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Capital Dreams of a Borderless World

by Douglas Mercer

WHEN THE epitaph of America is written it will say that this was a people who loved freedom but who loved cheap labor more. Sam Dickson has said that, growing up in the South, he revered the antebellum leadership class, but that as he grew older he saw them in the same light as the capitalists today who bring in immigrants to depress wages. That is, he saw that slavery was a way to enrich the moneyed few at the expense of the majority of their own race.

The same thing happened during the “golden era of immigration” from 1880 to 1914. Business magnates and steamship companies made a killing; the rest of us were stuck forever with the Jews that they imported to line their pockets. No truer words have ever been spoken than this: Mass immigration constitutes a gigantic transfer of wealth from the working class to investors.

At times, before he got hooked up with evil White-people-hating harpy Alexandria Cortez in 2020 and started railing against “White supremacy,” some of Bernie Sanders’ condemnations of big capital made good sense. He even once said that he hailed from the White working class (ironically, a statement of pedigree that only a Jew could get away with nowadays). In 2015, in a by now famous interview with fellow Jew Ezra Klein, Sanders said that “open borders are a Koch Brothers idea.” Klein, who is a sycophantic stenographer for the Jewish elite, nearly fell out of his chair at that. But it’s true: Big business loves mass immigration. This is why capital got “woke.”

The left abandoned the White working class a long time ago. The party of Dick Gephardt who spoke of “industrial policy” is no more; now the Democrats love exotic racial and sexual groups, wine moms, baristas with bones in their noses, foreigners, felons, formerly conservative “gentry,” and the titans of big tech. The business Republicans abandoned the White working class even longer ago; they never had any use for labor other than to wring it bone dry. They outsourced; they loved “free trade” which sent money stolen from the middle class to foreign countries.

For a brief period in 2011, American finance experienced a shock with the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Talk of the “one per cent.” cut a little bit too close to the bone. Ever since then, they’ve been pushing “anti-racism,” giving endless millions to Black Lives Matter and the like. It doesn’t take a genius to see that they’d much rather the left were railing against White people than railing against them.

But it’s also true that this “woke capital” is not just a strategic deflection. Business interests have a real point in common with the anti-White left. They both dream of a borderless world, one to kill the White man and the other to line their own pockets at the White man’s expense. For the dream of big business is the dream expressed by crazed harpy Hillary Clinton when she spoke in secret to Goldman Sachs: She said she wanted a unified economic zone from Tierra Del Fuego to the Arctic Circle, unified in the sense that, circulating throughout it, would be an “unimpeded flow of goods and people.”

That’s how you wreck a nation; but if you are a profit-incentivized CEO, that’s how you get rich.

A country can have no greater misfortune than to have a de-nationalized elite.

One of the greatest malefactors in this sense of being a de-nationalized elitist is the aforementioned Charles Koch, funder of “conservative” causes too numerous to mention. Living ensconced in his money-bought bubble, he is far above the gritty reality experienced by the White American workers he despises. He is an Ayn Rand-worshipping libertarian who wants nothing more than to flood our homeland with ever-increasing millions of people from Asia, Africa, and the Global South. For, you see, the more workers there are, the the lower wages will be — and the more money he makes. He is an American in name only; he is a heartless mercenary fleecing the good people of this country.

Koch recently penned an op-ed in favor of unlimited immigration on the Web site of communist CNN. It reminds us of why the Chamber of Commerce in 2016 was so opposed to the ostensibly anti-mass-immigration Trump, and it reminded us too that Koch’s vast holdings and enterprises are interwoven into every nook and cranny of the world and the American economy. And we also know that, to these people in and around the GOP, GDP is GOD. For them, it it really is as simple as that.

And the irony is that Koch’s father was, along with Revilo P. Oliver, a founding member of the John Birch Society. He held meetings for the group in his family home in Wichita, Kansas. But whatever self respect his father had was not passed on to the son who wants nothing to do with anything that might even faintly resemble White identity politics. His op-ed really is an odious glimpse into a reptilian mind.

First off, he sings the praises of the founder of Chobani Yogurt Company. This foreign squatter is named Hamdi Ulukaya who emigrated to America in 1994. Ulukaya, a very Semitic-looking alleged Kurd from Turkey, is famous for not only hiring “refugees,” but imploring other businesses to do so as well. He seems to think that hiring invaders makes him a moral paragon when in fact it make him a foreign squatter employing his own kind. Koch then praises the Catholic University of America for an “innovative” degree program for “immigrant communities” in Arizona. Which makes me think that there is at least one factual error in the name “Catholic University of America.”

Koch lauds Joe Biden for saying he will prioritize “immigration reform,” and commends to the rest of us the idea of a “path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants” and making citizens of the misnamed “Dreamers.” He then goes through the sorry and sordid history of the various gangs who have tried to “amnesty” 30 million interlopers in the past fifteen years. He then notes that, although they failed, “we” can succeed now because “77 percent of Americans think immigration is a good thing.” He then touts a group called Belong With Us which has a Web site featuring a picture of either a racially mixed couple or just two coffee-colored invaders and their coffee-colored spawn, it’s hard to tell which, but we all get the message being sent. Another picture is of two men kissing and has the caption “Love Has No Labels.” In short, it is dedicated to the death of our people. (The site says that they want to create a “Welcoming Nation,” which means nothing less than facilitating genocidal replacement migration. We should at the very least be slamming the door shut on these invaders. They don’t belong here. They don’t belong among us.) Finally, Koch also extols something called “Stand Together” which allegedly brings together a diverse — but you know the drill — something something something kill White people.

The whole piece really is an unholy and noxious brew of rancid sewer water.

All you really need to know is that there are two kinds of people who want untrammeled immigration: 1) those who hate White people, and 2) those who want to turn an obscene profit by impoverishing the White working people who built everything worth noticing in this country. Charles Koch is likely indifferent to White people, as he is indifferent to all people; for him they are no more than cogs in his vast money-making machine, numbers on a spread sheet. Money, though, he loves and worships — and that’s why he wants all those Asians, Africans, and Central Americans to come to our land — so he can transfer wealth from you to his gilded pockets.

And that’s the thing about these deracinated libertarians, ostensibly they love freedom but trust me: they love cheap labor more.

We could do nothing better than to write their epitaph.

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19 December, 2020 4:29 pm

El multiculturalismo es un tumor canceroso letal, si no actuamos pronto, sólo habrá un epitafio.

19 December, 2020 7:08 pm

Judeo-supremacy and capitalism. why does capitalism destroy all borders and cultures, except Jewish ones? I hold that Jews being a minority and non workers means their livelihoods are not threatened, the same is true for White elites like the Kochs. But the majority of Whites are workers and capitalism is at conflict with them, so they must go. rhetorical question: why should European identitarians care about the European working class? As long as European elites keep reproducing, European genetics will live on, Europeans will decrease in number but they will remain at the top, much like the plantation owners of the antebellum south? what is wrong with that? Why should the Kochs care about poor Europeans too disorganized and brainwashed to save their own interest. the way I see it(not… Read more »