COVID-19: What’s It All About?

by John Massaro

I THINK it’s safe to say that nearly every visitor to this site believes next to nothing that comes out of the mouths of politicians and journalists. So let me begin this discussion by stating that, in my opinion, this so-called corona virus pandemic is not a medical event but a media event. To put it differently, if it had never been reported in the controlled media, practically no one in the world, except perhaps a handful of epidemiologists, would have noticed anything amiss, and everyday life today would be nearly unchanged from what it was in 2019, outside of China at least.

If there ever was an event that demonstrated the naked power of the global Jewish media machine, this is it. Speaking of China, I’m not going to explore that angle here. To my mind, pointing to bat soup or wet markets as the possible origin of this viral pandemic, or “plandemic,” as others have called it, is ridiculous, and while I have no love for the Chinese, and particularly not for their expanding presence and influence in the U.S., blaming them is a big distraction. There is so much conflicting information about COVID as it is, that I’m not going to delve into questions of whether the virus is natural or man-made, whether it was created for biowarfare purposes, whether we gave it to them or they gave it to us, and so forth. We’ll probably never know the full truth, and in any event, it’s all irrelevant to what is happening today in North America, Europe, and other outposts of the White world.

I truly believe this is a watershed event in history — certainly in American history. It’s the closest thing to a Bolshevik takeover I can imagine — clearly a subjugation of the weak and corruptible minds of government leaders around the world, and those of billions of people. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to get a handle on what’s going on, racing around the Internet, checking out numerous links and video clips. It’s often difficult separating sensationalist fiction from hard-hitting fact. Along the way I’ve changed my mind about a few things, as new windows of evidence have opened. For example, living in a Long Island suburb, and driving by a local hospital where the parking lot was largely empty and nothing happening at the emergency room entrance, I presumed that the frantic activity and high death rates being reported in New York City hospitals, just thirty miles away, was a hoax. I’m now quite sure that it really happened and may still be happening.  I’ll get to that below.

Let me begin with what I regard as some incontestable facts, and work my way down. The first hard fact, as I see it, is that the playbook for what is happening today was written several years ago. One of the most intriguing discoveries I made was a clip from a television series called The Dead Zone (I’d never heard of it). The episode in question, titled simply “Plague,” aired on July 13, 2003. It’s about a killer disease that threatens a small town. If YouTube hasn’t censored it yet, you can watch three and a half minutes of it on the ’Net. In that brief time, actors utter the following words: China, corona, virus, CDC, masks, political pressure, lockdown, quarantine, and chloroquine. Note too the small Star of David pin on the sheriff’s collar. I would not be in the least bit surprised if the person or persons who choreographed this fake health crisis, this plandemic, saw this show and decided to use it as a script. Could it really just be a coincidence?

That the recent past offers big clues to the present can also be deduced from the Zika virus, SARS, and swine flu scares. For several years I subscribed to a newsletter published by Dr. William Douglass, a colorful Georgia hillbilly type in the alternative medicine field.  Douglass died in 2015 at the age of 89. He espoused a few nutty ideas, but he also saw through a lot of lies. I saved some of the emails he sent to subscribers, and one from April 29, 2009 seems very timely. Headed “Media pigs misinforming public about so-called ‘epidemic’,” here’s part of it:

Those filthy swine… The swine flu “epidemic” is only a few days old, and Big Pharma is already plotting to make a fortune [as they are today with COVID test kits and vaccines].  European drug maker Roche announced it was scaling up production of Tamiflu, giving a boost to its stock price and sending millions into the Roche coffers. GlaxoSmithKline, which makes the anti-flu drug Relenza, is also seeing its stock price climb, as investors hope this swine flu is the biggest thing since the bubonic plague. There’s only one problem here — it’s not going to happen…. They have it wrong on swine flu. It won’t be an epidemic — it’ll barely even be a ripple. I’ve run medical clinics in Africa — I know what an epidemic looks like. And this isn’t it. [Douglass went to AIDS-ravaged Uganda on a medical mission in 1989.] The media is blowing swine flu out of proportion so it can feed its 24-hour news cycle — the same media, mind you, that had us convinced that avian flu was going to destroy the planet a few years ago. But here are the facts about swine flu — it has affected so few people in America that it’s hardly worth discussing…. It’s no epidemic. It’s no public health catastrophe. It’s good theatre — and nothing more.

