Canada: Massive Police Raid on Brad Love, Faces Soviet-Style Prosecution for Pamphlets, Posters Criticizing Immigration Policy

Former political prisoner Brad Love raided by six Mounties looking for glue, posters and Canadian immigration hotlines

by Paul Fromm

FORT McMurray, October 2, 2020. At 9:15 this morning, no fewer than six members of the local RCMP detachment raided a townhouse here shared by political activist and former political prisoner Brad Love with four other people. A warrant, dated September 30, authorized the masked Mounties to search for “glue, ‘Keep Canada White’ posters and copies of The Canadian Immigration Hotline“, published for over 30 years by the William Hopkinson Society.

Brad Love

Mr. Love, a vocal critic of Canada’s failed immigration policy, has been a frequent target of police harassment for his having called the local newspaper and politicians to call them to account. Previous charges have usually been withdrawn at the last minute.

Mr. Love reports that the raid which lasted over two hours, also involved searches of the bedrooms of the other men with whom he shared the house.
The warrant authorizing the search for glue and literature sought evidence for “mischief under $5,000.” The police carted away a box of items for which they provided Mr. Love with no receipt.

“Somebody is putting up pamphlets,” one of the officers told Mr. Love. “It’s not about free speech, Brad.”

When advised of the raid, Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression commented: “Sadly, under this reign of Cultural Marxism, our police forces are increasingly becoming political police.”

* * *

Source: Canadian Association for Free Expression

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Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel
7 October, 2020 5:29 am

Why has no white filed legal action using the UN Genocide Convention, as every country is in gross violation of the law. Whites are targeted for genocide and not one complaint has been filed that i know of. Turn the jew Genocide Convention back on the jew. No white lawyer out there with the courage to tackle the jew using his own weapons?
Where are the Doug Christies when we desperately need them?

Reply to  Horst Wessel
7 October, 2020 8:28 am

The entire system is rotten to the core. Any lawyer who dares to utter 1 syllable not approved by hisorher Jewish handlers will be bribed/bought/threatened/silenced/suicided.

4 December, 2020 8:48 pm

An explanation for Americans of the flag at the top of the article. It is known as the Red Ensign and was the unofficial flag of Canada from 1945 – 1965. In 1965 came the flag Americans are familiar with. I was 14 when the new flag was sanctioned as official in ’65. My buddies and I were appalled and referred to it as the Canadian Tire flag. These days, after successive Israeli kiss ass governments, topped off by Pierre’s idiot Son Justin and his Liberal Party of Canada; many of us are turning back to the Red Ensign as symbol of a once sane Canada.

Reply to  Stephen
5 December, 2020 3:48 am

Also, the Red Ensign looks fancy.
Anyway, Stephen, do you have anything about Canada’s traditional European cultures?
I ask because of a project at DeviantArt.

Reply to  Elfriede
5 December, 2020 9:08 am

Yes Elfriede, the European peoples made the great country that it used to be. In fact as we know, all western white countries were made great by Europeans. Now those countries have been despoiled by a parasite. European cultures enriched Canada. They integrated beautifully into a typical Canadian pastime such as hockey. The hordes of third world immigrants being encouraged by Ottawa, deliberately, keep to themselves and don’t integrate into society the same way Europeans did. These differences have been exploited by Ottawa which seems to be on a permanent anti-white agenda. No doubt the same thing is noticed throughout all formerly white majority countries.

5 December, 2020 7:15 am

“Law enforcement” has indeed become the Thought Police in thousands of jurisdictions. They noisily and vigorously go after those who express any pro-White views in public in order to bring any charges that can be imagined against dissidents. They couldnt do so without the Jewed media providing the platform to also enforce conformity of thought 24/7/365 on all channels– and all of them March to the same tune the media moguls, Jewish mainly, have set.

Destroy the power of their media and replace it with our own is the National Alliance’s goal. If you believe our race is worth saving, then we ought to work together and make our future what we want it to be.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
6 December, 2020 9:08 am

Ever since the days of ancient Egypt, police forces’ no. 1 job was to protect the wealthy and powerful from the desperate.
Throughout most of history, most people were afraid of agents of the state – uniformed or not – often for good reasons.
Only after European nations had essentially transformed themselves into police states following the French Revolution and the Rothschilds’ war against Napoleon did The Powers That Shouldn’t Be start to push the narrative of the police officer, soldier or other government henchman as a ‘friend’, ‘protector’ or even ‘hero’ of the people.