Racial Idealism vs. Racial Bolshevism

by Dr. E.R. Cawthron

Bolshevism and Civilization

THE WORD “BOLSHEVIK” can be used to describe any person seeking the destruction of civilized society and particularly its culture-creative segment, by violence if possible, but by other more devious means if necessary. The typical Bolshevik is obsessed with a passionate hatred of Western, Aryan society, for he finds himself totally alienated from it. The reasons for this alienation can be manifold and possibilities include a sense of personal failure, pathological disturbance or biological separateness (as in the case of Jewish Bolsheviks, for example). Bolsheviks are not necessarily “communists,” especially in countries under Communist domination, but may be nominal adherents of a wide range of causes: In fact, any cause which will offer them an escape from their frustrated, inadequate selves and which will offer them an opportunity for the release of their destructive urges will attract it share of Bolsheviks. Most doctrines of the Left are designed to attract these Bolshevik elements, but, as we shall see, even National Socialism attracts its share.

The Bolshevik element or undercurrent is present in every society and seems an inherent feature of any body politic. It represents the anti-cultural element within the body of a culture: if a culture is healthy and virile the Bolshevik view is kept suppressed, but when the culture sickens then Bolshevism spreads, and, if unchecked, can fatally affect the cultural organism (i.e., the “West”).

The terms “cultural parasite” and “cultural distorter” have been applied by a number of eminent scholars to describe the alienated segment within a cultural organism. The mass media of the Western world, e.g., the press, television, film industry and so on, are today nearly totally controlled — certainly in the US — by the biologically-alienated, culture-distorting, Jewish racial minority. This, in itself, is evidence of the poor health condition of the Western cultural organism, just as the more direct but less insidious Bolshevik hordes which infest our streets and the intellectual nihilism so rampant in our universities.

Civilization is intrinsically a fragile thing and no matter how sophisticated it may appear it will quickly crumble into oblivion once its culture-creating and cultural sustaining elements are removed. This “removal” may occur by social revolution — usually motivated by the biologically alienated — or by gradual “swamping.” The latter occurs when the creative elite becomes too soft and complacent to maintain itself genetically, and the aristocratic ideal is replaced by the democratic dogma of “equality.” The diminution of the creative elite is usually accompanied by social revolution once the Bolshevik elements become aware of the weakness of the old older. The present degeneration of the West can be accounted for by the systematic abdication of its creative elements and their replacement by cultural aliens: once this process proceeds far enough social revolution and outright Bolshevism will inevitably occur.

National Socialism is the philosophy of Aryan renaissance and firmly upholds the aristocratic ideal. It aims at a total purging of all cultural aliens from our mass media and a ruthless suppression of all Bolshevik elements throughout the Aryan cultural organism. Thus it attracts their unmitigated hatred and is the target of a vicious propaganda campaign unequalled in history. The cultural alien and the Bolshevik hate National Socialism because they perceive it, quite correctly, to be their mortal enemy.

The Racial Bolshevik

We must, however, now bring forward an additional aspect of this cultural struggle which may not be welcomed reading, either to many of our friends or to our enemies. This is the phenomenon of the Racial Bolshevik. The Racial Bolshevik is different from the left-wing Bolshevik primarily in his better-developed racial instincts, and this may be quite vocal in expressing anti-Negro or anti-Jewish sentiments. Yet he is not basically different from the various other Bolshevik types as he seeks only to destroy, not to build or create. Because the present Western dispensation seems heavily Semitic on the surface, his frustration takes on an anti-Jewish form, and he will flock to any organization which promises to destroy that dispensation.

The Racial Bolshevik is not, and can never be a National Socialist, and it is high dangerous to confuse Racial Bolshevism with genuine National Socialism. Adolf Hitler diagnosed the Racial Bolshevik at an early stage in the development of the Movement and periodically ordered them purged from the Party. After the Röhm purge in 1934, he spoke of this type as follows:

Without realizing it, they have found nihilism to be their ultimate confession of faith…their unrest and disquietude can find satisfaction only in some conspiratorial activity of the mind, in perpetually plotting the disintegration of whatever the set-up of the moment happens to be.

Thus the great intellect of Adolf Hitler warned all genuine National Socialists of the danger of brown Bolshevism, which can be as a great a menace to the internal health of the Movement as Red Jewish-Bolshevism can be an external threat.

Our Attitude

The World Union of National Socialists is dedicated to authentic National Socialism, as evidenced by the intellectual approach of in this and other publications. It will not tolerate the existence of Bolshevik elements in its ranks. Rather, we are building a solid cadre of sincere National Socialist racial idealists. If, at some point in the future, we become a mass movement like the NSDAP, it seems inevitable that a certain number of Racial Bolsheviks will creep into the Movement in one guise or another, Such elements will be kept under firm and rigorous supervision, and if they fail to meet the standards of National Socialist discipline and behavior required of all comrades, they will be ruthlessly purged. We will heed the warning of Adolf Hitler and remain true to the eternal life-fulfilling mission he ordained for National Socialism.

Racial Bolshevism is a delicate subject, and there is a strong temptation to ignore it — or even make use of it — in the building of a National Socialist organization. Yet, we feel that it is of great importance and must be brought out into the open, so that genuine National Socialists will be able to recognize it whenever it manifests itself.

