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American Holocaust

Lyndon Johnson signing America’s death warrant, the Immigration Act of 1965

by Douglas Mercer

AMERICA, WITH its “making the world safe for,” its “rugged individualism,” its utopianism, its paper creation, its “shining city on a hill,” its “dedicated to the proposition,” its “nation of immigrants” — America, with its missionary zeal, its “manifest destiny” — America, with its “all men are created equal” — was always immensely susceptible to ideological hijacking, and never really stood a chance against malevolent and determined outsiders.

In 1909, on ship’s deck in New York Harbor, Sigmund Freud turned to the person next to him and said, “They have no idea that we’re bringing them the plague.”

Now we do.

In 1951 a book was written called The Iron Curtain Over America. From the title and the time one expects a Cold War rant, but what you get is a long, detailed, and damning history of the Jews.

Jews are at the heart of the American ideology, anti-racism, open borders; the avatar of every minority, the reason for every war.

In America the Jews found their ideal hunting ground, opened up movie studios, took over newspapers, dominated television, owned magazines, made comedy their own, controlled the commanding heights of the culture.

In response to exaggerated Russian pogroms, the Jewess Emma Lazarus wrote that infamous poem; at first it was inside the statue and no one noticed it, later WASP socialite Georgina Schulyer paid to put it at the base, but still it remained in well-deserved obscurity.

In 1924, on the day Coolidge signed the 1924 National Origins Act, Madison Grant was euphoric and said that we had finally got rid of our Jews, but he spoke too soon.

Around 1938, American Jews played the Lazarus poem up in order that more fellow Jews be allowed to crawl into the United States. The statue had been about freedom but now it was about “human rights” and human refuse. And so the Jews hijacked the American narrative, told us what our history really meant — and we were negligent enough to believe them.

It’s best that a nation be born in the mists of time; a nation created in a Quaker meeting hall as a result of debate will always be a paper nation, a nation of words. When malevolent and determined outsiders come in they can pull the wool over your eyes and say the words mean something else entirely.

In 1952, Harry Truman vetoed the McCarran-Walter Act which upheld America as a White nation; Congress overrode the veto, and Truman said that no less a person Jesus Christ disapproved of the override, that the National Origins Act of 1924 was “un-American.”

Early in the 1960s, John F. Kennedy got someone to ghost-write a book for him called A Nation of Immigrants, and so an enduring slogan of mass indoctrination was born. To this day in the immigration debates the mass immigrationists will say we are a “nation of immigrants” as if that were QED, and many are stupid enough to believe them.

On October 3, 1965, the president of the most powerful Anglo-Saxon nation in history dragged the brightest stars of Washington DC’s elite hundreds of miles away for a grand photograph in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, taken while he signed America’s death warrant. During the ceremony he had occasion to remark that the law that was being overturned, the law that for 41 years had kept America a European country — this man, this president of the greatest Anglo-Saxon nation ever — said that law had represented “a cruel and an enduring wrong.”

In 1997, Bill Clinton told a White audience of college students in Oregon that America was on the cusp of its third great revolution, a third revolution that would make American no longer a European country, and his all-White audience of Oregon college students enthusiastically applauded their, and their posterity’s, demise.

And so the holocaust was nearly complete.

When Jews first encountered Europeans they were encountering a very powerful entity, but an entity with a soft underbelly: its chivalry, its gallantry, its sense of honor, its fair play, its even-handedness, its generosity.

The famed Alexander II, the famous Czar Liberator, granted freedom after freedom, concession after concession to the Jews, and continued to do so lavishly until the very day they killed him.

Jews fleeing exaggerated Russian pogroms headed west, a new exodus, a new diaspora.

Some time in the 1920s, Adolf Hitler had occasion to wryly note that in the United States of America the Jews had found themselves a new hunting ground.

Otto von Bismarck had said that the most important event in world history was when the first Englishman set foot in Virginia. He was correct when he said it, but he never saw the first Ashkenazi Jew wander around Manhattan.

When Henry Adams saw his first Jew walking along Beacon Street with his curls, his hat, and speaking a snarling Yiddish, he said he felt kinship with the American Indian, as one who has lost his home.

It did not take long for Jews to take control of the two great Anglo-Saxon nations.

Disraeli, of all people, had warned the British that with Jews “all is race.” But the British ruling class was besotted with Jew-love, they were fantasists who hoodwinked themselves into believing they were the lost tribe of something or other, a new Chosen People. All through the 19th century by blood and by marriage Jews infiltrated the British ruling class until they finally hit the jackpot with Winston Churchill.

