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Vous L’avez Voulu, George Dandin

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE protagonist of Moliere’s comedy never blames others for the misery of his life since he married the girl whom he courted. He constantly reminds himself, “this is what you wanted, George; you have only yourself to blame.” He was an Aryan, though perhaps more intellectually honest than most, and Americans today can reread Moliere with profit.

Readers of Liberty Bell have often been reminded of the ever-growing industrial and technological superiority of Japan and the Asiatic nations under her influence. There was the London Correspondent’s “Fimbulvetr” in January 1983, my own article in June, now available as a booklet, The Yellow Peril, and in April of the following year a Postscript in which I reported an American businessman’s succinct opinion of the Japanese: “Damn it all! They are a superior people.”

On 10 May of this year the Wall Street Journal reported that four Japanese corporations have built factories in Battle Creek, Michigan, and that the American peasants are delighted. “If they are willing to invest and give American people jobs,” one of the natives said, “I’m all for it.” And the hopeful fellahin of Battle Creek are trying to induce other corporations of the great industrial nation to relieve American poverty in that town rather than another.

The item in the Journal was quite optimistic. The Japanese already have the majority interest in, and hence control of, 522 factories in the United States, and are certain to extend their beneficence rapidly. This does not take into account their ever-increasing ownership of prime farm land and of the corporations that purchase and market the grain and other products of our remaining farms. This ownership will, no doubt, increase greatly as American farmers have their usurious mortgages foreclosed and sheriffs throw them off the property they once thought they owned.(1) This will be a great advantage, since it will create jobs for the displaced persons as workers in the fields and tenders of the cattle.

One of the leading Jews’ papers for goyim, the Washington Post, published on May Day an article by Nicholas Lemann to explain why American villains cannot hope to emulate the Japanese. It’s all because the Japanese are a race and know it, and that makes them nationalistic. That’s horrible, of course, but we must remember that there is a well established scale of values that no one should be so impudent as to question. The solidarity of the Jewish race is, as everyone knows, proof that they are God’s Own People and really entitled to own the whole globe. The niggers’ race entitles them not only to have the White taxpayers work for them, but to mug and rape the peasants when they feel so inclined, while the daily liepapers run interference for them by never mentioning the marauders’ privileged race. The mongrels who are pouring in from Mexico, the aboriginal Indians, the “refugees” we have imported from Vietnam,(2) and all the other ethnic groups that are taking our country from us have their indisputable racial rights. “Racism” is really vile and abominable only when it appears among the lowly Aryans, a species of feeble-minded and cringing mammals who, for the most part, humbly recognize their duty to serve their betters, the only justification for their existence on this overcrowded planet.

And that is precisely the explanation that is given by Lemann. It would not only be iniquitous and abominable for the Americans to try to emulate the Japanese and compete with them, but they simply can’t do it. Not any more. What Lemann, whose name sounds very much like Lehmann, tells us is what Professor Hacker told us years ago in a book I have so often cited, The End of the American Era: The United States is no longer a nation; it is just a geographical area inhabited by incompatible races and held together by the economic tie of their efforts to exploit one another.

There can, of course, be no sense of unity or common purpose in the various peoples thrown together in that area. Race cannot be here, as it is in Japan, a bond that unites. As Lemann tells us, “We [note the pronoun!] are too diverse racially and culturally to be able to make use of the easy route to a true feeling of community.” But, he adds, stating the obvious, “We [i.e., this multi-racial mass] can’t live without the feeling of community entirely…. So we need to find another route.”

Well, one thing that united the geographical area was “the strong political consensus” that was shown in “the fight against Hitler,” when the hordes of crazed cattle rushed to Europe to punish the Germans for disobedience to their God-given masters. But Lemann regretfully sees no chance for a similar blessing now.

So Lemann, perhaps with God-given wisdom, proposes a solution: “Horatio Alger-ism, the notion that one’s station in life is determined solely by hard work, talent and luck, and not at all by the circumstances of birth. This, rather than nationalism, would be what binds us together. Its fairness would provoke a fierce allegiance to the whole country.”

In the envisaged Utopia of unlimited competition, “Businesses would rise and fall. The successful would be a motley crew.” But Lemann does not go on to explain the real beauty of his Utopia. Jews and Orientals — let’s face it! — are willing to work much harder than Aryans. What is more, Aryans have that fatal weakness of inherited scruples, a tendency to fairness and kindness, from which it is unlikely they can recover, whereas all other races have a sense of ethics, such as it may be, limited to their own people. And you may be certain that the members of each superior race would cohere in their exploitation of the Aryan nitwits.

Now this does not mean that there would be no place for your children and grandchildren in a United States revitalized by Lemann’s prescription. There will always be a need for males and females to black boots, sweep floors, and swab out the bowls of water-closets. Moreover, Aryan females will always be wanted in the brothels, especially the specialized ones in which females are readied for copulation by being preliminarily bloodied with riding whips to satisfy a common Oriental taste.(3) So there will always be a use for some Aryans in the United States of the future.

Americans have no right to complain. They had a country of their own once, but they wanted to throw it away. And they have done so. The real turning point came with the jihad against the South in 1861. As Douglas Reed observed in his Far and Wide (London, Jonathan Cape, 1951), “When that war [against the Confederacy] began America was a country of homogeneous people, predominantly English, Scottish, Ulster-Irish, German, and Scandinavian in origins and recognizably ‘American.'(4) In its aftermath, which opened the floodgates of immigration from Eastern Europe, this composition of the population was radically changed. Power passed, not to the Northern Americans of the old stock, but more and more into the hands of newcomers.”

