Rest in Peace: Jean Raspail, Charles Krafft, and David Dees

Jean Raspail (1925-2020)

ACCORDING TO Eliot, April is “the cruellest month” — but this year June has put in a strong bid.

No sooner had we published an obituary to our old friend and comrade Eddy Morrison, than we heard of the deaths of three very different major figures in the worldwide movement for White resistance and historical truth.

Jean Raspail — who died on June 13th three weeks before his 95th birthday — was without doubt the best known. Heritage and Destiny readers will probably best remember him for his 1973 novel Camp of the Saints, a dystopian perspective on mass non-White immigration and the swamping of Europe.

A regular Heritage and Destiny contributor who is proficient in French will be writing about Raspail in a forthcoming issue of the magazine, so for now we shall simply repeat Jean-Marie Le Pen’s tribute: “Jean Raspail has departed just at the moment when his prediction arrived.”

Though I never met Jean Raspail, I did meet and correspond with the American artist Charles Krafft, who died the same day aged 72. Rooted in the ‘pop art’ of late 1960s hippies, and first becoming known in such circles as part of an artistic commune in Fishtown near Seattle, by the 1990s Krafft had become a collectable ceramicist. That is to say, he was commercially successful and his work was exhibited in mainstream galleries and purchased by ‘respectable’ people — for example the chief executive of sportswear company Nike had a Charles Krafft teapot in his office.

One of Charles Krafft’s famous teapots

In 2016 Krafft visited London where an exhibition of his work was planned for an East London gallery. This was cancelled after pressure from ‘antifascist’ magazine Searchlight, but Krafft was able to speak at a London Forum meeting organised by Jez Turner, alongside David Irving, Richard Edmonds, Lady Michèle Renouf, Dave Yorkshire of Mjolnir magazine, and Abdallah Melaouhi, Rudolf Hess’s nurse at Spandau.

Charles Krafft generously donated some of his work to an auction to raise funds for Horst Mahler, the imprisoned German philosopher and activist.

It was only during the last twenty years or so that Krafft became active in political and revisionist movements: this cost him a great deal financially and in disruption to his artistic career. His courage and commitment will be long remembered.

Charles Krafft in his studio

A very different artist who also came to politics in middle-age was David Dees, who died on May 31st aged 62. (Like Charles Krafft, Dees died from cancer.)

Whereas much of Krafft’s work involved the Third Reich and militaria, Dees focused on ‘conspiracy theory’ — indeed his art has perhaps had more influence on more ‘conspiracy theorists’ than any other individual has achieved.

Formerly based in Louisville, Kentucky, Dees lived in California for the last decade. During the 2016 Republican primaries, future President Donald Trump proudly held up a Dees print showing him engaged in ‘whacking’ leading liberal ‘moles’.

Unfortunately Trump himself went on to become part of the problem — but there’s a difference between art and politics…

Like Charlie Krafft, David Dees was bravely and generously committed to the cause of Europeans who fight for historical truth (and who face long jail sentences for what would in other fields be ‘normal’ research).

When truth, justice and racial identity prevail, Europeans will celebrate the memory of Jean Raspail, Charles Krafft and David Dees. Very different though they were in background, temperament and ideology, all three of these men were valiant warriors for the cause of embattled Europeans.

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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18 June, 2020 8:55 am

As says Jean Raspail in his book, The Camp of the Saints:
Man has never loved the whole of humanity in one bloc, all races, religions, and cultures as one, but only those that he recognizes as belonging to his own kind, those of his group, no matter how vast it is. For the rest, he forces himself to love everyone and he has been forced to do so, and in the end, when the evil has been done, there will be nothing left of him.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
18 June, 2020 10:46 am

Raspail’s book is a masterpiece and will probably soon be banned. Buy not only his book, but the Mississippi flag, and “Gone with the Wind” now before they disappear.

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
22 June, 2020 2:20 am

“Raspail’s book is a masterpiece and will probably soon be banned. Buy not only his book, but the Mississippi flag, and “Gone with the Wind” now before they disappear.”

Typical lame, cowardly response by Whites. Jews and Leftists instantly organize and go on the attack, organzize boycotts, protest, dox people and make (illegal) threats!! Whites just put their heads down and tails between their legs in defeat.

Modern Whites just have no defense much less of an offense to counter our enemies. How thoroughly demoralizing. I wish I had a solution, a plan, but just like every one else. I don’t. That is what so frustrating. All does not bode well for our people.

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom (@admin)
Reply to  Phil
22 June, 2020 7:33 am

We need to give our all to make our organization, the National Alliance, grow. I don’t think that Arvin’s statement proves he’s not doing that. We do have a plan:

Will W Williams
Will W Williams (@www)
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
23 June, 2020 7:57 pm

Thank you for the generous donation we received from you in the mail yesterday. You are one who puts his money where his mouth is. If other commentators would do the same we can fund the projects we have planned.

19 June, 2020 6:50 pm

See David Dee’s beautiful art at

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
20 June, 2020 12:04 pm

Three supreme White

Id live to get me one of those teapots.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
Reply to  Mortal Goyal
20 June, 2020 7:56 pm

Come on–they are disrespectful as hell; especially the one purportedly depicting the Führer. It looks more like Charlie Chaplin. This Krafft fellow was no artist, but merely an exploiter of Enemy junk culture.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
Reply to  Axis Sally
22 June, 2020 5:32 pm

Well…now that you put it that way…

I’d live to get me one of those teapots.

It looks nothing like Charlie Chaplin… who was a filthy degenerate kike.

You’re seeing jew subversion in oily street puddles…get your vision checked.

What else was wrong with Krafft’s ceramics? Be curious to know.