Soon Churchill would be the Jews’ mad dog in their fight against Germany.

In the United States of America the Jews had their hunting ground. Woodrow Wilson had used America First as a slogan, and said he “kept us out of war,” but soon we were in one.

The British had delivered Palestine, the Jews delivered Wilson, delivered White America on the altar of their blood.

In the 1920s the Democrat party had three constituencies: northern Catholic ethnics, Southern Protestants, and Jews. When they all hit the jackpot in 1933, the first two came looking for normal patronage; the latter took an inordinate interest the new administration’s foreign policy.

They soon were in control of it.

The dividends came soon; hard on the heels of a Ukrainian genocide, Franklin Delano Roosevelt officially recognized Russia. At the same time the blackening of the name of the new German chancellor began forthwith; soon there were slanders; soon there were boycotts; the Roosevelt administration and the American Jewish media put a target on Hitler’s back, gave Russia a pass.

It was not a coincidence.

In 1937 the mood in America was isolationist, but out of the blue in Chicago FDR gave his famous quarantine speech; no country was named, but everyone knew he was speaking of Germany. There was no way he or his masters were ever going to let Germany have a country of their own.

Lindbergh tried America First; he was slandered too, and he failed; FDR got up to his machinations, his manipulations; soon it was war.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh confided in her diary that she thought her husband was right, but she wished he hadn’t said it. She wrote that “nothing would be worse” than an outbreak of “anti-Semitism,” even war was better than that, even millions dead. Better in fact to perish than to “hate.”

Pavlov was not prouder of his dinner bell than they are of their “anti-Semitism.” The first made dogs salivate, but the second makes men grovel, makes them cower, makes them no longer men.

When the war was winding down, Patton said he could take Berlin — but he never got a chance. By then the Jews were firmly in control and Berlin was taken by the Soviets. As for Patton, Berlin gave him the blues.

The propaganda ex post facto coming out the Second World War was that it was a crusade against “racism.” It was of course nothing of the sort, but the American people never learned the truth: It was a crusade for Jews, to make the world safe for them.

With the advent of the Cold War the ideology of America became ideology itself, rejecting the German model, then the Soviet one in turn, American propagandists said national identity is based neither on race nor on class, and the idea of “America as an idea” was born.

The postwar Nuremberg trials were meant to seal Jewish control, to put them in control of the master spirit of the age, its ideology. If one hadn’t known better one would have thought White America was on trial at Nuremberg and, really, it was. Much was made of the connections between the American so-called “scientific racists” of the 1920s and the 1930s and the German eugenicists. Much was made of Buck v. Bell, and “three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Much was made of segregation laws.

When Madison Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race was published in 1916 it was acclaimed, and influential among the American elite. In 1946 it had the great honor of being made exhibit 151 at Nuremberg.

A people were in the dock at Nuremberg: White people.

And the holocaust was almost complete.

When he learned that the American government was planning on putting on trial those they defeated, George Patton was appalled. He considered the very idea of a Nuremberg a farce, a travesty. He said that it was unbecoming for a great Anglo-Saxon nation to try a fallen people. He said it offended his Saxon sense of fair play. It was meant to.

The continued and inextricable linking of National Socialism with White America was the next move on the Jewish agenda. They had their Adorno and their “authoritarian scale,” they had their Hofstadter and their “paranoid style.” White America was atavistic, unrecalcitrant, unredeemable, unreconstructed — were you to believe what Jews said, when ordinary White Americans fired up the barbeques on their suburban lawns, it was only a matter of time until they “fired up the ovens.”

Every effort was made to connect the National Socialists with White America. At one point America had a de-lousing station in Poland to de-louse prospective Jewish immigrants. The National Socialists later took it over.

Jews said, see?

This Jewish war on Whites is a campaign that has not ceased to this day.

The term “Judeo-Christian” was concocted out of whole cloth after the Second World War; it was said to be a truce between the major religions, but its purpose and function was to strip America of its traditional character and turn Jews from a racial group into a religious one.

What the Jews did to the Old America is very much akin to their “denazification” of Germany.

When it comes to the White man the Jews are always “de”-ing something.

In the 1920s, men who held roughly the same ideology as William Pierce when it comes to racial integrity were at the heart of America’s elite; they founded museums, they sat on boards, they wrote for newspapers, they wrote for magazines, they constituted high society, they addressed letters to FDR with the salutation “Dear Frank.” Thirty years later men with those same views quickly found that their name was mud.

American has been de-racialized.

