Complex Causes of Crime

The number of recorded knife crimes in England and Wales soared by 7 per cent to its highest ever level in 2019, with a third of all offences recorded in London.

ANARCHY in the United Kaliphate. We need common sense knife control laws. You can cut your steak with a spoon or something, that horrifying blade was designed to be used in war against massed infantry or fortifications. We’re also going to be taking a long hard look at your tool box and all the assault weapons lurking in there. Once all your rights are gone we should start seeing improvements in our rapidly dying nation of cowards and free-range victims.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics today show that police recorded 45,627 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument.

I wonder if any interesting trends would emerge if you compared the shocking rise of “sharp instrument” crime with the silent disaster of replacement immigration in Cuck Island.

This is an average rate of 125 knife crimes per day between last January and December — 49 per cent higher than when comparable recording began in 2011.

There will always be an England. Red dripping knife wounds, doomed Whites and the Jew. What does it mean to you? Maybe the merchant wasn’t entirely honest about the “economic necessity” of importing a foreign army of dark criminals and leeches.

But the true number of knife crimes in England and Wales is likely to be higher, as the figures do not include Greater Manchester Police.

Yeah. With a police force that routinely ignores decades of appalling brown invader sex crimes for fear of being called “racist” it’s probably a safe bet that other non-White malfunction is being buried.

Home Office figures for last year also show that only one in every 14 offences led to court proceedings — less than half the rate five years ago.

Apparently you get let off with a warning if you stab the indigenous population in most cases. “Right, don’t do it again, Moe.” Why am I not surprised? Does the average Airstrip One bar code have any survival instincts at all?

There were 660 recorded cases of rape and sexual assault involving a knife, and 242 cases of knife-related homicide last year, the figures show.

If you won’t fight you have no future. Other people’s children can’t cover your failures.

We saved the world from “Nazis”.

London is the knife capital of the UK, with 15,492 police-recorded knife offences — a rate of 174 per 100,000 of the population, up from 168.

Part of life in a big city, something you have to get used to, I invaded from a distant desert, etc.

The rising trend in knife crimes could be driven by an increase in robberies, the ONS suggested, after the number soared 12 per cent to 83,930. It could also be driven by drug gangs warring for control of the UK drugs markets.

Robberies gone wrong and the need to escape into a chemical fantasy land is the real culprit here, not the planned Jewish demolition of my ancient homeland.

Joe Traynor, from the ONS, said: ‘Knife or sharp instrument offences continue to be concentrated in metropolitan areas across England and Wales, with around a third (34 percent) of all offences recorded by the police in London.’

Areas with the fewest Whites are also the most dangerous. Really gets the old noggin joggin’.

Sadiq Khan pledged an additional £100million in this year’s budget, which includes £45.1million to the Met Police, and £55.5million on ‘addressing the complex causes of crime’ — which his office linked to ‘poverty and alienation’.

An African animal raped a woman because it was poor. All this arson is being caused by insufficient hand-outs. Dark outsiders don’t feel like they fit in, as they make zero effort to do so and prey on their delusional benefactions. Here’s nine figures of waste. Problem solved.

‘Every death from knife and violent crime is a terrible loss, leaving families and communities heartbroken,’ the Mayor of London added.

I’m all busted up over all the dead kuffirs.

The Government has pledged to increase the amount of funding available to the policing system for this year by over £1.1billion, totalling £15.2billion.

Wow, if pouring all those shekels extorted from tax-paying chumps down the enemygrant chasm somehow fails I’d be amazed. This is as good as fixed. The moon cultists are going to start acting like cut-rate humans, just you watch.

The Government said it will change the law so that police, councils, and health authorities are required to work together to prevent and tackle serious violence.

We’re really going to coordinate our “pretending it isn’t happening so we don’t get called names by the poisonous mushroom” response.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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17 July, 2020 2:42 pm

The victim here is a young South Asian, quite talented by today’s technocratic standards. What’s disturbing is that, like it or not, such people, their anti-white views non-withstanding, are providing a technology footbridge between the Old America and the future all-white homeland. Judging by the alleged perpetrator’s name, he is an African American. How many times have such beings been caught stealing, and when given a slap-on-the-wrist punishment (excluding law-enforcement), nevertheless turn on their benefactors? . Further details from an appropriately named site: . NEVER turn your back on black!

Reply to  Sethmoto101
18 July, 2020 7:47 am

Let me add that if the victim here had hired a White assistant instead of a negroid, it is far more likely he’d be alive, unhurt, and $100,000 richer: