Whites at Sandia Nuclear Lab Revolt Against Anti-White Management

Introduction by David Sims: According to Christopher Rufo, the executives of Sandia National Laboratories who are considered most responsible for the promotion of “Critical Race Theory” — a Marxist doctrine that asserts that White men have “White privilege,” are guilty of “systemic racism,” and are generally the source of all the world’s evil — are:

James Peery, Director, Sandia National Laboratories
Dori Ellis, Associate Labs Director, Sandia CA Site
David White, Director, Cyber R&D Center
Mark Sellers, Associate Labs Director, Mission Assurance Division

Those are the bad guys, the sell-outs to communism, who supervise work done in the premier nuclear weapons laboratory in the United States.

* * *

SANDIA LABS — America’s premiere government-funded nuclear weapons design lab, has taken aggressive action against an employee, Casey Peterson, who produced a viral video “pushing back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.”

Here’s the long and short of it via Christopher Rufo — director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty, who has directed four documentaries for PBS, Netflix and international television — and has declared ‘war’ on critical race theory.

Rufo continues:

On Tuesday, Peterson made a YouTube video “pushing back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.”

The video quickly hit 10,000 views within the labs and dozens of Sandia employees contacted Peterson to express support.

Within hours, Sandia executives dispatched a counterintelligence team to lock Peterson out of the network and scrub his communications from internal servers — which, via the Streisand Effect, made the video even more viral and sparked widespread unrest against Sandia executives.

By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a “security review board” to “evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems.”

Peterson — who took a stand at grave risk to his career — says he is speaking on behalf of all of Sandia employees who are “scared to speak out” because of the lab’s repressive culture. “If I get fired because of this,” Peterson says, “the fight does not end, it only intensifies.”

This is the first explicit rebellion against critical race theory in the federal government — and the coalition is growing. “We need to completely rip [critical race theory] out of Sandia root and stem,” Peterson says. “It is cancer and we need to get it out of the labs right now.”

Sandia executives have made it clear: they want to force critical race theory, race-segregated trainings, and white male reeducation camps on their employees — and all dissent will be severely punished. Progressive employees will be rewarded; conservative employees will be purged.

Keep this in mind: Sandia Labs is a federally-funded research agency and designs America’s nuclear weapons. Senator @HawleyMO and @SecBrouillette have launched an inspector general investigation, but Sandia executives have only accelerated their purge against conservatives.

Sandia executives face a decision-point: they can back down and Peterson’s rebellion will notch an internal victory; or they can fire him and Peterson will become further evidence of Sandia’s corrupt and repressive culture. In a sense, Peterson cannot lose.

Here’s the bottom line: this is the first shot in the rebellion against critical race theory in the federal government. Casey Peterson has taken a courageous stand and the Inspector General must conduct a full investigation of Sandia Labs — and hold executives accountable.

We are opening up a multi-front war against critical race theory in the federal government: (1) investigative reporting to expose the truth; (2) internal rebellions to increase the pressure; (3) inspector general investigations; (4) laying the groundwork for an executive order.

Watch Peterson’s entire video below:

* * *

Source: ZeroHedge

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
1 September, 2020 6:37 am

I believe the end-game here may be the opposite of what is observed. The end-game being to push for even greater integration than already exists. The “In -your-face” approach pushes people to behave in a way that demonstrates the error of the antagonistic position taken. Now, are the executives aware of this dimension? Probably not. Remember, garden variety Americans fought the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Mideast Wars all without the slightest even hint of any benefit to the U.S. Yes, white America is very generous, right down to neglecting what is good for their own children. How does it happen? By puffing up your chest when you hear America the Beautiful or she’s a Grand Ol’ Flag instead of wondering if it is really all true.… Read more »

James Clayton
James Clayton
1 September, 2020 7:22 am

If this gentleman and Mr. Sims sharing it isn’t an example of a fundamental teaching of the National Alliance, to Do Right and Fear No One…

James Clayton
James Clayton
Reply to  James Clayton
1 September, 2020 12:55 pm

Tried to hyperlink this address to the “Do Right and Fear No One” phrase in the above post because it is an apropos, important message.