In 1948 the entire American foreign policy establishment was opposed to the recognition of the new state of Israel. Truman did it anyway and to the end of his days he was inordinately proud that Jews considered him as a modern day Cyrus.

Because everyone wants to be king of the Jews.

When Truman recognized Israel he took the occasion to denounce “anti-Semitism” in American society and to denounce “prejudice against Jews” in all of its forms, in case anyone was not getting the message.

After the war Revilo P. Oliver said he fully expected the crimes of the Roosevelt administration, the crimes of the Jews, to be fully exposed; by 1953, with McCarthy in supposed disgrace, he had to give up that ghost.

Polling shows that “anti-Semitism” among Americans remained high during the Second World War and the percentage of those professing “anti-Semitism” remained level; then in 1947 those numbers began to decline drastically.

“Anti-Semitism” is the health of the state, and America was becoming unhealthy.

Gentleman’s Agreement is a 1947 American film. It concerns a journalist who poses as a Jew to research an exposé on the widespread distrust and dislike of Jews in New York City and the affluent communities of New Canaan, Connecticut and Darien, Connecticut. The movie was based on a novel by Laura Zametkin.

Laura Kean Zametkin was the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants.

Arthur Miller wrote a novel called Focus (1945) which was about a Gentile who begins wearing glasses and is taken for a Jew, and he suddenly begins to experience discrimination. The idea is he becomes finally able to “see” “anti-Semitism.”

Arthur Miller says that one of his relatives taught him to spit whenever he saw a cross.

Though he was notoriously not an an “anti-Semite,” when Joe McCarthy was on the loose American Jews knew if he went far enough he could expose their crimes, so Arthur Miller (a Jew from Poland) wrote his famed The Crucible, saying anti-Communism was just “mania,” that like the bad old Puritans, anti-Communists they were hunting witches, and witches aren’t real.

So they turned the tables, took down their accuser, the Old America, and the founding stock of New England, took them down all in one fell and evil swoop.

They squealed at McCarthy like stuck pigs because he cut too close to the bone. They put everything into smearing him; they made the last attempt at the Old America finding the truth and defending itself a byword for the ultimate in un-Americanism.

A neat trick, that one. Inversion is Jewish magic. To throw fairy dust in the eyes of the White man.

When they learned the truth of the First World War, Americans recoiled and the League of Nations was quashed. Americans never learned the truth of the second war. There was some protest against the New Colossus being formed, this new colossal super power; Taft and the rest were skeptical, but the opposition was faint. The Establishment had its marching orders, messianic utopianism was to become missionary zeal. We are always to be off to make the world safe for something. Off to make the world safe for Jews using the White man’s blood.

Arthur Vandenberg, too, put up some opposition, but on January 10, 1945, in the Senate chamber, he gave a famous speech — a speech said to be heard around the world — saying he was no longer an isolationist, but an internationalist.

Glory Be, he had seen the light.

Apparently, the Jews got to him.

In 1951, under the auspices of the United Nations, a Jew preposterously calling himself Ashley Montagu wrote an official statement declaring, against all evidence, that race was not a biological phenomenon, that all peoples are identical in their innate abilities and characteristics, and that miscegenation is not harmful.

The American ruling class now had its ruling ideology written by Jews.

This ideology is that there is no such thing as race. Later they would do the same thing to biological sex; they would make it disappear, just like that.

Jews are the most racially-conscious people on earth, and yet they are the most vociferous in their denials of the biological reality of race.

These two things are connected.

When Jews infiltrate a society that society becomes Jewish, becomes Jewish remarkably rapidly. Marx said that when Jews were invited into European society, European society became Jewish. It happens everywhere they go.

Leslie Fiedler wrote that by the early 1950s every Gentile intellectual who made his way to Manhattan with a dream of hitting it big immediately started acting like a Jew, taking on the accents and aspect of a Jew, dressing like a Jew, talking like a Jew, looking like a Jew, writing like a Jew, being a Jew.

The Jews’ cardinal advantage is not their animal cunning nor their eternal cohesion, it’s that they seem to be White, they can impersonate the White man, take the part of the White man, play the role of the White man, take on the aspect and accent of the White man, act like a White man, look like White man, dress like a White man, talk like a White man, call themselves White, seem to be a White man.

Had they been purple or green or blue they never would have got away with it. That’s what that star was for, to remind the less keen among us of the danger in our midst.

Mailer, Miller, Malamud, Heller, Salinger, Bellow, Shaw — it’s remarkable the extent that postwar American culture was Jewish culture, just under a different name.