What’s the difference between then and now? The only difference I can see is that this time the media masters are going for broke — perhaps in tandem with an economic meltdown that many have been predicting for years — and they are tightening the noose as never before.

I get my news from various Politically Incorrect websites. I don’t own a TV set and I don’t read newspapers and magazines. However, I do turn on the radio each morning to learn of any “big stories” and stay current with the Party Line. Ten minutes is all I can stand. From roughly mid-March to mid-April the news coverage of corona virus was all that a sane man could take.  A few times I tuned in for an hour straight. Even in Russia under Stalin during World War Two, I cannot imagine such wild, nonstop propaganda calculated to generate such fear and panic. In addition to crazy statistics thrown all over the place, it was as if the announcers had been instructed on how to pause and inflect to achieve the maximum emotional impact on listeners. “Fear porn” is how others have accurately described it. This in itself is damning evidence that something is wrong with this picture.

Add to that the daily, long-winded press conferences of New York state governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill DiBlasio. Both are hideous creatures. Cuomo is basically a Marxist dictator, while DiBlasio is so far gone I won’t even label him. Employing their usual tricks, the media transformed Cuomo into a national superstar; the polls, we were told, showing an 87% approval rating, though blue collar New Yorkers have always despised him and of late his glamor is fading.

This plandemic, incidentally, has acquainted me with several other state governors who are equally repulsive — stupid, ignorant, power-lusting freaks who appear to know nothing about the real world. Also in the spotlight are incompetent federal public health “experts” like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, who are viewed with distrust or hatred by a growing number of Americans. Then there’s the mattoid Bill Gates and his manly wife, worth more than a hundred billion dollars, pushing their universal vaccination agenda. I mean, just look at the kind of elitists who are hyping this thing. Is this not proof enough that this is a monstrous hoax? If they were honorable and intelligent leaders who really cared about their countrymen, I would take a step back and reconsider my position. But they’re terrible people, all of them.

One more element should be taken into account. Our health care system is as dysfunctional as every other major institution. Medicare and Medicaid are nearly broke, and old people with health problems are a financial burden to the System. Are they being murdered to save money? This is the thesis of a book titled The Morphine Genocide: How the Fed-med Mafia Kills Our Elderly with Palliative Care by M.S. King, published in 2016. I highly recommend it to anyone with an aging parent. It’s the true story of a spry 91-year-old woman, as told by her son, who was briefly hospitalized after her family physician foolishly over-prescribed potassium pills, then quickly railroaded into her grave. Woven into this poignant tale are numerous quotes from influential people and a few newspaper articles from mainstream sources like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which do publish some truth on rare occasions. In Great Britain, the National Health Service is in the same kind of mess and run by the same kind of criminals. King reproduced an article from the June 19, 2012 Daily Mail, a London tabloid, with the riveting headline “Top Doctor’s Chilling Claim: The NHS Kills off 130,000 Elderly Patients Every Year.”  Read this article on the Internet if you don’t read the book.

Several people who reviewed The Morphine Genocide on Amazon attested that their own parents or other relatives were murdered in the hospital. This is real, it’s deliberate, and it’s planned. King explains the financial incentive behind it, which extends to nursing homes and hospices. Now, add in that several brave doctors and nurses have spoken out on what is happening at hospitals where, in New York and probably many other states, all visitation has been banned by executive order, ostensibly to stop the virus from spreading. Two nurses in particular — one who was speaking for an unnamed friend who didn’t want to appear on camera — have affirmed that people are dying in droves in New York hospitals due to deliberate neglect or faulty procedures, especially involving the use of ventilators, which seem to be very dangerous devices when used improperly or unnecessarily. This might be the case in many big city hospitals, even though New York gets all the attention. I can only imagine how many incompetent or malicious Third Worlders and other non-Whites work in hospitals these days.

On top of this, doctors Scott Jensen in Minnesota and Annie Bukacek in Montana have insinuated that pressure from above is resulting in numerous death certificates falsely stating that COVID-19 was the cause of death. This was corroborated on the Project Veritas Web site, which recently featured recorded telephone conversations with four funeral directors in the New York metro area who see these documents all the time, and know that something fishy is going on.

