With Media Almost Silent, Special Jewish Country Club Prison Releases All Inmates

THE FOR-JEWS-ONLY media site Yeshiva World — but almost no one else — covered the story yesterday of the sudden closure of the country-club-like Otisville federal prison camp (officially Otisville FCI, or Federal Correctional Institution) in New York state. All the inmates incarcerated there are, incredibly, simply being sent home. This includes Donald Trump’s own crooked Jewish lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The prisoners at Otisville consist almost entirely of Jews and a few specially-favored non-Jews (usually members of the managerial elite who serve the Jews who either slipped up and got caught engaging in corruption, or who were “fall guys” shielding the real criminals).

Yeshiva World reported:

The entire federal prison camp in Otisville N.Y. is being sent home due to an outbreak of COVID-19. There are around 100 Jewish prisons there.

Sources tell YWN that inmates have been sent home for for 30 days, after which their release will be reviewed. It is likely this will last at least 60 days.

Their furlough from prison will be used as time served.

Among those being released are Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and former NYS Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

At least 14 inmates and seven staff members at the complex have tested positive for the virus.

National Vanguard writer David Sims told us about the Otisville prison camp last year:

Did you know that when Jews are convicted of serious crimes, such as raping children, they often go to a special federal prison that is reserved almost exclusively for them? (Specially favored — that is, very rich or elite — non-Jews might occasionally be allowed to spend their sentences there also.) It isn’t the kind of place that the average person is locked up in. It isn’t the kind of place you or I would go, were we to commit the same crimes that the Jews commit. Oh no. It’s one of those country club prisons.

Instead of the madhouse created by scary Mestizo killers and gang leaders and dangerous Black prisoners, it’s calm and serene. It’s more like a summer camp for grown-ups. The cells are like college dorm rooms. They get catered to — the government even makes sure that all their food is kosher and of high quality.

The official explanation for the sudden release of these overwhelmingly Jewish criminals is COVID-19. Jews, of course, are well-known for exploiting any given situation to their own advantage. Despite part-Jew Attorney General Barr’s recent order to prioritize home confinement for “certain especially vulnerable inmates,” no other Federal Correctional Institution, to our knowledge, has acted in a similar facility-wide manner due to the virus outbreak.

Yeshiva World says of the big Jewish homecoming that, “It is likely this will last at least 60 days.”

“At least” — love that touch. I am sure that soon, the Jews’ Jewish attorneys will be arguing that the trauma of it all is punishment enough — and they should all be released forever.

Interestingly, Michael Cohen has been tweeting away on Twitter during his stay at Otisville (Internet access is forbidden to most Federal inmates), and his attorney states that he will not be out for a mere 60 days, but will spend the remainder of his sentence at home.

Michael Cohen

* * *

Source: Yeshiva World and National Vanguard correspondents

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James Clayton
James Clayton
18 April, 2020 1:39 pm

Now, let’s see: Cartoonish Jewish-lawyer, convicted of campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress. Now, credit for time served at home after court denied his original petition to serve his time at home. Epstein’s cell should be available.

How’s this for re-booting the hospitality industry because it worked in the Wild West: Empty death rows with lotteries for tickets to public hangings. Maybe call it the Day of the Rope. That and pay-per-view with proceeds applied to pre-pay principal on the Stimulus loans? That’s a twofer for (((them))) already due to both the usual usury and the inflation tax. The author of The Art of the Deal ought to be able to sell The America We Deserve with the help of his in-laws who’ve given him (((grandchildren))).

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
3 May, 2022 4:24 pm

It’s like the film BEN from the 70’s….

We are literally overrun and overwhelmed by these scurrying , vicious Rat-People!

How in the Hell did we let this happen ?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Nat Sosh
4 May, 2022 12:31 am

The “We” who do not have the moral courage to work together with our more forward thinking and organized White brothers and sisters allowed “this” to happen through their cowardice and refusal to listen to wiser heads. Being individualists mostly, many thought it wasn’t their problem or that they wouldn’t live long enough to see the ugly consequences affect them personally. That individualistic mindset is still around, though many are getting wise now. Millions may not be commenting on National Vanguard at the moment, but millions have been to this website and read it.