Separation Not Segregation!

ONE OF THE THINGS that interests me is looking back at the old episodes of The Dick Cavett Show. People thinking that SJW politics just arrived yesterday ought to watch a few of these. Cavett is the epitome of creamy bourgeois liberal smugness who continually pushed SJW politics in the various talk shows he fronted. Whenever he had on someone whose views he opposed, he would introduce him straight away as ‘controversial’, stack the audience against him (it was invariably a him) and bring on a guest diametrically opposed to him with whom Dick could gang up on him. Such was the case with Dixiecrat Governor of Georgia and segregationist Lester Maddox.

The guest he brought on to confront Maddox was the American footballer, violent criminal and Black supremacist Jim Brown. Indeed, as you can see in the video, Brown makes an attempt to intimidate Maddox. This is all presided over by the insufferably biased and dishonest Dick. A regular trick they pull during the interview is to deliberately misinterpret what Maddox says in clear and plain English. Little wonder when he walked off the show, although the end came when Dick insulted his supporters in typical Leftist style by calling them bigots (as far as I am aware this started with John Stuart Mill) and then persisted in smarmily offering disingenuous apologies, haggling over language and bandying words with the unimpressed Maddox, who was all too patient over his treatment in general and ought to have walked off sooner. 

The problem was that Maddox was all too sincere in what he believed in. I do not criticise his sincerity, which is rare in a politician, but his beliefs themselves. Maddox came from that Southern tradition of misplaced aristocratic paternalism towards Negroes left over from the days of slavery. Such a system that Maddox kept up, in which he employed Blacks as lay workers in his Pickrick Restaurant as a matter of duty, necessarily disenfranchises poor unskilled Whites from the job market. So much for ‘white privilege’. While Maddox refused to serve Negroes in his restaurant in accordance with his segregationist principles, which triggered demonstrations by Blacks emboldened by the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the system transfered wealth from the White Man’s pocket into the Black Man’s, and all the while maintaining a multiracial space instead of a homogeneous one in which Whites can be themselves.

As a politician, Maddox continued this strange arrangement by making a point of appointing Negroes to low-level government positions, but thereby giving them petty amounts of power and authority over Whites. In the interview, Maddox was also dismissive of the suggestion of racial separatism brought up by Jim Brown in relation to the Black Muslims. Treating it flippantly at first, he then goes on to suggest both forced separation and forced integration are morally wrong. He essentially pushes the ‘all lives matter’ response to Brown’s Black Lives Matter rhetoric throughout the interview. And people think BLM and SJWs are new. There is a flaw with Maddox’s logic. What if some Whites in society want Black integration and others do not? And what if some Blacks wish to integrate, while others do not? And this is all generally the case, but who gets to decide? The Leftist elites who have run our societies for at least three centuries have decided they get to decide for us all, in spite of all the resistance to multiracialism by the general populace.

Once a society cannot protect the integrity of its components, it is no longer a functional society. And once a society becomes multiracial, it is difficult to undo such a proposition without much upheaval. Both integration and segregation are the worst propositions, because they allow for Leftists like Dick Cavett and his handlers at the broadcasting networks to play off the races against each other for political gain. Multiracial societies inevitably lead to despotism as a justification towards social cohesion, which is forced top-down and artificial. This is why the Leftist sociopath always wishes to create multiracial states, for political power. Therefore, forced separation is morally right because then every people can govern itself in the way it deems fit, can develop its own organic culture and be free of pressure to conform to integrate into or even tolerate alien customs.

History might not repeat itself exactly, but it often rhymes, as the saying misattributed to Mark Twain goes. Another timespan, another continent, and this time we look at the legacy of Apartheid in our own age as a sort of accelerated process of what has happened and is happening in America. We have seen the Negroes of Rhodesia and then South Africa go from being governed in multiracial states to governing them. What no mainstream media outlet will acknowledge is that Apartheid still exists; it is just that the racial roles have been reversed. Granted, the White was more paternalistic towards the Black and the Black more despotic now, but such a multiracial system was always doomed to fail, especially when a minority group was ruling over the majority. 

Yet just like Lester Maddox, many White farmers, who have been evicted from their property after the passing of racial laws harsher than the ones the Left decries enacted at Nuremberg in 1936, still harbour dreams of the old order being restored with them back lording it on the old farm being worshipped by their dumb labourers and their piccaninnies. Witness the return of Robert Smart to Zimbabwe to the cheers of dancing and singing coons (I use the term in its proper context). And thus he plunges his family into danger, all for the love of people who are not his own. Attacks on White farmers in Africa have been notorious in their viciousness and cruelty. One remembers the death of Eugene Terreblanche by his own Black labourers. Robert does not live up to his surname. What is it about a certain section of Whites that have this obsession with the fortunes of the racial Other to the neglect of their own less fortunate and wretched? It is this character flaw that has led to the downfall of the White Man time and again. If we are to reach our destiny among the stars, we must finally reject this so-called ‘White Man’s Burden’ once and for all, for it is the greatest folly.

* * *

Source: Mjolnir Magazine

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James Clayton
James Clayton
21 August, 2020 5:46 am

Ladies and gentlemen: The mass media of sos-called news and entertainment designed to sow violence, destruction, and financial chaos, not unlike how crises “as times of great opportunity” in my lifetime have always been spun by the producers of Cavett, Moyers, and the rest of their tribe and their sycophants. Bill Moyers Journal Rosedale: The Way It Is 58,717 views •Jan 1, 2018 1.4K17SHARESAVE //:0 Lashunda Hodges 162 subscribers SUBSCRIBE Racial tensions soared as the Spencers, a middle-class black family moved into Rosedale, a Queens white working-class neighborhood. A human study of the fear, hatred and courage generated as. The rosedale video and the reactions that kids from Mr. Bill Mitaritonnas Sociology class and GOVT classes. Thanks for watching!.please Subscribe to my page :) SHOW LESS 481 Comments K… Read more »

James Clayton
James Clayton
21 August, 2020 4:36 pm

Brown, the media reported, was a model prisoner and counseled gang members while inside including that God is their only judge, for which he got a reduced sentence. In addition to breaking-out the windows of his “wife’s” car, apparently to terrorize her, he reportedly was charged with domestic abuse on at least five (5) other occasions including throwing one of his “girlfriends” off a balcony.