And one more thing: there are those who have penetrated the CDC’s esoteric mortality data and observed that skyrocketing deaths from COVID correlate with plummeting deaths from influenza and pneumonia — in other words, outright fraud, so typical of this crumbling agency which so many boobs look up to with blind respect. So let me pose the question: Is this decaying System we live under killing two birds with one stone here? Are they bumping off tens of thousands of senior citizens who lived productive lives (along with some who didn’t), while fabricating wild statistics, dutifully reported by the media, to convince frightened citizens that people are dying like flies from an unremarkable virus? I’d bet a week’s pay that the correct answer is yes.

“Well, what about all those people who died of corona virus in Spain and Italy?” people have asked me, touched by scenes recorded by television cameras panning over hundreds of coffins and fresh graves. This strikes me as a rephrasing of the question invariably put to me, when I used to waste my time trying to explain the six million swindle, “What about the pictures of all those dead bodies?” Well, keep in mind that the same tribe that brought you the Hollowcost has now brought you the Hollowcough. They’re very clever — unsurpassed in the art of deception.

I don’t want to comment on any country that has supposedly been hit hard by this virus, simply because I haven’t looked into it. I will say that I’ve seen a video, with English subtitles, of a politician haranguing his colleagues on the floor of the Italian parliament over the disinformation campaign in that country which seems to parallel ours and that of so many other Western nations. On the other hand there’s the case of Sweden, whose government imposed minimal restrictions, and has a low rate of infection compared to other European countries, though the media here, when they mention Sweden at all, claim the opposite.

So believe what you want to believe. I’ll believe the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, a man after my own heart, who has laughed off this global corona virus scare as “an international psychosis,” and advised his citizens, should they fall ill, to drink some vodka and hit the sauna. At least there’s one national leader with common sense and a sense of humor. Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro appears to be the only other one to scoff at this worldwide hoax. (I have a Brooklyn Bridge I’d like to sell to anyone who believes the media’s claims that COVID cases in Brazil have spiked because of Bolsonaro’s complacence.)

In sum, all the evidence I’ve seen tells me that this corona virus, if it even exists as a discrete virus, is no more dangerous than any other respiratory illness that we have ever experienced, none of which ever resulted in such draconian measures put into place. It’s where we’re headed socially, not medically, that concerns me. Just a year ago, most of us would have written off the idea of drones hovering in the air, enforcing “social distancing” regulations, even barking orders, as science fiction. Yet it happened in 2020 in several cities. Other drones with sophisticated sensors were rolled out in Westport, Connecticut and Daytona Beach, Florida, monitoring the body temperature of pedestrians below, though it seems a public outcry forced the police in those cities to back off. Bill Gates, who should be deported to another planet, now talks openly about universal compulsory vaccination, while I can easily picture an arrogant punk like Andrew Cuomo saying, “You want to go to the supermarket? Then get vaccinated. No shot, no shopping.” Most states are gearing up for invasive “contact tracing.” Hideous surveillance machines that move around on four legs have been trotted out. What would have sounded like the wildest fantasy in 2019, what even George Orwell never dreamed of, is on the table today as “the new normal.”

I recall a remark attributed to Felix Dzerzhinsky, the head of the Cheka, the secret police unit under Lenin, in which he expressed his contempt for the Russian people who, out of cringing fear, quietly went about their business, doing nothing to resist the tyranny that had been clamped on them. You can be sure that that same kind of docile conformity, among the great majority of Americans who obediently wear their masks and keep their six feet distance in public places, without feeling any revulsion, just like when they go through the degrading TSA security gauntlet at the nation’s airports, is being closely watched by our own Bolsheviks to see how far they can be pushed. By our own Bolsheviks, in this case, I mean those in the upper echelons of the nexus of pharmaceutical and high tech companies, state and federal governments (especially the public health bureaucracies), international foundations, and of course the news media whose black beating heart keeps the engine running. All these people are wealthy, rotten to the core, and completely out of touch with the natural world and the aspirations of decent people. There is something fundamentally wrong with them. There also seems to be a malignant underlying impulse, so typical of the communist mentality, to destroy small business owners — people with an independent, entrepreneurial streak who have the most to lose in a shattered economy. The repercussions this is going to have economically, whether we are headed for another Great Depression or worse, is a related issue, and much discussed, but since I’ve never understood our funny money system, I’ll leave that analysis to someone else.

