Trayvon Martin Auditions Continue

A Florida man shot and killed a 17-year-old burglary suspect in what authorities say will likely be investigated under the state’s ‘stand your ground’ statute.

THIS IS THE worst “racism” I’ve ever seen. A “baby” preaching the word of Christ abruptly ceases to be a danger to civilization courtesy of high velocity projectiles fired by a White (?) villain. I know the sky is falling and everything, but we really need to focus on the tragic loss of a Black life that deeply mattered. A Negro shouldn’t have to fear for its life when it’s breaking into cars.

Adrein Green was found collapsed in the street with a gunshot wound at around 1.15am on Tuesday, minutes after a man called 911 and said he’d shot someone outside his home in Sanford.

Wow, this sure sounds familiar. Another totally innocent future aeronautical engineer gets zapped, possibly on the same spot where our Lord and Savior Trayvon, Son of Soetoro, entered Hell. Can we get a similar kosher circus going over the shocking death of this living fossil?

Investigators said Green was burglarizing cars parked outside the gated home when the owner, who has not been identified, opened fire from his front door.

Good boy, turning the life around, about to go to college, one thousand watt smile, too timid to play Liberia Ball, on the way to Grandma’s, etc, etc.

Adrein Green: burglarized car after car, faced off inside gate of homeowner, wife, and baby. “Seminole County Assistant State Attorney Dan Faggard said officials determined as a preliminary finding that the shooting was justified, because Adrein was attempting to burglarize a vehicle inside the man’s gated property, which is an extension of his home.”

In audio from the 911 call, the homeowner is heard explaining how his wife woke him up when she heard noises outside while she was up feeding their baby.

Married with a child born in wedlock. Any doubts about this man being White can be safely dismissed until further notice.

He said that he believed someone was trying to break in to the home, so he grabbed his firearm and went to investigate.

Armed non-victim.

‘I don’t know he just ran, he just ran, he faced me and I got super scared and my wife was behind me with the baby cause we kept hearing like a big bump, we kept hearing something,’ he said, later adding he wanted to scare the unknown person off.

Tar monster takes the big bump after the Jesse Owens act. “I’ll just scare off the evolutionary dead-ends with a show of force” is an idea that needs to be abandoned as the land of the Jew and the home of the zoo crashes and burns.

Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith played the audio at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon and told reporters that preliminary evidence shows the homeowner was about 20 feet from the victim when he opened fire.

Social distancing.

Green took off on foot after he was shot, and police officers found him lying in the road nearby minutes later.

Look at that boy run! Get this worthless animal a full scholarship at an SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) school! Never mind, it just fell over dead.

Smith said the officers performed life-saving measures before first responders arrived and transported him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the bill for the heroic failed effort by real heroes to save a nightmare monster.

Seminole County Assistant State Attorney Dan Faggard said the case will likely be investigated under Florida’s controversial stand your ground law, which allows victims to use deadly force in self-defense when they fear their life is in danger.

It’s a minor miracle this law is still on the books after the endless attacks on our right to defend ourselves from monsters brought here in kosher chains.

‘We have to find there is probable cause to believe that the individual did not act in self-defense or justifiably. That’s a very high standard.

You might not be able to “get yo loot on” over this case, sorry.

Green’s great aunt, Lillian Wright, told the outlet that the homeowner went too far regardless of the circumstances.

Harming an “African-American” is never justified, no matter what.

‘We need justice on this case because we feel it. Our family was in an uproar this morning — 17 years old.’

Remember when the word “justice” actually meant something? Yeah, me neither.

Dindu nuffin defense offered for “teen” pathology.

Smith said evidence at the scene led officers to believe Green had been trying to break into the homeowner’s car. A large rock and a car battery were found next to the vehicle, which had marks on the windows and the sides that were indicative of an attempted break-in.

The only thing more “racist” than physical evidence is I.Q. testing.

‘What we want our community to understand is that at the time it’s a unique situation, it’s a tragic situation, one that we hope never happens again within our community or any community around,’ Smith told reporters.

Bawk! Tragic situation! Bawk! Bawk! Never happens again! Pretty bird, pretty bird!

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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13 May, 2020 12:18 pm

“Let the bodies hit the floor” – Drowning Pool

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
20 August, 2021 12:21 pm

“Another totally innocent future aeronautical engineer gets zapped”

Aeronautical engineer? Sheeeet! Dis soul brutha was on his way to bein’ da greatest living rocket surgeon ebber libd on da plant when his life be cut short by dat evil white debil!