Lady Michele Renouf’s Thought Crimes Trial in Germany Suddenly Adjourned, Gag Order Imposed

by Paul Fromm

BRITISH ACTRESS, model and longtime videographer (through her company Telling Films) and free speech activist Lady Michele Renouf was to go on trial in Dresden, Germany on October 16. We can’t report on the proceedings because neither Lady Michele nor her associate and publicist Peter Rushton is allowed to comment on the proceedings. We have been advised that they were suddenly halted and no date set for their continuation.

Peter Rushton reports: “On 16th October 2020 an Australian-born Briton goes on trial in Dresden for ‘incitement’ — not for terrorism or threats, but because of a 10-minute speech given to 300 mourners at a commemoration of the Allied terror bombing of Dresden in 1945. The charges have been brought under Germany’s draconian volksverhetzung law — Para 130 of the criminal code, against Lady Michèle Renouf. … In February 2018 Lady Renouf attended a public commemoration in central Dresden, marking the anniversary of the 1945 terror bombing by the Royal Air Force and the USAAF. Responding to an anti-British comment by someone in the crowd, Lady Renouf was invited to give a brief spontaneous speech in which she acknowledged Britain’s shame for its deliberate wartime policy of targeting civilians.

During this speech she referred to the following facts:

Many influential Britons at the time condemned Churchill’s barbaric terror bombing policy and the associated demand for unconditional surrender – such people included Lord Hankey (formerly Sir Maurice Hankey, founder of the modern civil service); the Rt. Rev. George Bell, Bishop of Chichester; Labour MP and future minister Richard Stokes; and government scientist and future bestselling novelist C.P. Snow.

The terror bombing of Dresden was a literal holocaust in which tens of thousands of civilians were burned alive. We shall never know the atrocity’s exact death toll, because the city was packed with refugees — uncounted and undocumented — fleeing from the advancing Soviet Red Army.

The Allied justification for this targeting of civilians was that Britain and America were at war with Germany. Yet, this factor is ignored when discussing what has become known as the ‘Holocaust’, an unchallengeable dogma taking the place of history.

The simple fact that Jewish civilians were interned in camps is today regarded as a ‘war crime’ and part of ‘genocide’, regardless of what did or did not happen in the camps themselves, a topic which Lady Renouf did not address, knowing that it is illegal in Germany to debate such matters. It is odd to condemn internment itself as criminal, bearing in mind that both Britain and America interned enemy aliens. It is scarcely surprising that European Jews were placed in this ‘enemy alien’ category, given the actions of the self-styled leaders of World Jewry who had as early as 1933 declared economic war on Germany. Moreover the future founders of Israel such as Chaim Weizmann were actively engaged in a campaign of covert warfare, some of it contrary to international law, in collaboration with Britain’s Special Operations Executive. In itself it was not unreasonable for the German authorities to intern large numbers of European Jews as potential collaborators in this covert war.

CAFE supporters protest outside German Consulate in Toronto

On Friday, October 16, CAFE supporters and Truth and Justice for Germans staged a protest outside the German Consulate in Toronto urging Germany to drop all charges against Lady Michele and show respect for freedom of speech.

* * *

Source: Canadian Association for Free Expression

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
27 October, 2020 3:05 pm

Great for Lady Michelle Renouf! The Jews
and their Shabboz Goys know can be tangling
with a tiger when they take on this lady! They
are going to handle this the way they did with
Hans Schmidt – sweep it all under the rug and
hope it all goes quietly away. If it had been
anyone else, that person would be looking at
years in a German prison. Once again, hats
off to the indomitable Lady Renouf! The
murdered dead of Dresden are making their
voice heard thru her!

31 October, 2020 11:05 pm

Oh beautiful Europe. Motherland of our ancestral hunter gatherers. You birthed us. For millennia, you had been our teacher, our nurturer, our provider. You made sure we became strong, brave, courageous intelligent and respectful of you.
Then, one day, we deserted you. Set sails for other pastures and have since never looked back.
Now you weep and bleed, your cries for help we do not hear.
Forgotten, neglected. Our once beautiful motherland.

1 November, 2020 11:37 am

Boy, you had a real good deal going with the Dresden thing – until it veered into Holocaust denial.

Face it, that battle is lost. Concentrate on ones you can win. You people sure don’t know how to win arguments and persuade people to your side. You’re going to continue to rage in the wilderness until you figure it out – if you ever do.

Edward C. Straight
Edward C. Straight
Reply to  Dinger
1 November, 2020 11:59 am

So, “Dinger,” are you saying that we should lie and pretend that “the Holocaust” as put forward by the Jews is a fact? I could not do that, sorry not sorry. I am so sick of dissembling and order to avoid offending fools.

Reply to  Dinger
3 November, 2020 7:23 pm

Dinger, One can not deny something that never happened. The Jewish holocaust claim has already been proven through science lab test on the camp sites, to be exactly that, a claim, a story, does not make it real no matter how many movies one watched. Also Germany’s documentation & the Red Cross documentation of this alleged crime is only just that & never has been proven. Repeating the same stories does not make it true.