There has been resistance to this encroaching tyranny which encourages me. These despotic and senseless orders issued by governors and mayors, and the degree to which they’re enforced, seem to vary widely from state to state, and even between regions within states. Also, quite a few sheriffs in rural counties of several states have come right out and said that they’re not going to enforce directives that they disagree with. This too is a good sign, as are the more relaxed attitudes that seem to be prevalent in states with smaller populations, the facts of which come out in dribs and drabs when I surf the ’Net, and are in large part censored by the media masters, who love tyranny. But the personality of each state governor or city mayor appears to be the overriding factor, and as we’ve seen, many of them are cretins. And while some may disagree with me, the sight of protestors, a few of them armed, raising hell in scattered locations, also encourages me. True, most of these people are not very bright, waving their American flags and banners proclaiming their support for the clown in the White House, but this spirit of defiance tells me there’s some fight in White America yet, that among the willing mask-wearing and social-distancing slaves there are still plenty who can see evil for what it is and take to the streets. Whether some of them will start shooting if things don’t improve, or get worse, or if dangerous vaccinations are forced on them and their families, remains to be seen.

This plandemic has laid personalities bare and shown just how different people are — how nonchalant or rebellious they can be, or how weird they can be in their paranoia of becoming infected, or how infantile they can be in following “Simon says” CDC guidelines to the letter. It has also awakened primal survival instincts. An amusing example was provided by Alex Jones, who on his Infowars program said, with a straight face, that he would cut up and grill his neighbors before he allowed his daughters to starve. He got pretty graphic about it. On a less manic level there have been primitive tribal and national stirrings. Borders have been closed around the world to keep the virus out, including the world’s longest unguarded border that we share with Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north. This is unprecedented.

Many Americans are stocking up on food and ammunition, and many have become first-time gun buyers. It’s gratifying to see that people are preparing to survive a crisis, even though the crisis is contrived. Has America’s wealth already been sucked dry by the usual parasites, and the economy waiting to tank, and is this all part of the plan? Could be, but I don’t know. I thought that by now there would be serious disruptions in the food supply chain and scenes of widespread chaos in our big city hellholes. That hasn’t happened — yet. If it does, will those states that have been the least blessed with so much “diversity” start seceding from this train wreck of a nation? We’ll see.

In any event, I do believe America is in for some rough sledding. I do believe we’ve reached a point in our history where the logjam of this hopeless System will begin to splinter, and very quickly if conditions worsen. Many of us saw something like this coming, but I never imagined it would be in the guise of a fake medical emergency. We’re living in interesting times.

* * *

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
28 December, 2020 7:40 am

How inspiring to read the work of a normal thinking American. Recently an article on Secession appeared in the Occidental Observer that triggered a firestorm of comment. Problem was the commentary was from apparently woke Americans with mostly bizarre commentary. Some of it was planted for sure, but out of perhaps 12 respondents, only 1 made any sense to me. This was discouraging because those “woke” Americans seemed to be the last people one would want to be sharing a foxhole with in a war. And that is where we are, in a communal foxhole waiting for the attack. How many John Massaros do we have? Enough to make a difference? I believe it was Catherine Austin Fitts who said all you need is like 20% of Americans to be… Read more »

Return of The Snow Wolf
Return of The Snow Wolf
Reply to  Patrick Pappano
28 December, 2020 11:50 am

It’s been going toward 5%, but by growing more Charter Schools, such as Goldenview Classical Academy, a school I am familiar with in Colorado, this trajectory could be dramatically and quickly reversed.

