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Napoleon and the Jews

They’re hungry. So they feed.

by Douglas Mercer

NAPOLEON famously lamented that “the Jews are like locusts and they eat my France!”

Brave last words.

This man of battle once tried to solve the Jewish Question and got hoodwinked by the rabbis.

Earlier, in 1799, Napoleon dreamed of marching into Jerusalem in the name of provoking prophecy.

It was not the last time that “End Time” theology clouded a White man’s vision of the Jews.

But once he was Emperor, this man of battle sought to put an end to the Jews as a separate race.

He failed miserably.

What he did was convene in Paris Jews from all over Europe and put to them questions which would leave them no escape from the light of history.

Are Jews a nation within a nation? Or are they French?

Do Jews consider Frenchman “strangers”? Or as brothers?

Did Jews regard France as their native country? Or were they separate?

Do Jews obey French laws or their own laws?

Do Jewish moneylenders make a distinction between Jews and Christians?

Good questions all.

And as Emperor of France, he demanded answers. The prominent Jews so gathered fell all over themselves to say that Jews were French, no different from any other Frenchman in all of those particulars.

Thus they ostensibly cancelled the Talmud, and cancelled Israel as a nation.

That is, they lied through their teeth.

In the full light of history.

For a Jew is always a sophist, and they proceed only by misdirection.

Lying is integral to their religion.

But as it fell out they were taken at their word.

And this famous and majestic Napoleonic interrogation formed the basis for all European countries to “emancipate” their Jews.

That is, Jews were given all civil rights and were allowed into the professions.

They could become doctors, lawyers, journalists, politicians.

They could be Englishmen, Germans, Frenchman.

No different from any other in law.

But, of course, underneath it all they were always only Jews.

Once a Jew always a Jew, as the saying goes.

But this foolish emancipation unleashed a wave of Jews to the forefront of the White world.

Soon they were operating at the highest levels in all fields in Europe and soon in America as well.

In Spain of the Middle Ages, Jews would profess to be Christians.

Now they professed to be French.

Same lie, and the same gullibility to believe it.

Karl Marx, of Jewish ancestry himself, said that once the Jews were emancipated in a society, that society soon became Jewish.

This is true, just as black ink in pure water soon makes that water black.

Goethe warned his contemporaries that, were the Jews ever to be emancipated, they would not spare us.

He was right. Napoleon got snookered.

And now the Jews are like locusts, swarming, preying.

And eating our nations.

* * *

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
19 November, 2020 10:15 am

Evolution has not stopped. They might be locusts but we can be seagulls.

We are being thinned and put into fighting trim (LONG overdue) even as I write.

We just need to get harder and stop being so wonderful, virtue-signaling and downright sappy. This has nothing to do with hate—it can be done in a humorous, elegant way.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
19 November, 2020 5:08 pm

Any tightly knit group with their internal laws and customs has a sharp advantage in a big society operating according to principles of equality and civil rights to all citizens. So, any diaspora can prey on majority of others. The members of diaspora can posture themselves as usual citizens but in reality operate in the interest of their own group. In such a way they can successfully advance their group interests to the detriment of the whole society. Therefore, any society should guard itself from such minorities and never accept them as equal citizens. Preferably, such minorities should be physically removed to their native land, where they could live according to their traditions. Any attempts in melding such minorities into bigger society are either failed completely or have given unsatisfactory… Read more »

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
20 November, 2020 8:38 am

Two points-the USA imprisoned two of its basically founding nationalities, Italians and Germans excluding the Japanese, in WW2, which proved the Jewiness of the USA if the war didn’t but yet post-war bred the fiercest National-Socialists of a kind wholly different from the feeble Zionist patriotards of the UK…true, Rockwell, Pierce, Metzger et al, got nowhere near real power but the nuclei were there, if now swallowed by dumbo MAGA Trumptards…even now there are still fiercer critics of Judentum in Amerika than any Britard dares in Britainistan, becoming a Commiewealth kosher caliphate overnight.

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
21 November, 2020 5:31 am

I can’t think of anything tighter knit than Mein kampf and National-Sozialismus-Jewish Europhobia inspired it but you don’t even need to hate them…just snub them before you oust them-their deadly gatekeeper, is timewaster Democracy and guilty whiteness, so easy to threaten and blackmail, and the treacherous greed of such a worthless electorates worthless politicians, so easy to bribe or blackmail…one has to be materially strong to flout threats and morally strong to gainsay bribes and that means an elite of a kind.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
20 November, 2020 12:32 am

Man, talk about the perfect example or illustration of the old saying:
“It’s as simple as that.” The whole of the so called ‘jewish question’
boiled down to a very brief article and story > simple as that. We
can never, IMO, be too harsh with ‘the jews’ and it is obviously a
mistake, and has been show such over and over, to be tolerant
and equitable which they will ALWAYS exploit as weakness.
It needs to written in stone – IF they live with us, it needs to
be by OUR rules and OUR restrictions or there’s the door !
Nobody is forcing you stay. But our preference is you GO.
And much of that should be by our hand, w/o apology :)

Friedrich Mencken
Friedrich Mencken
24 November, 2020 5:16 pm

Does anyone know of a good biography on Napoleon? Or are they all kosher.

