by Ray W.

JOHANN Wolfgang von Goethe devoted half the Eighteenth Century
To a whole new approach to reality —
Nature is alive, not a bloodless mechanical toy
Or a bland, empty black void.

Sinnlich-sittlich was this thinking man’s dual expression
To suggest outward form linked to inner impression;
Soon followed metamorphosis, archetypal plant, higher seeing:
Goethe hollowed out nature and found a human being.

Johann is known as a poet but most of his tomes
Spoke mostly of chemistry and physics and little of poems.
Yet, in poetry Goethe seeded ur-words to birth vital truth:
We are trees, nature the root,

Organic dew-laced life ever creating
New forms and shapes interrelating
To eventually crown a momentous peak-point when
Godhood is reached and the Whole chorus repeats again.

* * *

Source: White Biocentrism

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22 October, 2020 5:29 pm

That is good stuff