It is simply amazing how quickly these kids catch on when the truth is allowed in the classroom. And they’re not held down by “Political Correctness”

We need to answer the “Military age Males” (refuse-gees) that they’ll soon be sending to disarm and chip us with our own “Military aged Intellectuals”, which has been sorely missing from this continent for the better of 100 years. Truth is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Then we will once again know true warriors.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
28 December, 2020 8:16 am

The main reason the GRIDS scam of the 1980s/90s – also courtesy of ‘Dr.’ Fraudci, btw – didn’t work nearly as well as the Kung Flu scam of 2020 is working was that back then, it wasn’t yet possible to CARPETBOMB every man, woman and child on the planet with 24/7/365 lies, spin, propaganda, smoke, mirrors and fear porn. The internet was limited to a few dozen eggheads in Palo Alto/San Mateo,, there were no tracking devices (code name: ‘smart phones’), there was no anti-social media (Faceborg, Twatter, Instawhore, and even TV propaganda was still relatively mild and restrained compared to what started to happen during the 1990s and has gotten exponentially worse year after year. Make that day by day. I remember Rush Limbaugh saying that the public… Read more »

Return of The Snow Wolf
Return of The Snow Wolf
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
28 December, 2020 12:06 pm

“Dr. Fauxi”

I Forgot
I Forgot
28 December, 2020 11:21 am

Has America’s wealth already been sucked dry by the usual parasites, and the economy waiting to tank, and is this all part of the plan?” (yes.)
If you would read the latest stimulus bill, which gives most of America’s wealth to 3rd World Countries and Israel, you would know the answer to that question.
Trump was put in office to siphon off 4 years of the most massive transfer of American wealth and its citizens hard earned taxes directly to Israel. They have just done to us what they did to Russia. I can’t honestly believe anyone on this site would not be aware of this.

Reply to  I Forgot
28 December, 2020 8:58 pm

All of the money is conjured from the thin air. We can’t even pay enough taxes to cover the interest on the debt. The faster this country goes down the tubes the better off we will all be. We are in the final looting phase of the operation. Trump was a huge disappointment and it won’t get any better with Biden.

Excellent article.

I Forgot
I Forgot
28 December, 2020 11:31 am

Good article. It is a Hollywood production type mind game being imposed upon all “Covid” taken over nations. They have literally taken their Production labs to the streets bringing their Virtual Reality game to install tyranny, Bolshevism, displacement of White Europeans, and likely genocide of the lower races using their newfound tech via media and government enforcement and control . These people are megalomaniacs. I will NOT die, nor bow down, nor be forced to act in some Hollywood or Gates wet dream fantasy, thank you. I already did that for Viacom in several movies and it was the biggest drag.
Again, a very informative and truthful piece, thanks!

Last edited 24 days ago by I Forgot
John M
John M
28 December, 2020 5:08 pm

I wrote this essay in May, one week before the martyrdom of St. George of Minneapolis. My God, how much has happened since then! The worst nightmare scenarios conjured up by some of us supposedly nutty anti-vaxxers, which even I would have scoffed at seven months ago, have become reality. This exceptionally dangerous Covid-19 vaccine, and the drive to vaccinate the entire world with it, is nothing short of satanic. The Jewish higher-ups salivate over it, of course, and as with every destructive social program, they are greatly over-represented in it, but it would be foolish to blame Jews alone, while overlooking the uncountable number of political hacks and technocrats who are pushing or going along with this utterly insane “transhumanist” agenda. To my mind, the single most evil individual… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
Reply to  John M
29 December, 2020 6:00 am

“…but it would be foolish to blame Jews alone,” The Christ phenomenon took off beyond anyone’s wildest dreams suddenly making the Jews pariahs. I had been thought that the proliferation of radio was the high-water mark of public uptake of a concept. But I believe the Christ phenomenon was even more acute than radio. This leaves Jews fighting a rearguard action that drives them into siege mentality. They know they are in a fight and doing something about it. Western man does not know there is a war on and is quite happy, in the absence of opportunity, to take Jewish money to keep body and soul together. And then the Jews propagandize these Goyim to do their work and thus Gates is only one, driven by all the emoluments… Read more »

28 December, 2020 9:51 pm

That was an incredible article! All I have to say is gear up.. Protect yourself and do what you have to. I also will do what I must before my son goes hungry.

28 December, 2020 11:14 pm

An intellectually stimulating article to say the least.
Nevertheless, I still find it interesting to hear patriots assert that the United States remains the last stronghold against globalism and that Trump will be its sword bearer.
What most people don’t realize is that America, like many other post WWII countries, has been under the influence of the traditional hidden hand. If Trump was really on our side, the hidden hand would of liquidated him a long time ago, in the same manner as they did with JFK. They would have no qualms about it either.
This is for the conscious 5%…..How many more times are we going to fall for this Hollywood BS? Our window of opportunity will soon close….. indefinitely.