By 1960 Jews had infiltrated academia. Every major humanities and social science department in America was infested by Jews, was run in a Jewish spirit, was “anti-racist,” integrationist, “humanistic,” ready to brainwash generations.

The 1944 GI Bill doubled the number of college students in America, a number which went far beyond the nation’s technical needs but suited its ideological needs very well. This meant more professors, more professors precisely when Jews who were, as was said, “freed from anti-Semitism which was discredited by the war” made their massive stampede into academia, ready to indoctrinate the generations.

Almost from the moment they hit these shores, Jews picked up the Black man like a weapon to beat White America. They finagled the bogus Brown case through the courts, they got “civil rights” passed, they got “affirmative action” going, they ran a new quasi country on the back of the 14th Amendment.

Jews got prayer out, pornography in, abortion on demand, divorce with no fault. If something traditional in America was being beaten you can be sure there was a Jew behind it.

And with immigration they opened up the spigot of the world and inundated America. America as a “shining city on a hill,” as a refuge for the world, a “melting pot,” a nation not of settlers but of immigrants.

Immigration as penance for Adolf Hitler.

Open borders, free trade, endless wars.

The Jewish neocons worked the other side of the road; they hijacked the Republican Party and used it as their chosen instrument in furtherance of their international criminal conspiracy. They turned the United States military into their chosen instrument to make the world safe for Israel.

Prior to 1980, America fought no wars in the Middle East; after 1980 all of America’s wars were in the Middle East — or were about the Middle East.

This was no coincidence.

Open borders, free trade, endless wars. Economic controls were loosened, social controls were loosened, together they formed a wedge to destroy a nation. The jobs went out, the wretched refuse came in, turned America from a people to a population, from a country to a legal entity, from a nation to an economic zone, from a homeland to a dumping ground for the world.

What resistance was there? There were the Southern agrarians, there was Coughlin, there was Bilbo, there was Thurmond, there was Wallace, later there was Duke, Buchanan, and Perot there for a while, but they all got shellacked, got their names made mud.

Jewish Charles Krauthammer said Pat Buchanan was a menace. And it’s true he was, to a Jew nothing is more menacing that someone who wants to place Washington, DC back under American control.

Then, for a quarter century after Buchanan there was nothing until, rather randomly, Donald Trump came along and chose to run on a suite of issues comprising a Sam Francis fever dream.

It was really rather remarkable, Trump’s advent. Jews were not happy. Whenever the White man gets riled up in his own defense Jews get nervous. Any indication that the White man wants to preserve his way of life and they don’t like it. If a White man runs the flag up a flagpole they’ll say soon he’ll be firing up the ovens.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman once saw her boyfriend put up an American flag and it made her uneasy, so she asked her sister, who is a rabbi, if that was normal, and the good rabbi said it was perfectly normal for a Jew to be disconcerted by non-Jew patriotism, because of Hitler, etc.

No American leader dares to put American interests first, no American politician dares to speak of White people; White people are a people in themselves but not yet for themselves; Whites are the people who dare not speak their name.

The citadel of Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac is still to be stormed.

As for our “leaders,” they make us pay their reparations, they build certain kinds of museums, they travel to Israel, they close their eyes and they kiss the wall, they ban speech, they outlaw protests, they make boycott illegal, they close down conferences, they bow down in every respect. “Leaders of the Western world” do little else than make the world safe for Jews.

And it turns out Donald Trump was just a businessman from Queens who hired illegal aliens, said wages were too high, and said he wanted the guys in the little hats watching his money like hawks.

He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, built no wall.

He wanted nothing more than to be king of the Jews.

The great White hope, such as it was, was dead.

Resistance, so far, has been futile.

And the holocaust is nearly complete.

Very nearly complete.

Wake up, White people.

* * *

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
4 May, 2020 5:56 am

The King of France wanted to keep the Normans out of Paris, so he offered them Normandy and they took it. But Normandy continued to speak French. The Normans then took England but England remained Anglo-Saxon. Then the Jews moved into England, a seemingly much more benign force than the Normans, no arrow in the king’s eye. And then the Anglo-Saxons didn’t fold so much as join in the invasion. It was a “Velvet Revolution.” The Normans, the fiercest of warriors, made no dent but the benign Jews, they transformed the place and now the fierce Norman warriors fight for them and the worst part, without knowing it. What lapse in the Normans and Anglo Saxons that they can’t see it? I suspect leadership is the vacancy. The Jews have… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
4 May, 2020 8:56 am

This article by Douglas Mercer is excellent, and I’d like to see more articles by him. I find his article somewhat reminiscent of Francis Parker Yockey’s essay “The Destiny of America” on account of its lucid analyses, its learned references, its terse, epigrammatic prose, and its clear recognition that, as Yockey remarked in 1955, “it is a stark and gruesome fact that America today is ruled by the Jew.”

Reply to  Anthony Collins
4 May, 2020 5:13 pm

Here’s his twitter feed:

4 May, 2020 9:59 am

Whether on the Left or on the Right — and in whatever nation happens to be hosting them — Jews will try to undermine the average non-Jewish person. History has demonstrated that fact over and over again. In the United States, the average non-Jewish person has been a white working-class or middle-class man or woman of Christian heritage. As the Jews gain power, the well-being of the average American (as described above) declines. So increasing Jewish influence on the Democrat Party has caused that party to stop defending its traditional white working class constituency. Instead, Democrat leaders viciously attack that constituency as undeserving trailer trash. They promote a policy of replacing white people with brown people from foreign countries — a policy of white genocide through: * Mass Third World… Read more »

Reply to  Karen
4 May, 2020 5:11 pm

Well said! When a conservative says that he wants “even more” Third World immigration, “but it has to be legal”, I say that they can do that with a stroke of a pen. Why would that make it any better? Think Reagan’s Amnesty.

As far as I know, there is no book written about the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act from a critical perspective. The Wikipedia entry on the act cites a book, “The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965: Legislating a New America”. Which indeed it did.

mr eye
mr eye
Reply to  Karen
4 May, 2020 7:03 pm

Karen, you absolutely get it. If only more White women got it we would be in a much better place.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
Reply to  Karen
9 September, 2020 6:42 pm

Nice job here.

4 May, 2020 4:24 pm

Thanks for this great summation of our horrible history of infestation. “A Nation of Immigrants” was copyrighted and first published by the Anti-Defamation League. I read recently how JFK came to agree to authoring the book but I can’t recall the story now. I don’t think he was enthusiastic. Linked to another, older article I read recently on this great site was “Onward, Christian Soldiers” by Donald Day. An easy read, it has many nuggets of valuable information, like how hard Eastern European Jews pressed to immigrate to the U.S. as well as how much control was exerted on journalists. Day was one of the few honest reporters on the European scene allowed to be published. A final note, Jews diligently schmoozed Christians in many “interfaith” occasions and in organizations… Read more »

4 May, 2020 6:25 pm

“I don’t see much future for the Americans…it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities…my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance…everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” – Adolf Hitler

j. eric smith
j. eric smith
Reply to  Christopher
5 May, 2020 5:23 pm


j. eric smith
j. eric smith
4 May, 2020 7:07 pm

This thing is just sounding like a broken record. It is so done for anyone that is of sound mind. Its over. These people must go. How it is done is of little consequence.
Its just time to move on.

Bob in DC
Bob in DC
4 May, 2020 7:28 pm

Disraeli, of all people, had warned the British that with Jews “all is race.”
This is the greatest lie of all !!
His Crime Syndicate Cult, persistent throughout history, manipulates Race and Nature for temporal gain. It hates both Race and Nature!

5 May, 2020 7:22 am

One example of the Holocaust is just about every music “artist” in the top 10/20 is a black rapper talking trash, driving a lambo and flaunting their money. Their music and “gangsta bitchin” has not even evolved since the 80s.
Everything suffers. I hope the Chinese have a falling out with the Jews, that would really throw a cat amongst the pigeons.

5 May, 2020 9:27 pm

An interesting aside, Daniel Day-Lewis is married to Arthur Miller’s daughter. His mother was Jewish.

Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson
9 May, 2020 2:59 pm

The most important event in history was Napoleon’s loosing the Jews back on mankind in 1807. The virus was now free to spread over the world, and has. Even Mao was surrounded by them. The result has been millions upon millions of dead and the retreat of mankind. And now we live in a civilization controlled by: Communism and Socialism are Jew ideologies (Marx), as is their fascist brother, Zionism (Hess & Herzl). Disguised Zionism, neo-conservatism (Kristol & Strauss), is also a Jew construct, as is the intellectual footing of political libertarianism (Rand). The supposed critics of liberalism is Jew founded as well (Mises and Rothbard). Ditto Critical Theory/”Political Correctness” (Lukács, Horkheimer, Marcuse), the blending of Communism with Zionism that enables the turning upside down of our societies for the… Read more »

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
11 May, 2020 5:28 pm

Kikes gotta kike.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
9 September, 2020 6:37 pm

Best essay on our deracinating subversion ive ever read…depressing.