British History — and All White History — Matters

A local resident defending the Baden-Powell statue in Poole, Dorset

THE ASSAULT on British history continues, with Lord Baden-Powell (founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides) the latest target. Locals in Poole, Dorset, rallied in defence of the Baden-Powell statue, and the local council announced temporary plans to remove it from the quayside to prevent vandalism.

The scouting movement began on Brownlea Island in Poole Harbour, but its founder is now accused of that most heinous crime — “racism”.

It seems that every aspect of British history is now to be judged in relation either to slavery or the “White supremacism” of the British Empire — in which (by the way) slavery was abolished in 1807, fifty years before Baden-Powell’s birth.

Sir Francis Drake’s statue in Tavistock, Devon, was the latest target

A further prime target (a hundred miles along the Channel coast from Poole) is Sir Francis Drake’s statue on Plymouth Hoe (as well as another Drake statue in his nearby birthplace of Tavistock). Drake was the second man to circumnavigate the Earth — and the first to command such a voyage from start to finish. En route he piratically raided Spanish galleons, and on his return to Plymouth in 1580 handed half his booty to the Crown. 

This loot amounted to more than the rest of Queen Elizabeth’s income for the entire year!

Drake is not being belatedly held to account for piracy. Rather his sin is to have been tangentially involved in the slave trade. Together with his cousin and fellow privateer Sir John Hawkins, Drake is believed to have been the first British slave trader — but slaves were simply one of many commodities that Drake and Hawkins stole from the Portuguese when attacking their ships off the African coast.

In fact Drake was just as likely to employ slaves who had escaped the Spanish as he was to trade in them: in the context of Drake’s life and times, the slave trade was a very minor footnote indeed.

Yet in 2020 this is all that matters. Drake’s crowning achievement — the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 — is now held of little account compared to the fact that in his youth he captured some slaves (as part of other cargo) and sold them on. Our entire history — in common with the history of every other White nation — is to be reduced to our relationship with Blacks and other minorities: a relationship in which we White Europeans must now be subservient.

Even as symbols of British history are torn down, the government promotes plans for a gigantic ‘Holocaust’ memorial in Westminster

The whole charade is rooted in the cult of Holocaustianity, where history is redefined in terms of victimhood. Women can be cast as eternal victims, so an entire historiography of female oppression spawns a profitable academic industry. Blacks are among the most useful victims for the rewriters and heritage-destroyers, who must however be careful to ignore the tendency for women to be victims of Blacks, or Blacks to be victims of other Blacks.

But the fons et origo of the entire victim cult is the ‘Holocaust’, and Jews are history’s ultimate victims — the ultimate case in which we Whites must confess “we are all guilty”. (The phrase was popularised by the late Michael Wharton — aka Telegraph columnist Peter Simple — as the cry of his satirical ‘great social psychologist’ Dr Heinz Kiosk, but is now literally enforced as the worldwide White catechism.)

This ‘Holocaust’ cult’s pioneers are now, however, in danger of falling into their own trap, as some Blacks develop a new spin-off heresy — Blacks as victims of Jews!

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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13 June, 2020 9:24 pm

Eventially Shlomo, everyone will realise that you have been manipulating both the anti-Churchill statues faction and the pro-Churchill statues faction.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
14 June, 2020 6:55 pm

Of course

Kikery must always play both sides of any foul, nation-wrecking issue that currently transpires

Its what they do thru the night
As we attempt to sleep with semi clear

16 June, 2020 2:03 am

The Anglo/US/Zionist Cabal snuffed out the last Great Hope of the White race – Hitler and Germany – so I care not a whit for England, past or present. Churchill’s treachery was on par with Judas’s.

Reply to  Christopher
30 November, 2020 2:43 am

Greetings Christopher. I am perplexed regarding Churchill’s treason because he was not British. His mother was Jewish and therefore he himself was 100% Jewish according to Jews and his biological father was Serbian. He was not related to the other Churchills.

26 June, 2020 3:28 pm

Someone must plant the seeds in the BLM movement’s consciousness (if they possess such a thing) that Jews and Arabs ran the slave trade. Turn the trick around.

Reply to  Greg
30 November, 2020 2:46 am

Yes Greg, remove statues of Jewish slave owners and traders. Enslaving non-Jews is Jewish law and tradition

27 July, 2020 9:33 am

The irony of Holocaustianity is that it is so easily proven to be a hoax.

Reply to  Stanley
30 November, 2020 2:49 am

Yes Stanley, but find some honest lawyers and judges who will sacrifice themselves to support your claim.