My Avocation Is Theology

BELIEVE IT or not, we’re in an election year. I know it’s easy to forget, with one candidate hiding in a bunker under the capital from the precious “Black lives” he endlessly pandered to and the other hiding in some basement somewhere and emerging only rarely to make senile remarks about “120 million Americans dead from the virus” and so on. Nevertheless, here is the wet-brain pedophile and Jew-Trojan-horse sharing his semi-coherent opinions on the need for more Islam in our publik skools, which should be reopening in five or six years, once you’ve all been vaccinated into drooling idiocy.

Anyway, the child-sniffing, Corn-Pop-fighting, Soros-fellating sack of doddering excrement has something to say and you better listen up, pal. Struggling through the haze of Alzheimer’s disease, the kosher candidate thanks me for everything. No problem Joe, I’ll keep at it. Squinting like he’s looking directly at a nuclear detonation, the proud representative of muh democracy opines that schools really should be teaching his future rape victims a lot more about the moon cult. Juan speaks no English, Barkevious can’t read, and Johnny gets attacked on a daily basis for being White. So let’s learn about sand creatures who worship a giant rock.

It turns out it’s a “great confessional faith,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Also, the second-childhood Senator is actually a master theologian in his copious free time. Well, you did study under the amazing moral genius, the “More needs to be done” mulatto empty suit. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of world religions, the ancient figurehead for Semitic evil explains that they’re all basically the same. Kill the kuffir, brown slaves promised by the talmud, forgive everyone, it sure blurs together. I can’t tell the difference. Every belief is equally good. Whites are bad and need to be destroyed.

After some more anile hot air we finally get the punchline: a million new Muslim voters ready to vote for the destruction of the country they invaded. Truly, counting brown heads is the best political system ever devised. When the donkey bus disgorges its worthless dusky contents at the polling place, you’re witnessing the finest tradition of the greatest nation to ever exist. “Muslim-American voices matter!” If Russia invaded, I would welcome them as liberators.

More mumbled nonsense and we’re done. Be sure to vote with your “pandemic” mail-in, slave. We’ll be really careful to keep an accurate count, don’t you worry. All Votes Matter.

Em Oh Oh En spells mooooon.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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22 July, 2020 11:41 pm

Universalism, or the religion of the one is the great poison of history. Christianity is the Trojan horse of the Jews. The entire Abrahmic root needs to be cut out.

Reply to  GoySchmecklestein
23 July, 2020 12:07 am

They are the chains and the Semitic yoke on the white race.

22 July, 2020 11:59 pm

The saddest part of this situation is that the clock is ticking against the white race in the USA. You will find traitors under each stone. The Floyd case was a castling move on the chessboard, the game has a new face. What piece is it worth moving now? As the Croupier patiently watches the Semitic parasite and his white victim.

28 July, 2020 7:40 pm

“Hi, I’m Boe Jiden and I’m running for county clerk…. oops… I mean I’m Joe Biden and I’m running to become the most powerful elected official in the world. I have degrees in Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and sniffing girls. Oh also I am a theologian with a degree from Dr. Shekelstein’s lunatic asylum for the clinically insane. Vote for me and give me control of the world’s second largest collection of nuclear weapons!”