Reply to  Friedrich Mencken
25 November, 2020 10:06 am

The newest biographies are by Andrew Roberts and Adam Zamoyski. The AmaZOG search on Adam Zamoyski’s biography turns up other biographies on Napoleon that curiously do not appear with the Roberts biography. I also note that AmaZOG is heavily promoting all things Obama. I like to look at the background of authors to get an idea if their perspective. In this case, Roberts and Zamoyski have some red flags. Roberts has definite neocon sympathies and admires Winston Churchill. Zamoyski, while apparently not jewish, is involved in several groups related to the study of Polish jewry. While these biographies are undoubtedly well written, I suspect they will be “kosher” where it counts. I think a good first start would be M. S. King’s “Napoleon vs. the Old and New World… Read more »

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  guest
25 November, 2020 3:21 pm

Recently a book came out about the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act called The Guarded Gates. In the very first sentence the author says he is a descendant of shetl Jews from Poland who immigrated to America around 1900. He then said that as such he can’t claim “spotless objectivity” towards his subject. At least he did confess to this but that his objectivity was not “spotless” is an understatement, he was totally one sided in condemning that landmark legislation which protected White America. So you are right, it’s always good to know where authors are coming from, particularly if they are Jewish.

Friedrich Mencken
Friedrich Mencken
Reply to  guest
26 November, 2020 1:37 pm

Thank you for your suggestions, yes at least M.S King is not kosher. I was looking around a bit my self and found Napoleon by Jacques Bainville from 1933 who was part of Action Francaise and supported Vichy during ww2, so probably not kosher.

Peter Zelchenko
Peter Zelchenko
13 December, 2020 4:55 pm

Are you serious? What am I seeing here? Fasces? Ostensibly civilized grown men behaving in this way in public? Whatever coat and tails you put on, this is essentially hate speech and deserves to be stifled. Please grow up and put your toys and fantasies away!

Reply to  Peter Zelchenko
14 December, 2020 10:50 am

Are you suggesting that Voltaire, Napoleon and Goethe not to mention Dostoyevski were uncivilized? The advantage that they had over you and the rest of our now thoroughly ‘liberalized’ society is that they were brilliant, superbly educated men familiar with the great writers of the last two millennia. As a consequence they would have laughed at the idea of silencing someone with such infantile rhetoric as ‘hate speech’. Try starting with the works of Michael Collins Piper or Gilad Atzmon if you need convincing. Racial and ethnic stereotypes exist because they embody some truth. Of course not all jews are actively working to subvert the West but most are fellow-travellers or useful idiots in the great liberal project which is so chillingly described in the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders’.… Read more »

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  Rodger
14 December, 2020 10:18 pm

All of the great men of the nineteenth century saw what was happening with the Jews and issued dire warnings. Wagner said that Jews had got hold of German culture and were turning everything into commerce. He said that it distressed him to have to always be returning to the subject of the Jews but that when he looked to the future he had no choice. He knew that if the trajectory he outlined continued European Civilization would go under, and nothing that has happened since has shown that he was mistaken.

Peter Zelchenko
Peter Zelchenko
Reply to  Douglas Mercer
15 December, 2020 8:25 pm

Pretty words on ugly and dangerous ideas. These ideas are what create murderers. Therefore, you are complicit. The corners of the Internet are many. For the good of mankind, do find a new game to play!

Peter Zelchenko
Peter Zelchenko
Reply to  Rodger
15 December, 2020 8:23 pm

I don’t need schooling. All men have flaws, no matter how well read or how widely read. Whatever these men were, they also had prejudices.

I don’t believe I misunderstand your antisemetic sophistry and two-dimensional thinking. I’m in no position either to forcibly change your behavior or to waste more time on you. But do stuff a sock in it; else don’t be surprised if some of the “uncivilized masses” come for you. Really, it’d be for your own good.

Reply to  Peter Zelchenko
19 December, 2020 9:49 pm

Cuck or Jew.

Reply to  Peter Zelchenko
30 December, 2020 7:12 pm

With the exception of your opening statement I can obviously agree with your first paragraph. This doesn’t entail conceding that the gentlemen I cited were uncivilized.

As for ‘anitsemetic sophistry’. That’s an interesting one. The whole concept of anti-semitism is an exercise in sophistry. It’s a term invented to encompass the repression of whatever and whomever its boosters decide. For myself, I am simply trying to understand why my society and my civilization seem to be sinking into the mud. Your repressive attitude to intellectual debate and resort to veiled threats are prime examples.