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Instant Karma

by David Sims

HA HA. The statues set up by the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) vandals who tore down historical statues are, themselves, being torn down by White patriots. The BLM substitutes, in most cases, aren’t even standing for a single day. Likewise, the graffiti slogans with which Black Lives Matter vandals defaced buildings and streets are themselves being defaced or erased by American citizens. The BLM terrorists thought that they were going to change something, huh? Well, they have had their flash in the pan, and now the politicians who backed them, or who turned a blind eye to their crimes, are going to get their comeuppance.

Think about this, too:

When “Hispanics” [Mestizos, really — Ed.] defend their neighborhoods from rioters, they are praised by the mainstream media.

When Koreans defend their neighborhoods from rioters, they are praised by the mainstream media.

When Whites defend their neighborhoods from rioters, they are condemned by the mainstream media, and then they are criminally charged.

[Nevertheless, some Whites are willing to risk media attacks, loss of livelihood, and legal attacks in order to erase BLM propaganda. That’s a very healthy sign. There are many more healthy, racially-conscious Whites than the media are willing to admit. The White pushback we are seeing is not organized — yet. Most Whites are still fearful of punishment by a System rigged against them. But we are bigger than the System. One day we will be doing the punishing. — Ed.]

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18 July, 2020 6:49 am

This latest anti-white movement is shocking many apathetic whites back into reality. The press and the politicians are not our friends and it has never been as obvious. We are not yet organized as we ought to be, but this is the perfect opportunity to bring the newly disillusioned white people into our movement. Let’s not waste this opportunity to grow and organize. It’s our future!

Reply to  G B
18 July, 2020 10:09 am

I used to bemoan our lack of organization but at this point, I now think it is a strength or at least not a vulnerability.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  guest
22 July, 2020 12:45 pm

Huh? Being organized to oppose a well-organized, determined enemy that wishes to replace us makes us vulnerable? Vulnerable to what?

The worst thing Whites can do in the face of our well-organized racial enemy with billions of dollars available to finance our destruction is nothing. We must organize for our race’s interest, and fast. GB is correct, and the movement he says that disillusioned, formerly apathetic Whites are now looking for, finding and joining, finally, is the National Alliance. If there is a more effective group fighting for our race than NA I want to know what it is.


You are right Mr. Williams. We must get organized and be active by spreading the message of the NA. I post articles of National Vanguard in any White Nationalist site that seems trustworthy, plus forums and JewTube channels that have a White Nationalist/National Socialist following.

26 July, 2020 3:00 pm

And its everywhre, not just movies but in videogames like Last of Us 2, Michael M. Lynton is CEO of Sony, a member of you know what lobby and member of the CFR and Neil Druckman is another guy of that community and educated in Israel, you can see that this agenda will continue to be pushed no matter if it doesnt report a lot benefits; and of course thats just the start since I saw in recent Microsoft, member of the CFR as well and indebted with the FED during recent plandemic of the covid-19,Xbox One Seires Showcase a lot of inclusion if you ask me: And of course is clear that Google (member of the CFR and owned by BlackRock) Microsoft and Sony are seeking that agenda of… Read more »