Well, Americans took pride in advertising, even in verses by an enemy alien inscribed on their Statue of Liberty, that they wanted their country to be a garbage-dump for all of the world’s anthropoid refuse. They enjoyed wallowing in the garbage. Their nostrils relished the stench of their “melting pot.” And now they have what they presumably wanted, the status of taxpaying beasts of burden in the territory that once was theirs. And if, perchance, they feel some compassion for the progeny they have doomed to be the fellahin of the North American continent, they have a remedy: to stop having children — although that would probably bring down punitive legislation from Washington. And anyway, they will have the reward they presumably sought: Their little souls are so inflated by luff for everybody that they will float right up to Jesus, who will welcome them with open arms.

* * *


(1) Historians who may record the decline and fall of the American Republic should note that until 1971 the State of Illinois had a Constitution which forbade continued ownership of property within the state by persons who were not citizens of the United States. A legal friend of mine tried to persuade a number of state’s attorneys to enforce the law, but they were all palsied by the impious suggestion. The same Constitution also forbade the levying of an income tax by the state, so the boobs were herded to the polls, ostensibly to enact a useless amendment that forbade an income tax, and the dumb brutes never noticed that that amendment also contained a provision that would make it simple to mobilize parasites to enact a new Constitution. The new one was approved by a plebiscite at the end of 1970, and now the people of Illinois enjoy the righteousness of an income tax that is used primarily to accelerate the breeding of niggers and crime in Chicago and in the smaller cities, as they become more progressive. It is slightly amusing that the Governor of Illinois recently spent more than a million dollars on a pilgrimage to Communist China to beg the lords of that great industrial nation to make investments in Illinois to relieve the poverty of his moujiks.

(2) It is officially admitted that we now have about three-quarters of a million dear “refugees,” many of them veterans of the Viet-Cong, in the United States, and that we are importing reinforcements for them at the rate of 50,000 a year. They are now forming their own organizations to demand more of their “rights” over us. Some Americans are so bigoted that they complain about the abduction of their pet dogs and cats to make dainty dishes for our honored guests. The Scientific American for July 1985 lists some of the diseases our guests bring with them: 61% have intestinal parasites that can be communicated to the host population, and 14% have hepatitis in a severe form, and are therefore ideally suited for employment in American restaurants. (All Americans are not yet imbecile: in a small and essentially rural town in the Middle West, an enterprising woman opened a well-furnished new restaurant and, being a big-hearted do-gooder, staffed it with “refugees,” and I hear that she went bankrupt without ever understanding why so very few persons were willing to eat her delicious meals.) The article in the Scientific American does not mention leprosy, which, I am told, is among the delights of internationalism we have imported from Vietnam, but it does mention that between 20% and 40% of the Vietnamese carry by heredity eventually fatal disorders of the blood, such as thalassemia and haemoglobin E. There is also a high incidence of “psychiatric disorders,” although this finding is subject to the reservation that most psychiatrists are too pudibund to perceive innate racial instincts and try to fit all anthropoids into their Procrustean beds. At all events, Americans who marry Vietnamese, as many have already done, are likely to have offspring that should please their Christian hearts.

(3) The reader may remember an incident that attracted a little attention in Washington some years ago. As you know, our State Department maintains a Whore Corps to entertain niggers from Africa, mud people from the compost-heaps of Asia, and other diplomatic envoys while they wait for the Treasury to bail up the loads of American currency they will take home. One girl from the Corps, perhaps a neophyte, panicked when a high dignitary from the Middle East got out his whips to make her more attractive, and she ran, nude, through the halls of Washington’s most fashionable and expensive hotel. This occasioned a ripple of scandal, because conservative Americans thought that it was improper for girls to be nude in public. It is true that quite a few wealthy Americans, such, it is said, as the late President Kennedy, have become broad-minded and have acquired cosmopolitan tastes. In at least one of the exclusive establishments in Florida such broad-minded patrons are offered a great variety of whips and the like, some with jeweled handles, from which they make a selection before they go in to have fun with their well-paid nymph.

(4) True, but Douglas Reed could have added that from colonial times onward there were Jewish colonies in the region that became the United States, and that although numerically small, these enclaves of the international race had great influence, commercially and financially. Beginning in the 1830s, they began to subsidize agitation to promote righteousness and a Holy War against the South. See Liberty Bell, November 1984, pp. 1 ff.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, September 1985

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9 May, 2020 5:10 pm

The greater the range of biologically acceptable genetic closeness, Japanese, Korean and Jewish cases, the higher the level of ethnocentrism (vital force, superior evolutionary survival), forced diversity is a biological weapon of conquest and control, (divide and conquer) , the oriental is not to blame, the true enemy is the parasitic plutocrat that corrodes the enslaved Aryans, eliminates or drives away the parasite and you end the problem.
The following steps must be followed: protection and security of whites, racially conscious, isolation or territorial distance from non-whites, combat and extirpate the parasite. For this, it is necessary to analyze, plan, courses of action (direct and indirect), liberation and ensure that what is achieved is maintained. Rhetoric without the above is ineffective.

10 May, 2020 6:00 pm

The most significant reason for Japan’s post-war recovery was the education regarding statistical methods in the manufacturing sector provided by Deming. America gave Japan the key to its commercial success.

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
12 May, 2020 5:29 pm

To speak the truth will never be to speak ill of something or someone.
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