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What Is Next?

by Revilo P. Oliver

RATIONAL predictions of the future can be made only by dispassionately reasoning from available information that, on critical examination, appears to be reliable. Obviously, any deficiency in the accuracy or adequacy of the information will produce a great deviation in the inferences drawn from it, much as an error of a fraction of an inch in sighting a rifle will send the bullet many feet away from the target. If one understands that necessary limitation, one can make logical conjectures about the near future.

Liberty Bell is not a newspaper, but, as I write, it seems likely that its American readers may first learn from it news of capital importance, which changes a conjecture made on the basis of general probability into an ascertained fact with which we must henceforth reckon.

On 5 October 1986 the Sunday Times (London) could congratulate itself on one of the greatest “scoops” in the history of journalism. It is said that in New York the editors of the Post alertly picked up the news and put it on the presses with appropriate headlines, but peremptory orders from the owner, a Jew named Murdoch, forced them to replate and destroy the copies that had been printed with information he wanted concealed from the American swine, lest they become restive in their sty.

The Sunday Times carried a headline in 88-point type, “Revealed: the secrets of Israel’s nuclear arsenal,” which introduced three pages of articles, complete with photographs and an architectural plan, written by a team of six reporters, assisted by four research consultants. The scientific data in the article were verified and its authenticity certified by ten “senior scientists,” some of whom are named. The Jews, of course, denied everything so long as they could and then refused to comment.

What had happened was that Mordechai Vanunu, a technician employed for almost ten years in the secret plant in which the Jews manufacture nuclear bombs, defected from Israel and, whether he intended it or not, also defected from his world-destroying race, taking with him more than sixty color photographs that he had found opportunities to take inside the huge plant of six storeys, all buried beneath a seemingly ordinary building at Dimona in the Negev Desert, on the road from Beersheba to Sodom. When American curs of high rank insisted on visiting Dimona, they were reluctantly permitted to see parts of the building on the surface after the entrances to the six storeys of the underground installation had been bricked up.

Although Americans will soon be taught that they must never think about what is done by the masters whom they must adore, such thought has not yet been legally forbidden and the penalties for it have thus far been informally exacted. Years ago, therefore, some of us dared to infer that the Jews were busy producing a stock-pile of the most advanced nuclear weapons after large quantities of uranium were stolen from the United States by Israeli agents with the cooperation, needless to say, of Jews ensconced in the gullible Americans’ atomic agency. But perhaps ‘stolen’ is the wrong word. For all practical purposes, the Jews now own the United States and all the livestock in it, so how can one say that they stole their own property?

Observers who knew something of the mentality and methods of Yahweh’s Master Race were, as I have said, convinced that while the Jews kept their American cattle jabbering about “world peace” and similar childish fantasies, they were hard at work in Israel, which is to be the capital of their “One World” Empire, secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons for use against goyim whenever expedient. But that was only a conclusion drawn from a logical extrapolation from the little that was known, and there were no ascertained facts to confirm it.

Now, thanks to Vanunu, it is indubitable that the Jews, for the past twenty years or more, have been producing in their secret plant in Israel nuclear bombs of the most advanced design, certainly thermonuclear bombs, including, in the opinion of experts, the dreaded hydrogen bomb which Oppenheimer and other high-minded Jews, whom the Americans had put in charge of the development of atomic weapons, tried to prevent the American cattle from learning how to produce — the hydrogen bomb which was used so effectively by our subversive propagandists to scare Americans silly and make them jabber about “disarmament,” on the premise that all other peoples were as imbecile as they.

The Sunday Times describes in great detail the plant at Dimona, the equipment on each of the six underground storeys, the manufacture of nuclear bombs, and the elaborate verification that the newspaper prudently obtained from experts before it printed its “scoop.” The one essential fact is that Israel, through its possession of a large stock of the most destructive armaments known to man, is one of the world’s formidable military powers.(1) The details given on the three large newspaper pages and the photographs that accompany them are interesting, but cannot be summarized here.(2)

Now that it is known (except to the American people) that “poor little Israel” is one of the earth’s major nuclear powers, and is quite capable of annihilating every city of any importance in the Islamic countries whose territory she intends eventually to take, the Jews, who refrained from using atomic weapons against Egypt in 1973 because they didn’t want the despised goyim to perceive the extent of their military power, no longer have a secret to preserve in that way, and the only question is when they will think it expedient to use some part of what must by this time be a very large stock of the most potent weapons in the world.

