South Africa: Farm Attack Victim Speaks Out In Court

Even after being tortured and raped in front of her own children by a Black, this White woman still, sadly, fails to completely break out of her mental programming/prison; and quotes multiracialist Communist Nelson Mandela in pathetic hope that it will improve the behavior of Blacks made even more hate-crazed toward Whites than ever by anti-White propaganda. Racial separation is the only solution.

MY great-grandfather, grandfather and father were all farmers. I married a farmer whose family have farmed their land for three generations.

It is with deep sadness that I stand before you today and say that neither of my sons will want to farm in South Africa!

For 17 years I had the privilege of raising my three children on a beautiful citrus farm. They swam in the rivers and played in the orchards. They grew up free and fearless as all children should. Little did we know that our every move was being watched. An attack was being maliciously planned.

Our lives changed in an instant at 8 pm on 23 March 2018 when shots were fired directly at my eldest son’s head from outside; these shots missed his head by centimeters.

What followed was four hours of pure Hell. I was shot as our attacker fired repeatedly through the doors of our home.

I can only describe this as feeling like wild animals being hunted. Our attacker shot through the sliding door of our bedroom and gained entry to our home.

He held the gun to my 9-year-old son’s head and threatened to shoot him. I told my little one to be quiet as this man would kill us. All I saw were silent tears rolling down his little cheeks for the next four hours.

He tied us all up with fencing wire, so tight that our hands lost their circulation.

He shouted at my children that he was there to kill their father and that he would chop him up in front of them.

The emotional torture and level of anger that my children endured were persistent and indescribable.

He repeatedly threatened to shoot my eldest son’s feet off and then ordered him to rape me. All we could do was beg him not to.

He then told my children aged 15, 13, and 9 that he was going to rape me in front of them, again I begged and pleaded with him not to expose them to this.

He forced me to my bedroom and raped me there. There was blood everywhere as I had already been shot. I could do nothing as my hands were tied behind my back.

He then brought my 13-year-old daughter to the bedroom, undressed her and attempted to rape her…. Again, all I could do was beg for mercy so instead he forced my beautiful innocent daughter to watch as he raped me again.

I cannot describe the anger this man displayed towards us and I knew that if my children had any chance of survival, I had to get this man away from them and the farm. You don’t care about yourself, you just don’t want your children to die.

I gave him my bank cards and pin and persuaded him to let me drive him to town. He tied me up in my car and locked me in.

I pleaded with him to let me go as I had started to go into shock from blood loss and needed to get to a hospital or I would die. Finally, at 12:04 pm he agreed.

My brave petrified children had managed to phone a neighbour for help.

For us as parents, the saddest part of this is that we can never give our children their innocence back.

The children and I will never be able to live on the farm again, the trauma we experienced was too great.

We now live in the city, away from my husband who visits us on weekends. My husband has barricaded the house with bars and security. How sad it is that he now lives alone in the house where he almost lost his beloved family.

The first thing our children said to him after the attack was that they were so grateful he was not there as he would definitely be dead.

This reality earlier this year hit me once again when I met 11 ladies who had been in farm attacks; only two of us still had our husbands alive.

We are not the only people who have been hurt and traumatised by our attack, our loyal farm workers who over the years have become like family are heartbroken, their lives have also been affected and their future is uncertain as we have already sold one farm and are contemplating selling the other. Our family needs to be together again.

The ripple effect of each and every farm attack not only hurts the farmers but also each and every South African.

Who will feed our nation when there are no more farmers to work the land?

The level of violence and cruelty we experienced is not unique, it is becoming a daily occurrence and is escalating at an alarming rate in South Africa.

My family and I had no choice in what happened to us that night, we do however have the choice not to let it define us. We choose to live, and we will be eternally grateful to have survived that night. It could have been so different….

I would like to thank AfriForum for all their support counselling and for standing by my family during this ordeal.

Sibenzile Simane

Lastly, I would like to appeal to each and every South African to remember the words of Nelson Mandela: “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.”

* * *

Sibenzile Simane has been found guilty on 18 counts for the brutal farm attack last year in Hankey. The ex-farm worker shot the mother who lived on the farm before raping her twice in front of her daughter.

* * *

Farm Attack Victims Denied Humanitarian Asylum

A SOUTH AFRICAN mother who was put through a ‘living nightmare’ by a rapist who held a gun to her children’s head to force her into sex has pleaded for help after her family were denied asylum in Australia.

Nicky, 45, was raped in front of her children by 32-year-old Sebenzile Simane — who also sexually molested her daughter after shooting his way into the Eastern Cape farm house.

Sentencing Sebenzile Simane to 173 years for the crimes he committed in February and March 2018, acting judge Olav Ronaasen [A White man? — Ed.] said he found no compelling or substantial circumstances to deviate from the minimum prescribed sentences. He convicted Simane on 17 counts, including two of rape and four of attempted murder. Ronaasen said Simane’s actions were cruel and barbaric, and deserved severe punishment.

Simane attacked a 45-year-old businesswoman and her three young children on their farm near Hankey on March 23 2018. [The judge has ordered that the victims and their family not be named, doubtless fearing retribution against them. — Ed.]

After surviving the horrific ordeal, Nicky and her family were planning to move to Australia to set up a farm — but their humanitarian visas were rejected.