The Racial Bolshevik can be recognized by the following general characteristics: lack of interest in the positive aspects of National Socialism; lack of original policies or a long term plan of action; pathological hatred of  the existing state of affairs, but with hazy or non-existent ideas of any alternative; criminal tendencies or associations; lack of personal honesty and integrity; lack of any productive activity; lack of regular employment or the inability to hold a job; hatred and resentment towards all forms of authority (including those within the Movement); hatred and resentment towards Jews and other non-Aryans, but not sign of love of his own race; and so forth.

Our mission, we re-emphasize, is the renewal of the Aryan race and a recognition of the importance of Natural Order in Aryan civilization. Thus, our belief in the Leadership Principle and the Aristocratic Ideal. No true National Socialist can ever compromise with any leveling or uniformitarian doctrine. If a would-be National Socialist does so, he has no place in our ranks, and would be more at home with his spiritual comrades on the Left than with authentic National Socialist racial idealists.


This article first appeared in the Australian National Socialist Journal, Autumn 1968, with a different title. It was subsequently reprinted with the current title in The National Socialist, Number 4 (Spring 1982).

* * *

Source: New Order

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14 May, 2020 1:37 am

Hitler’s main feat was understanding ethno-centrism, and this is what the ultra-ethnocentric Jewish parasites hate most, since it is powerful and they want it only for themselves. The aristocracy in many cases was a factor of abuse and extreme inequality in the white west, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”, the parasite cunningly detected this weakness and used it to his advantage, so he used this weakness to create the revolutions. French and Bolshevik in Russia, I also use it in the Chinese revolution of Mao, Korea and Vietnam, (Western anti-imperialist movement), but they realized that ethnocentric nationalism persisted despite having destroyed the aristocracies. The master move was to create the Frankfurt School inserted in the USA, from there they devised the most harmful permissive and disruptive ideologies for the… Read more »

Reply to  Panadechi
15 May, 2020 10:24 am

Christianity needs to be purged from white culture. I am always amazed how mentally unhealthy, whites cling to this Middle Eastern Mythology birthed by the Bible Jews. We have our own stories —Olde Norse, which is older and much more beautiful than anything in the sociopathic, barbaric, twisted tales in the Jew Bible.

14 May, 2020 2:03 am

“Without realizing it, they have found nihilism to be their ultimate confession of faith…their unrest and disquietude can find satisfaction only in some conspiratorial activity of the mind, in perpetually plotting the disintegration of whatever the set-up of the moment happens to be.” This quote reminds me of a meme from the 1970s – “Bored? Ineffectual? Why not try sedition?”

14 May, 2020 5:23 am

I must add that there are 2 types of societies, Non-Ethnocentric Dysfunctional Asymmetric (Multicultural) and Ethnocentric Functional Symmetric (Homogeneous, Honeycomb)..

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
14 May, 2020 8:27 pm
15 May, 2020 10:19 am

It seems that right now, we (USA) are headed face first right into a Holodomor 3.0 crossed with a Bolshevik “Revolution”.

18 May, 2020 10:03 am

Our downfall lies in the self-imposed cage we have all placed around ourselves, TS Eliot’s Hollow Men ; paralyzed force, gesture without motion. We are castrated, paralyzed, we hide, we live in total fear, we sit behind stupid computers and type furiously, thinking this will accomplish something. If we are to survive the Jewish onslaught, which they have ruthlessly yet purposefully achieved through the use of their trillions, then we all need to stop hiding and start fighting. Without FORCE, there will be no change. Hitler knew this and did what he could and, my God, what a man he was. What keeps us all complacent ? What is it ? Have we all become so selfish that we cannot conceive of giving our lives for our country ? And… Read more »

Hume Eddington
Hume Eddington
Reply to  Max
18 May, 2020 11:09 am

First we need an organization with a complete philosophical, political, and spiritual worldview, a plan, and the moral right to implement it. Then we need to make that organization strong, economically healthy, and viable over the generations, so it is not totally dependent on the survival of one man or a tiny few. Then we need for that organization to found a state, whether through secession, revolution, building up a state within a state as society dissolves, or simply being the last competent man standing in the midst of chaos, or some other means as opportunity offers. The National Alliance is still struggling with step two. But the National Alliance is the best we’ve got.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  Hume Eddington
18 May, 2020 9:19 pm

Thanks, Hume. The National Alliance is the best we’ve got, like you say. If it is not, someone please tell me what organization is the best, and prove to me that it is. I do not see another group that holds the Alliance’s long view and that has those necessary elements you list that will make the White race strong and that has a better chance of succeeding to build the new White World . NA has the complete world view, the plan, and the moral right to implement the plan. If the founding of a state is your “step two,” then the reason the Alliance is struggling with that step is because none of the commentators above and very few under other articles at either actually join the… Read more »

Hume Eddington
Hume Eddington
Reply to  Will W Williams
18 May, 2020 10:25 pm

Hello, Mr. Williams! I should have numbered the steps — step two is: “Then we need to make that organization strong, economically healthy, and viable over the generations, so it is not totally dependent on the survival of one man or a tiny few.”

You are right, the Alliance “has the complete world view, the plan, and the moral right to implement the plan.” Now we need a flood of support. The media we’ve built, the facilities you’re building in the real world, are just the beginning.

Reply to  Max
18 May, 2020 5:53 pm

Greetings Max. Keep typing! If one person says something a hundred times then he is regarded as a crackpot. If a hundred people say the same thing it becomes a movement. Over the years I have met an increasing number of people who have become enlightened and are willing to speak with each other even if they are not prepared with enough knowledge to act locally and think globally.