This alters to some extent our extrapolations from the present to the future.

Jim Taylor’s report from Oman in the September issue was one of the most important articles that Liberty Bell has published, and the conclusions you drew from it were amply corroborated and confirmed by admissions that the government in Washington thought it expedient to make, rather than attempt a categorical denial when the report was published. The Associated Press, in a despatch published in many newspapers (e.g., the Fort Collins Coloradoan) on 25 July, had reported what could scarcely have been successfully concealed, large-scale manoeuvres of the 35,000 American soldiers who are being intensively equipped and trained for desert warfare, admittedly in preparation for their use “to restore order in a Mideast country.” The United Press, on 9 August (in, e.g., the Arizona Republic), published the “first public acknowledgement” that military supplies have been stockpiled in Oman, “for use by U. S. troops who may be called into action in an emergency in that region,” where, as Mr. Taylor reported and Washington at last admitted, American and Omani troops have been drilling in anticipation of that “emergency.” The supplies include more than 10,000,000 gallons of fuel for jet fighters and bombers.

It has long been obvious to anyone who thought seriously about the situation in Asia Minor and the Arabian Peninsula that the focus of the Jews’ hatred of the “Arabs” is Saudi Arabia, for if that nation is destroyed, the other Islamic nations will be effectively demoralized. It may be taken for granted, therefore, that Saudi Arabia is the Jews’ principal target, whether or not it is the country that the Jews order their Americans to attack first.

It is no great secret that the CIA, as an auxiliary of the Mossad, has long been working to undermine Saudi Arabia, doubtless from the spy base in Oman that Mr. Taylor described, and it was probably with justice that the CIA was suspected of having contrived the mad Shi’ite seizure of Mecca some years ago. With all the resources of American taxpayers at their disposal, the CIA-Mossad complex could incite a “democratic” revolution in Saudi Arabia by suborning native traitors or by sending in a force of Shi’ites. The big-hearted Americans could then “help” the Saudi government by sending in the usual “peace-keeping force,” which would, as usual, be used to intensify civil war and eventually stage “free elections” to hand the country over to the enemies of civilized mankind. Action against Saudi Arabia would be especially attractive because (1) the simple-minded Americans could be fed the usual slop about the evils of monarchy, for which they have a traditional appetite; and (2) temporary or permanent destruction of the great oil fields would permit herding the Americans with an “energy crisis” more real than the fake one of a few years ago. (Try to imagine an American severed from his automobile!)

If it is preferred to start the attack on Saudi Arabia indirectly, there are so many easy ways that one cannot guess which would be chosen. The so-called “terrorism” of the Islamic states, which served Reagan, in his role as Heap Big Chief Sitting Bull, as a pretext for his terrorist attack on Libya, might be used, but seems unlikely, although it is to be noted that Syria, which proclaimed solidarity with Libya a little while ago, was taught a lesson by the performance in London that gave the Jews’ shabbat goyah, Maggie Thatcher, a pretext for insultingly breaking diplomatic relations with Syria.(3)

The ruling consideration here is the attitude of the American herds. Any pretext, of course, would serve for old Ronnie to send in the Air Force and the specially trained troops, as he can do any moment his directors give him the order, and that force would suffice to smash up the Arab countries and create enough chaos and bloodshed to please the Jews, but, as Mr. Taylor hinted in his article, it would surely be advantageous to involve the Americans in another Vietnam or, if possible, something better. If a whole plane-load of Yahweh’s Superhumans were really destroyed, the average American would merely shrug his shoulders instead of becoming bellicose. The only act of “Arab terrorism” that could be blown up into a Crusade would be an assassination of old Ronnie, and this is a distinct possibility. He is becoming something of an embarrassment anyway and if he were blown up to Heaven and the wicked Moslems blamed for it, his Ascension would stir up all the boobs who still imagine that he is a great “conservative” or revere him as an ally of the evangelical witch-doctors. It would be easy to manufacture evidence that the ambassador of some Moslem country had made the bomb in his kitchen some night and with his own diabolical hands, and there could be oratory about an outrage to the (imaginary) dignity of the “American people.” So this is a possibility to be borne in mind, but it would be a relatively awkward way to start a war as distinct from “hotting up” a war already started.

