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I Live Whiteness

…and it is my religion.

by H. Millard

MY RELIGIOUS views are so wrapped up in Whiteism and evolutionary truths and beliefs about evolution and the fact that Whites are a selected kind by the First Cause that I wonder if discrimination against me based on my deeply held religious beliefs would stand up in court. Of course they’d try to pull my beliefs apart and say that they are false and that I only claim them as religious in nature in an attempt to skirt charges of “racism” or something similar. They’d be wrong.

Apart from the revealed truths and Arman’s writings my faith is simple. I say God is real and is in the quantum level of existence. I say that He has selected Whites for a very special destiny and that this destiny requires that we become pure genetically and increase our numbers until the planet is full of our kind — and, just as Homo sapiens replaced earlier forms, we shall replace present-day humans. When we do, Whites will no longer be able to have children with non-Whites; our genes will have changed us so much that that will no longer be possible. At that point we will officially be a new species of human by any reasonable definition of species.

My faith is mostly about living right and being a good person while still doing the will of God — and remaining as separate from other peoples as I can, so that I can purify everything about us, including our environment, as much as practically possible. I am a realist and know that it is almost impossible in this day to live in a pure environment among my own kind exclusively, but that is the goal and the ideal. I silently and politely try to live that ideal.

The color White is more than a color when it is a skin color. There are links and potentialities inherent in the color. This is not so odd when you understand that skin color comes from the Great White Genome and is not some minor afterthought as we usually think of color, say as in a can of paint.

I believe God is in the subatomic level of existence. I believe he has no body. He is perhaps best described as a field or energy or even a fog-like cloud that is over everything and permeates everything. We believe that he is intelligence without the type of brain we see in animals and might be thought of as more like the way computers have brains. I believe that He is the source of life and that He sends out basic seeds of life everywhere in the universe to land where they may and to begin the process of converting so-called lifeless minerals into what we call living things. And these living things are programmed to expand their kind by making more like themselves and to try to fill all of existence with their kind. He also engineered many kinds of living things — including humans — to live off the energy of other living things that we must kill and eat. This creates a natural and a never-ending competition for some life form to be on top of the heap. And to get to the top of the heap life forms adapt and evolve and this is much about what my religion is about: the adaptation and evolution of Whites to be on top of the heap.

I believe that God selected the Great White Genome for special purposes and to replace Homo sapiens and that it must purify and perfect itself and struggle to become dominant, and it does this by the work of individuals who intentionally keep these beliefs in mind and then breed true and live righteous lives doing the will of God, for they are connected to the Great White Genome in ways that are real and unseen.

Maybe you also have a strong faith in Whiteness and in the only real God; who has made us White people and who has selected us. And, there are many different opinions about God and related matters among our kind because we are an intelligent people. We are inventors, engineers and explorers. We have open minds and we seek knowledge all the time. God doesn’t mind. He wants us to be us as we truly are — even if we question His existence.

Here are just a few different views of our kind about God and us.

Some believe that between 5,000 and 50,000 years ago, God essentially said “We shall intervene and speed up the evolution of humans.” And, He then influenced things so that White people came into existence as we evolved from darker peoples and in time replaced all non-Whites in Europe. Eyes got lighter. Skin got whiter. Bone structures shifted. Faces got longer. Lips got thinner. Hair got finer and lighter and what resulted was the common type of White person we see all around us today. But God doesn’t rest and he never stops tinkering with life and we are still evolving along a White trajectory so long as we breed only White.

Some also believe that in the 1930s God said: “We shall intervene again.” And, then a leader arose in Europe to do God’s will. Sadly, God’s will did not prevail then. But it will always be a struggle against non-existence and non-being so we have not given up and never will.

As touched upon above, it is said by some of our people that in the period of about 5,000 to 50,000 years ago, White people came into existence. And, from this statement we see a divergence of views among our people. Many say that this is a proven fact — that Whites did, in fact, evolve naturally and that this is the way God works. Some express it differently and say this is the way Nature works. Another group says God directly created Whites. But, does it matter right now? What matters is that we are here and we are continuing to evolve.

You may believe as I do, or you may believe in very different things, but if you are White and put Whiteness before all else and have some sort of spiritual feeling about it and if you try to avoid contact with non-Whites, and have indifference toward them and their problems, and if you seek to make many more Whites by having many White children, then you and I are one in this umbrella belief of Whiteness over all. And, we, you and I, ask of everything: Is this good for White people? And, if whatever it is that we are contemplating is good for White people, we do it; and if it is not good for White people, we do not do it.

The important thing in asking and answering that question is to know what is truly good or bad for White people, not only in the current moment but in the long run. This determines our ethics and morality. For example, it may seem to be good for Whites in the present to do a certain thing, but that thing might in the longer run be bad for us. In this case the long-run potential result must rule. And what does “good for Whites” really mean? It means those things that increase our numbers and our territory, and keep more of us alive and expanding over the long term are good — and those things that do the opposite are bad.

Some among us follow ancient Scandinavian or other European religious traditions and these are fine so long as they are exclusively White. Unfortunately, some who follow such traditions start accepting non-Whites as members of their groups and make a point of saying they are not “racist.” That is not good for Whites.

Stay White in all ways. It is your highest possible destiny. It is your evolutionary trajectory. Don’t let the White haters succeed in stopping your evolution.

©2022 H. Millard

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29 April, 2020 2:45 pm

The definition of Ethnocentrism as a superior life force of survival and I will add evolution, includes several factors or traits, whether phenotypic, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual (human), all important since they are related to each other, that is observed in any form of Biological life, now the Caucasian feature (wherever they are), is white skin since it is the most visible and identifiable, but the factors or features mentioned above are equally important, since they add up to a whole of the Euro-Aryan individual, and the The sum of all these factors creates Ethno-centrism, the parasite centuries ago cleverly understood this, and that is why it tries to weaken the ethnocentrism of which they will be or are their slaves.

29 April, 2020 2:52 pm

The word racism was created to stigmatize Ethno-centrism.