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Fighting for What Is Right: A Conversation With Will Williams and David Duke, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 17 October, 2020

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introduced by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY WE PRESENT part 1 of National Alliance Chairman William White Williams’ recent interview on the David Duke radio program on the Rense Radio Network. Dr. Duke (check out his Web site at and Chairman Williams discuss a wide range of topics, including the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the wide disparity between Whites and non-Whites when it comes to violent criminal behavior, and the agenda of the controlled media and the Jewish power structure in presenting our people with a false view of reality designed to intentionally deceive us — and therefore totally disarm us in the war for our very existence which they are waging against us. Listen….

Some issues brought to light during this discussion include:

• The powerful Jewish supremacists that control the Establishment exploit and use us for evil purposes.

• Will Williams deserves to be honored and saluted for his long service to our people, people of European descent wherever they may live.

• In politics today, White people have terrible choices, not unlike the choice of Odysseus.

• Will the government formally criminalize White nationalism in a “Harris/Biden” administration?

• Why does the Jewish power structure hate Donald Trump so much, even though he gives them nearly everything they want?

• Would Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, be willing to enforce even our current weak immigration laws, considering the fact that she defines herself as “a mother of two Black children”?

• When asked about George Floyd’s death, why did Barrett not question the obviously incorrect media narrative?

• We need to face the fact that our problem is not guns, but Negroes with guns.

• The servants of the Jewish power structure are wailing about “White supremacist murders,” but the maximum figure they can come up with is 541 in the last quarter century in the entire United States — how does that compare with 3,200 murders committed by Blacks in Chicago alone and in the last nine months alone?

• What did Black racial activist Eldridge Cleaver say about raping White women — and about hating Black women?

This program has been edited for broadcast. We’ll continue with part 2 of this significant interview next week, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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Listen to the broadcast

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
17 October, 2020 1:34 pm

Excellent outline! I have personally met Captain Williams and Dr. Duke on numerous occasions in the past. With hopeful expectation, I am looking forward to Part II of this item. The survival of the race is of prime importance – and between these two, I have great confidence in that the primary of race will be addressed and met. As a side issue, but a bona fide issue nonetheless, is that of what I perceive to be a slow – but steady drift – of collective racial awareness into that of a stifling Victorian morality. Mr. Strom has mentioned in a footnote in an item of National Vanguard that the Victorian morality served Caucasian interests well during this repressive era. Given the circumstances of that time, that may be true.… Read more »

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  Walt Hampton
17 October, 2020 5:44 pm

Ha! Walt, you seem to have some mistaken apprehension that the National Alliance will become “Victorian,” or “puritanically restrictive” — like we’re prudish when it comes to matters of sex. I guess that’s because I removed posts of yours dealing with pornography on our family-oriented forum, Cease your worrying, friend. We simply want WB to remain family-friendly. Even you might enjoy a new section there we call Family Matters. Someone keeps mailing our Alliance some hardcore porn CDs — as a gag, I suppose. Victorian it ain’t. Interracial, anal, queers. I was thinking of forwarding these to you since you seem to have an interest in these sorts of “non-restrictive ideas.” :o) Let me know, or I’ll just take ’em to the dump with the rest of our trash.… Read more »

Tonatiuh Haruki
Tonatiuh Haruki
Reply to  Walt Hampton
26 December, 2020 2:49 pm
Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Tonatiuh Haruki
28 December, 2020 12:07 am

Kudos. These should keep me busy for awhile…

17 October, 2020 4:07 pm

Interesante diálogo, acuesta sobre la amenaza real de la agenda anti-blanco.

Michael R
Michael R
19 October, 2020 2:25 am

I do believe that David should have allowed Chairman Williams to speak more. He didn’t seem to get a chance to say a whole lot.

Reply to  Michael R
19 October, 2020 9:30 am

Dr. Duke does speak more than his share and always seems to apologize for it. If he knows what he is doing is wrong, why doesn’t he correct himself and give others an opportunity to express their opinions? I listen to his program on Rense Radio on a regular basis, so I know that this is a reoccurring problem. I would’ve liked to hear more from Will Williams, too. Here is a link to a program with David Duke and Mark Collett. Great program, but a little less Dr. Duke and more from the other participants would’ve made the presentation even better.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Karen
19 October, 2020 6:37 pm

I owe a lot to Dr. David Duke. His was the second item
of WN thought following the pirated copy of WLPs “Who
Rules America.” The book was named “My Awakening,”
and it was an awakening for me as well. I never got
around to reading “Turner Diaries” until much later.

Duke was and is a powerful and inspirational leader. If
he could ever throw off the albatross of Christianity, he
could become a great Caucasian figure.

24 October, 2020 12:42 pm

Amy Barrett has five biological white children so is it personal for her when blacks commits violent crimes and murder against white people? If any Senator would have dared to ask her that question then Jewish power would have ruined that Senator’s political career within 24 hours.

White political figures are expected to show compassion towards black victims but showing compassion towards white victims is “white supremacy” and grounds for media hatred and other punitive measures. I want Jew run America to die.

Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel
30 October, 2020 4:50 pm

To me it sounded more like David Duke interviewing David Duke.

Tonatiuh Haruki
Tonatiuh Haruki
7 November, 2020 2:13 pm

Too bad you dont have a version with spanish subtitles but still valuable piece of information for people abroad the world that may understand english but also please consider those in the world that talk spanish and may be interested in this. As for the case of Donald Trump and the jews, cant tell for sure the reason must of the jewish media, except for Fox News from i have seen(well, this media is property of Rupert Murdoch and since he seems to have friendship with Trump..) and well Youtube is full of people who defend Trump way too much Trump as well and as long as they dont put int he ecuasion the jews I see that the Youtube engine does favor them in the searches, specially those who… Read more »