Reply to  anonymous
6 January, 2021 2:48 pm

Thanks anonymous. You raise a good point. He seems to be controlled by them but is difficult to control so they are abandoning him.

5 January, 2021 6:34 pm

So there I was, leafing through old issues of Backwoods Home Magazine, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but this article by magazine publisher Dave Duffy: Dark Winter – A simulated terrorist attack on three American cities using weaponized smallpox (BHM no.81, May/June 2003). It tells of a ‘wargame’ exercise at Andrews Air Force base in Summer of 2001 – mere months before 9-11 – featuring GA senator Sam Nunn as POTUS, OK governor Frank Keating as himself, five ‘senior journalists’ (…) and various organizations most people have never heard of, including the John Hopkins (pre-Bill Gates ?) Center for Civilian Biodefense studies. It’s all there: A ‘deadly virus’ – the historically deadliest of all, if history can be believed…- lacking VAXXX’s, ‘herd immunity’, quarantines, lockdowns, store closings,… Read more »

6 January, 2021 10:12 am

Very good. As for <i>normal (and White)</i> Americans having a fundamental intellectual BREAKTHROUGH…I just continue to be black-pilled. Their inability to discover/think-through/grow weary of…let’s call it the Grand WWII World View…seems to be absolute. It seems to be fully outside of their dna to SEE how utterly Jewish-controlled/informed and anti-White <i>Murka</i> fundamentally is. I can only hope-against-hope that this existential state-of-affairs…will truly turn around.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Servenet
7 January, 2021 9:32 am

It is immensely difficult for people who consider themselves very intelligent – which they usually are – to admit to themselves just how badly they’ve been bamboozled and for how long……

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
16 January, 2021 1:33 pm

I watched the entirety of this eye-
opening video. Setting aside the 
pointless slandering of the National
Socialist martyrs at Nuremberg, it
is a masterpiece in exposing the 
scam-demic fraud. Not quite the 
length of an hour. However, well 
worth the time. Exposure of the jerk
Bill Gates was priceless!

Reply to  Walt Hampton
17 January, 2021 8:03 am

Next on your viewing list: Flu, a Korean disaster movie from 2013.
See also: Utopia TV series, also 2013.
Talk about predictive programming….
Brandnewtube have some good stuff, but are apparently Islamic owned and comments critical of Abrahamism seem to be vigorously deleted. Proceed with caution.

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
17 January, 2021 11:59 pm

comment image

Mask Harms in Kids: 68% of Parents Report Alarming Psychological and Physical Problems In First-of-its-kind Study

Science no longer plays a role in these absurd times, and the public service media has one of the greatest responsibilities in making people who do not submit to this absurdity now be stigmatized as “threats to the community”.

comment image


Last edited 4 days ago by ulysses freire da paz jr
Jim Puckett
Jim Puckett
7 January, 2021 2:07 am

COVID-19: What’s It All About?

John and Kevin, “Ya got dat right!”

Drugmakers Hike Prices on 500 Drugs

R Wilder
R Wilder
17 January, 2021 5:23 am

Gemma O’Doherty — Investigative Journalist

HSE Finally Admit That Covid-19 Has Not Been Scientifically Proven To Exist

Reporting On The Police In Ireland Being Ordered To Take The Covid Vaccine

Download PDF document:

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
17 January, 2021 2:03 pm

As Europeans, it is a proven fact that  most are indeed followers and NOT  leaders! Most will blindly accept  something – due to the fact that the  majority have accepted it, even though many know it to be absolutely wrong.  They are fearful of not following the  majority, thinking that if they say  ‘no,’ then they will be labeled as  ‘outcasts’ or ‘rebels’ and possibly  be ‘shunned’ by the majority. This all is a fact about White psychology, and is sometimes termed as ‘herd mentality.’ Of course, the Jews are fully aware of this aspect as being a weakness of Caucasians – and have exploited it throughout this  entire scam-demic, and are indeed using it to push their next phase of control  through their plans to ‘vaccinate’ all Goys. Thus,… Read more »