What Is Right and What Is Wrong

1 September, 2020 8:05 am

None of which matters if Kill Hates and ‘Dr.’ Fraudci get their way and VAXXX us into sterility/cancer/nanochip.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
11 September, 2020 6:29 pm

For obamacare, non-compliance has been in the form of a yearly fine. Big Pharma is the biggest lobby in Washington D.C. Is it the money, or do they seek something else in addition? Jews aren’t given an exemption, for example in public schools where vax is mandatory.

Reply to  Josef Tone
12 September, 2020 6:45 pm

The very, VERY old entity I call the AfroAsian Empire – whose financial and intellectual leadership has usually been largely Jewish – have never cared about their own casualties as long as Whitey gets creamed. I’m quite sure someone like Ruth Bader-Ginsburg couldn’t care less if 10,000 Fran Dreschers are sterilized, someone like Alan Dershowitz probably doesn’t lose 1 second of sleep over what happens to 10,000 Jerry Seinfelds.
During the Vietnam police action, the North Vietnamese were quite open about being willing to sacrifice hundreds, even thousands of their own for each 1 French or American soldier.
Same thing…..

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
1 September, 2020 10:44 am

My daughter and son-in-law both work with Hendudes (intentional) and they say that they are as dumb as two bricks mortared together. They all work in huddles; none of them is really an individual. If they get hold of a beautifully-written computer program, they muck it up with all sorts of off-the-wall additions.

1 September, 2020 3:11 pm

Does NV have a Bitcoin Betting Pool? I would like to take bets on when you tube will ban this today.

1) Next 72 hours -2000 (20 to 1 favorite)
2) Next 7 days -1000 (10 to 1 favorite)
3) Next 30 days -500 (5 to 1 favorite)
4) 30 days EVEN
5) Never +10,000 (underdog bet pays 100 to 1)

I’m accepting all bets for #5. I’m not worried about going bankrupt :) I will be retiring off your bets. :)

Lets get this Bitcoin going. :)

Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel
1 September, 2020 3:24 pm

The Sandia Anti-white race traitors had better be careful. The whites working at Sandia are cream of the crop whites, and could easily fabricate a few suitcase nukes in their basement as a weekend project to teach the white scum bosses a lessen in manners. Antifa and thier jew masters could use a lssson in manners too.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
1 September, 2020 9:27 pm

Has anyone bothered to view Peterson’s video in its entirety? Despite its being deadly dull, I managed to get past the point where he confesses to having a nonwhite child of his own; but when he trotted-out Harvard’s youngest black “professor”–that oversized my hand and I had to fold.

But what of it? Race traitors who work to produce nuclear weapons for the Enemy in return for worthless Federal Reserve shekels deserve whatever they get. Let them grovel and kiss the hand that beats them.

5 September, 2020 3:18 pm

On the subject of “privilege”, a few days ago I found that a 1948 book entitled “A Mask for Privilege: Anti-Semitism in America”, by Carey McWilliams. It was reprinted in 2018 and re-released. The synopsis says “Why in America should the most sinister of European social diseases have taken root?…By taking away the “mask of privilege” [the book] reveals the source of such prejudice for what it is–the determination of the forces of special privilege…to maintain their select and exclusive status regardless of the consequences to other human beings. …” I don’t know if the current use of “white privilege” stems from this or some earlier sources but I thought it noteworthy. Carey McWilliams was a communist or fellow traveler author, once editor of The Nation magazine. He wrote books… Read more »

6 September, 2020 1:53 am

I have downloaded on TPB 308 broadcasts from Dr. Pierce and I’ve been listening a piece a day. All I can say is that we failed him. He would hate this world. What happened to the minds and will of our people? So few have what’s needed these days; brains and courage (not to say balls).

11 September, 2020 3:56 am

I lived in the area of Kirtland AFB and Sandia Army Base in the 70s and then worked there in more recent years. There has been a rather notable accumulation of Mohammedans in Albuquerque, making the local WalMart look more like an Algerian bazaar. The Air Force nuclear weapons depot was located there in the 70s . . . and probably still is. Local cartel gangs shoot at the base from time to time. The building I worked in had very thick bullet-resistant glass in the windows. The guy I replaced was disabled from an attack at a nearby convenience store while he was getting his morning cup of coffee. As with all US DoD organizations, their effectiveness and efficiency has plummeted with the progressively “diverse” work force. Many military… Read more »