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Reliable Sources, According to Jewish Liars

Genetically half-Jewish — but listed as simply “Jewish” in many sources — Susan Wojcicki deems herself a gatekeeper for what is “truth” and what is not on YouTube, the video sharing near-monopoly she runs with a heavily-Jewish phalanx of censors, billionaire advertisers, and private-data-mining technicians. Here she is talking about medical issues with fellow (allegedly converted) Jew Brian Stelter of CNN, but it is racial awareness and consciousness of Jewish/elite power that her platform has been most aggressive in censoring.

by David Sims

HEH — the CNN banner says “reliable sources” as if they were qualified to judge such things. By what standard is Susan Wojcicki qualified to say when information is “problematic”? Is she a universal expert on everything? By what criteria is Susan Wojcicki authorized to say when something is “medically unsubstantiated”? Is she a medical doctor or a viral pathologist? No. No. And no. Wojcicki is merely someone with a leftist/Jewish political agenda and censorship power. She isn’t seeking truth; she’s abetting her side of a currently ongoing political war. Her pretenses at neutrality/objectivity are comical.

Notice her use of strawman arguments: “Take vitamin C, ah…” Getting adequate vitamins is necessary to keeping your immune system at top strength. Without it, you’re more susceptible to diseases. Of course, once you are infected, taking extra vitamins is unlikely to help you. But is anybody really saying much to the contrary?

“Take turmeric — like those will cure you,” she sneers. Wojcicki is mixed up. She’s spouting something she has heard before, but she is presenting it completely out of context. Eating turmeric has been suggested as a way to reduce the risk of complications of diabetes. It has never, so far as I know, been cited as a cure for COVID-19.

But Wojcicki’s biggest gaffe is this: “Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations….”

The WHO is currently a cat’s paw and mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party. It has proved itself to be unreliable as a source of information on the current pandemic. It relayed the CCP’s false assurances about no human-to-human transmission, when the medical establishment in China knew full well to the contrary. The WHO said that there was no reason not to travel, nor to avoid persons recently traveled from China, at the same time that China was locking down cities in Hubei, Zeijang, Henan, and Guangdong. The WHO, whose current director is a Black African Communist with ties to terrorist groups, has been spreading misinformation on China’s behalf. Nobody should listen to today’s WHO.

To honest people, reliability in the spread of information is measured by how often that information turns out to be true.

But the present-day political Left — arguably the most dishonest faction of humanity that has ever evolved — want us all to believe that the truth of information is measured by how reliable they say the source is.

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30 April, 2020 9:46 am

All sensible people, concerned about their health issues, are entitled to a second opinion. Ms. Wojcicki believes that this time honored procedure should be denied to those people who visit YouTube. And yet, if you search for “biscuit recipes” on YouTube dozens of recipes will appear in the search results. The woman is a gate keeper and she should be hung out to dry.

30 April, 2020 2:17 pm

The central problem is not the Jewish Wojcicki, she only does her job as a censor (she does it very well) as a collaborator of the ADL and the entire usurping establishment, she is the symptom but not the cause of the disease, looking underwater, the The problem is the corrupt Zionist monopoly plutocratic system, YouTube began as an independent initiative, until the dirty money of the parasite (Google and the bank) acquired it, and so it will happen with any platform that appears in the market, and if a new platform does not it is delivered to the Jewish capital they will try to de-platform. The Power of the parasite lies in its very high Ethno-Centrism, there is its beating heart, destroy or weaken its Ethno-Power and you can… Read more »

3 May, 2020 6:26 pm

Just like the “findings” of event 201 the Jewish oligarchs are more worried about “misinformation” than the virus itself(which is just a mild flu). Throughout history Jews have always been found at the top scheming and lying.
Soon paper books will become illegal because of “the virus”. People have to wake up soon.

8 July, 2020 9:49 pm

JouTube is still ok for watching kittens, puppies, maybe some home improvement or travel shows, but the edgy, independent content that got them where they are is mostly gone.
They now feel secure enough in their near monopoly to roll out all the censorship they had in mind from the start, or certainly since Joogle took over.
What’s disconcerting is that the comment section on Bitchute – the largest competitor and often hailed as a ‘free speech haven’ – is provided by Disqus, which is also Jewish-owned and censored even more rabidly than JouTube…..