A better scheme would be to sink some ships, tankers or American naval vessels, in the Straits of Hormuz with bombs dropped from an American plane that could be disguised as coming from either Iran or Iraq.(4) As you saw from the little map that accompanied Jim Taylor’s report, Oman is on the border of Saudi Arabia and faces Iran across the Straits, while Iraq is at the head of the Persian Gulf. It would be easy to launch a “reprisal” against either Iran or Iraq, whichever is selected for the operation. And since a war between Iraq and Iran is now being waged sporadically, the other country would become our ally and the usual American “help” could be given it to destroy it, too. And Saudi Arabia could be penetrated by a “peace keeping” force to “protect” and betray it.

An alternative would be to incite a revolt in Iran as a pretext for the usual “peace-keeping” operation. Whichever scheme is chosen, it would obviously be best to destroy the oil fields at the very beginning. That would impoverish the Arabs, but the real advantage would be that it would make gasoline rare in the United States. If there is anything that can make an American fighting mad -– and I mean mad — it would be being deprived of his cherished and almost indispensable go-cart. And that, in turn, would be an ideal opportunity to invoke the President’s power to relocate his subjects, throwing families out of their homes to “save energy” by turning the houses over to persons employed in the vicinity, preferably niggers or spics.

In the present situation, Vanunu’s courageous revelation of Israel’s secret will not be disadvantageous to Jewry. If Americans find out about it, some of them, especially the horde of peace-lubbers, may be indignant, but the Jews need no longer care what their subjects think, except to discipline them if they think out loud. The real effect of the disclosure is profoundly to discourage the Semites, who, already confronted by the overwhelming power of the United States and the passive hostility of the Soviets, now find themselves menaced by a terrifying weapon that hysterical propaganda has made to seem even more terrible than it really is. This will inevitably incite defeatism and agitation by Islamic cowards for surrender.

It is now possible for the Jews to take over the lands they most covet without using their Americans, compelling the Semitic nations to surrender by threats or by making Damascus or Baghdad a lesson more appalling than Hiroshima was made by the primitive little atomic bomb that was used there. This, however, is unlikely, for that would prevent afflicting the Americans with a new and better Vietnam, in which our men and resources could be squandered on an ever greater scale, and, what would be even nicer, opposition to the war could be called “anti-American” to excite the fanaticism of the proletariat and liquidate all remaining reluctance to serve Yahweh and his righteous supermen.

This discussion of strategy and tactics is entirely conjectural, I need not say, but it is safe to assume that “another Vietnam” is scheduled for the near future, and will be begun in some clever way, unless in the meantime there should be discovered some even more effective means of harassing the American cattle and herding them into the pens prepared for them in the great stockyard.


(1) Whether the United States or Israel is the more formidable nuclear power is an interesting question. The United States boasts that it has 27,000 “atomic weapons”; most of these are small and intended for tactical use on a battlefield, but it may be taken for granted that the United States has more bombs of high power than Israel. Against this must be set three crucial factors, videlicet: 1. Americans, their minds filled with Christian drivel, are frantically opposed to the use of the most modern weapons, and many of them are so moronic they want to destroy our stockpile to set a good example for the Soviets, whom they suppose to be equally feeble-minded; 2. Our armed forces are so honeycombed with traitors and aliens that any attempt to use such weapons against the Soviet and possibly against any other nation or country would surely be sabotaged; and 3. No use of such weapons could be made without the permission of the Jews, who now are in total control of the government in Washington that has all Americans at its mercy. The Jews have no masters but themselves and are too intelligent to place idle fancies ahead of their own racial advantage or to admit enemies into their armed forces and government.

(2) Vanunu’s defection seems to have been motivated, at least in part, by his failure to be as violently anti-Semitic as most Jews; he even seems to have had sympathy for the Semitic populations of the Near East, whom the Jews of Israel hate and despise as much as they do their American subjects. As I write, it is reported that Vanunu has “disappeared.” If the Jews kidnapped him, it will be a long time before he is permitted to die. The plant at Dimona was constructed and equipped for the Jews by the French, who kept the underground structure secret and claimed that the structure visible on the surface was only for research into the “peaceful use” of atomic power on a small scale. Americans are such dunderheads that they wanted to help the world to “peaceful use” of such power, and, of course, the countries they helped, such as India and Pakistan, were not so stupid that they did not use the equipment to produce atomic armaments for eventual use against their enemies.

