, they might kill their mothers, or render them incapable of having more children, just by being born — so the skull has to expand lengthwise, or fail to expand at all.

The White ideal, which may be a foreshadowing of our future evolution, for White females is often said to be willowy. God’s plan is not, apparently, to have our White women evolve larger hips (or fatter behinds) as other races have done, but to remain slim and tall — which is also the evolutionary direction of White males. (Obviously, you don’t have to look exactly like the future ideal to be White or Aryan or to be one of us in our Cause. Those less tall or with rounder heads or who are less willowy may be more highly evolved in other White directions that are just as important. We are all — at least all of us who know what is happening — evolving toward greater Whiteness together.)

Whether you believe, as some of us do, that this is revealed by God to us and only to us and only for us, or not, you might still be interested in the following observations in a secular sense.

What will we be like when we cross the threshold? We will look much the same as we do now and will pass as Homo sapiens (which will help keep us safe), but we will very likely have longer heads and be faster both mentally and physically, with stronger muscles that are less bulky and more sinewy, and we might be described as rangy if we are male and willowy if we are female. But the most important thing — and most certain thing — is this: When fully across the threshold into full specieshood we will no longer be able to bear viable children with non-Whites, making us, finally, safe from the greatest threat that now faces us — that of genetic mixture with Lower Man.

We will then be by far the most advanced life form on this planet, assuming forcefully and intentionally the role that Homo sapiens now plays so fitfully and precariously as the vanguard of evolution — a role that sapiens will then cease to play. This is as God wants it to be. We must make it so through our life choices.

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
10 December, 2020 11:28 pm

I like this somewhat. However, when I look up
into the night sky, I do not see any Gods. Here
is why:

Think it over. If a racially conscious White person
wants to see God, then perhaps he or she should
find a mirror and look into it.

10 December, 2020 11:55 pm

“God” in the context of Cosmotheism is what’s known as the Creator. As the created and creator are one and the same, it can be said that “God” is all creation including Aryans. What “God” is not to Cosmotheists is some invented, supernatural, anthropomorphic being that is omnipotent and omniscient.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  JM/Iowa
11 December, 2020 1:58 am

Then perhaps in that same context, you can
explain the meaning of “…one of us…” and
its antonym “…not one of us?”

Reply to  Walt Hampton
11 December, 2020 11:17 pm

Sure, while all a part of a greater whole, not all within the whole are the same. Differentiation occurs on a wide basis. You’re not a rock and not of rocks, but (perhaps) you’re of Aryan stock and an Aryan. Even with Aryans there are differences individually if you want to go down that path. The differences are physical and that of characters. You, for example, might be generally ornery whereas another could be broadly thought of as pleasantly tempered. Yet both can be Aryans, and Aryans are of the homo sapiens species, and the species is of living beings, and living beings are of physical matter, and physical matter with that which has no physical substance is a part of the Whole. And the Whole is the Creator. See… Read more »

Art Thief
Art Thief
11 December, 2020 8:28 pm

“ we will no longer be able to bear viable children with non-Whites”. This has already begun, though our enemies won’t admit it. A couple of years ago the British NHS circulated an ad on their metro showing a mixed race couple and asking for Britishers to increase their frequency of organ donation because “70% of mixed race children are unable to receive an organ transplant from either parent” or some such. As distasteful as ads are showing mixed race couples, it’s really a good red pill (it was one of the things that flipped me). I can’t seem to find it any more, though there are a lot of articles and data out there that have the same message. There are at least three distinct human species and the… Read more »

Reply to  Art Thief
14 December, 2020 9:02 pm

Tanstaafl does a great job covering the topic of race and organ transplants, as well as blood donation between races and many other interesting things. He has recorded 30 minute segments on each topic and usually provides the transcript or notes, all free of charge. See at
http://thewhitenetwork-archive/2013/03/19/race-and-organ-transplants-part-1/ (and part 2).

12 December, 2020 10:26 am

Excellent article

Harrison Mullendore
Harrison Mullendore
20 December, 2020 8:25 pm

Great resource and guiding Aryan perspective!