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Focus: An Interview with Kevin Alfred Strom, part 2

Kevin Alfred Strom

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 15 August, 2020

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY we bring you part 2, the concluding part, of the new interview I did on Resolution Radio with host Sonny Thomas. This program, I hope, will help bring the racially-conscious Whites who already listen to that network to an understanding of the National Alliance efforts to build a new White community on the soil of Fallen America. This program has been edited for broadcast.

Some of the topics we cover are:

• Some “civic nationalist” groups are set up by the Jewish power structure specifically to draw off support from real nationalism — racial nationalism.

• It’s heartening to see the growth of non-Semitic religions among White people. The Abrahamic religions are not appropriate for our Folk.

• It has been truly said by William Cullen Bryant that “the forests were God’s first temples.”

• The Cosmotheist church is growing, and several Cosmotheist weddings have taken place in the last year, solemnized by the church’s Trustee, William White Williams, who is also the Chairman of the National Alliance.

• It is impossible to understand what is happening to our race, and the great destiny that is possible for us, without seeing these things through the lens of biological evolution.

• We are only beginning to understand the Universe. To answer all the questions that must be answered, we need better minds, better human beings. Achieving that is the highest moral imperative of Cosmotheism.

• It is an incalculable tragedy — and crime — that hundreds of millions of White souls were never brought into being because of Jewish materialism, Jewish propaganda, and Jewish hate.

• The things that we Whites must talk about are the very things the Jewish power structure has forbidden us to talk about. A revolution is needed.

• We White people need our own government again. There is no substitute for this, and it must be one of our central goals.

Click the “Listen to the broadcast” button to listen to part 2, the concluding part, of my new interview on the Resolution Radio Network with host Sonny Thomas, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your inquiries and your financial support in spreading our message of hope to our people. We also welcome your applications for membership in our community of the conscious. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Thank you for your help.

Listen to the broadcast

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James Clayton
James Clayton
15 August, 2020 2:23 pm

Nice to hear that White baby crying in the background.

Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  James Clayton
22 August, 2020 9:51 am

Heidi Beirich, the 20-year veteran “hate-watcher” at the SPLC (who has since fled that sinking ship), would disagree with you, James. She said this five years ago in one of her widely disseminated smear articles about the National Alliance: — Introducing Kevin Strom to [his future bride] is perhaps the most striking example of Will Williams’ odd amorality and notoriously poor judgment since seizing control of the National Alliance. Encouraging an evidently naïve young woman in her twenties to have an intimate relationship with a chronically unemployed, married, registered sex offender who will turn 60 next year is inexplicably reprehensible. Despite the malevolent implications, Williams openly bragged about the introduction in a December 2013 post on The Phora, where he wrote: “I talked to Kevin earlier today and to his… Read more »

James Clayton
James Clayton
Reply to  Will White Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 August, 2020 11:47 am

There’s that “resentful attitude” Robert Griffin noted that Hitler wrote-of toward “the manly strength to live powerfully in the world and to be a good father and the womanly strength to bear and raise healthy and vital children and to be a good wife and create and maintain a good home…”

On nubile women: Nature decides when men can sire and when it is best for women to bear children and why they are attracted. To a confident man the comment, “She’s young-enough to be your daughter,” is a compliment.

15 August, 2020 8:35 pm

Arnold Leese – Raza y política POLÍTICA NACIONAL JUDÍA El objetivo de la política judía es el Control Mundial. Incapaz de conquistarlo por métodos ordinarios, el judío trabaja clandestinamente, y su arma es la difusión, por todos los medios posibles, de falsas ideas. En consecuencia, sus esfuerzos se concentran en y contra la conciencia racial, ya que es sólo convenciendo a los gentiles de que la conciencia racial es un prejuicio racial, y algo de lo que debería avergonzarse, que puede romper el Instinto Protector que hace. que los gentiles rechacen al judío como algo extraño. Religión, masonería, teosofía, la Sociedad de Naciones, facultades universitarias, políticos (como los que hemos citado en este folleto) se ponen en juego para hacer imposible lo que debería ser el Objetivo Político Supremo, la… Read more »

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
16 August, 2020 12:57 pm

I thank a somewhat indifferent fate for the work that KAS and the NA do.

My people…very proud.

Tim Wise
Tim Wise
19 August, 2020 8:12 pm

Kevin is the total package. Looking good for his age too (no homo here)

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Tim Wise
20 August, 2020 7:37 pm

Be careful. You could be treading on thin ice!