(3) It is true, of course, that the Islamic nations of the Near East, like the dispossessed Palestinians, have no more effective means of opposing the enormous power of the Jews and their American and Soviet colonies than “terrorism,” such as the British and Americans used against France after the German victory, hiring for that purpose virtually all the criminals in France and paying them in gold (American eagles or small, specially cast bars of gold) since the apaches were too canny to take colored paper in payment. So it was plausible enough to claim that some blundering Syrian had tried to destroy an airplane loaded with the only precious form of human life by putting a bomb in the luggage of a pregnant woman, where it was, of course, easily and inevitably discovered. It is unlikely but conceivable that some one in the Syrian Embassy knew that such an attempt would be made and did not point out how certainly it would fail. What is preposterous is that it could have been possible to prove that the Syrian Ambassador was a party to such an attempt. That would have been absurd, even if the attempt had not been so childishly awkward. The Syrians may be amateurs in the great game of diplomacy, but they surely know better than that. And that is the detail which shows that the whole trumpery affair was the work of Jewish agents.

(4) It will be remembered that when Begin, the celebrated terrorist, best known for dynamiting the King David Hotel to kill British swine, was the Prime Minister of Israel, he was officially censured by the Jews’ parliament for having failed to disguise the bombers (made in USA) that he sent on a terrorist raid on Iraq: he should have disguised them as Iranian planes and thus started the desired war between Iran and Iraq. The war was successfully instigated later, and is exacerbated by religious antagonisms that it would be too long to describe here.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, December 1986

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23 May, 2020 11:49 pm

It’s so damn disgusting, all of it, and just so one race can HAVE everything because they MUST, because their jealousies are so unparalleled, their lust so unquenchable, their neuroses so incurable. Let’s give them everything, the whole world. Let’s all commit suicide and leave this entire planet just to THEM. Can you imagine what their lives would be like without slaves to do all their physical labor ? I dare say the Jews would eventually self-destruct and destroy the entire world including themselves. They are no good without a host. Take away the host and what good is the virus ? As long as we resist, they will continue to attack until we submit, but if we just all say goodbye and just leave them to themselves, THAT would… Read more »

Reply to  Malcolm
28 May, 2020 1:30 pm


Just wish to say thanks – you have said in succinct fashion what so many have been unable to put in words ! But to say ” … but if we just all say goodbye and just leave them to themselves, THAT would be the greatest eternal punishment and DEFEAT we could ever give these losers.” . No, I think they should vanish not us.

24 May, 2020 12:55 am

Mordechai Vanunu, a persecuted righteous jew!

26 May, 2020 3:58 am

Prescient words about Hormuz. He didn’t see the three tower being demolished though. That would have been superhuman Wizardry.

29 May, 2020 7:24 pm

These jews or should I say the people from the tribe of Juda, don’t have secret weapons, hahaha. That’s giving them too much credit. And no, Israel will not be the world empire. They sure are dreamers and I really wouldn’t call them Heehaws master race, they are as flawed as they come. I can tell you they don’t pray to the God I know, they pray to some deity, as the Old Testament shows they are prone to paganism. They sure haven’t read the book of Daniel. Belive me, more ill luck will be coming their way. I mean, the Anti-christ will be one of them, how ironic is that.

Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson
30 May, 2020 1:43 am

Not too long after becoming Jew-wise, I realized that what the Jew Oppenheimer said at the Trinity nuclear bomb test was not, as we’ve been sold, apprehension, but instead exaltation. Exaltation of the Jew fifth-column realizing the ultimate tool for attaining the Jews’ only two goals: Plunder and destruction. A tool of mass fear by which to plunder our economies and societies with. A tool of mass destruction of us if ever we were to catch on to the Jews and their crimes. As it happened, by Trinity, the Jew fifth-column had already laid the foundation of the Cold War*, the nuclear bomb central to it. One could say that Oppenheimer’s words, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” were a continuation of Samuel’s, “We Jews, we, the destroyers,… Read more »