The mother-of-three said her family began dreaming of a new life when Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said he was considering a special refugee intake for South Africans who had been persecuted.

She said those dreams have now been destroyed.

‘It was a glimmer of hope, but it’s concerning that nothing has ever come of it,’ she told The Australian.

‘I speak for thousands of South African farmers: we need a lifeline. The violence here is escalating.’

In the US, National Alliance Chairman William White Williams said “Tragic doesn’t begin to describe this,” adding that the family deserves asylum, if not in Australia, then certainly in one of the safer parts of the United States. “If we could be put in contact with them, we could help the surviving family members to seek refugee status — we’d be happy to help them settle in our community. They certainly can justify refugee status,” he said.

* * *

Source: South African National Vanguard correspondent; This Is South Africa

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16 June, 2020 8:34 am

While I understand that many White South Africans may be reluctant to leave the land their forefathers settled – and which was virtually empty when the first Dutch settlers arrived – the situation there seems to have become completely untenable.
One wonders why Australia refused their visa……

John Doe
John Doe
Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
18 June, 2020 4:23 am

There are MANY countries they can move to and even resume farming. Yes Australia would be the best choice but they can also move to Eastern Europe , Russia or Argentina with the money from the sale reinvested. They can sell the entire farm and apply for a residency permit o0n capital. After 5-10 years they can become citizens. The poor white south Africans would give anything to leave. Yet these farmers – many of whom are rich – refuse to leave. I understand they built South Africa and have deep roots but without a white nation and white government they are at the mercy of black savages and they will all slowly die. The same thing that happened to Rhodesia, Zaire,Kenya, Liberia and ALL the former white colonies will… Read more »

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
3 March, 2021 5:50 pm

Greetings Prinz. The campaign in Australia to prevent White South African refugees arriving was championed by Senator Richard di Natale. Here are some hints regarding his motivations: Crypto-Jew Senator Richard Di Natale Hates Old White Men Di Natale has a Jew’s physiognomy, cop a look at that hooter, and a resume to match. He’s worked for pro-non-white causes all his adult life. A registered quack, he treated filth-faced abos in the Northern Territory and HIV-infected future telephone scammers in India before entering the political arena, where he fought like a spag Spartan for multiculturalism, mandatory vaccinations, and … Di Natale backs Israeli apartheid | Red Flag The same point was repeated in the very complimentary spread, “Di Natale in his own words”, which followed on 22 May. In this, Di… Read more »

Reply to  Truthweed
4 March, 2021 6:57 pm

Caution, comments critical of Italians/Mediterraneans are not welcome in these parts.
Natale means birth in Italian and that’s also what they call ‘Christmas’.
If he was German, his name might be Weihnacht and he would probably be suspected of being Jewish. (As I’m typing this ‘Natale’ does not draw the squiggly red underline for questionable spelling, ‘Weihnacht’ does….)
Until maybe about 5 years ago or so, I usd to frequent a now defunct blog which hosted quite a few people who would always suspect someone with a German, Polish or Russian last name of being Jewish, but who were utterly blind to even the most obvious cryptos and conversos with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Greek or other Latin or southern European names, not to mention English or Irish……..

16 June, 2020 4:00 pm

Her very mind was raped.

16 June, 2020 7:03 pm

I just read an article in French about the South African chaos. Voyage to the End of Diversity :
It’s a play on words of Celine’s book Voyage to the End of the Night. It’s heartbreaking.

John Doe
John Doe
18 June, 2020 4:10 am

” My husband has barricaded the house with bars and security” Shame on this man for not doing this earlier. His refusal to recognize racial reality was his families undoing. Why didn’t this man have guns in EVERY room of the house? Why didn’t he teach his wife and children how to shoot? This has been going on in South Africa for SINCE THE END OF APARTIED. They got off LUCKY compared to most. What is the background story on this? Did this black work on the farm? I guarantee you IT DID. White peoples desire for CHEAP LABOR has been our undoing. Here was the self serving rationalization behind Apartied: ‘The blacks live in filth and squalor with no education or civilization. We can train them to work in… Read more »

tony bonn
tony bonn
Reply to  John Doe
10 April, 2021 7:13 am

Your points are very well taken. And to think that this addle brained woman had the gall to quote Nelson Mandela. That was the final straw for ending my sympathies for her. He was precisely part of the problem which led to the rapes. What an evil woman.

20 June, 2020 1:25 am

Surely her children’s minds have been freed from the foolishness displayed by their mother. What a terrible price to pay, though. A price that white children should never have to pay.

12 August, 2020 4:21 am

Once the Reserve Bank of South Africa was national and backed by gold. Go to NM and see who is the majority share holder by proxies of the neo privatized bank. Now you know why the Jews founded the ANC.

3 March, 2021 4:03 pm

Peter Dutton – Wikipediacomment image
In March 2018 Dutton made calls to treat white South African farmers as refugees, stating that “they need help from a civilised country”. … Meanwhile, local media contribution from The Greens leader Richard Di Natale labelled the process of bringing white South African farmers to Australia as thoroughly racist.

Her deserved entry into Australia was quashed by the anti-White-refugee campaign of Senator Dr. Richard di Natale who specialized in promoting opening Australia’s borders to Asia and selling Australia’s environment. He has since retired to live on his hobby farm with his family..