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Those Wicked Soviets!

Loathsome anthropoid

by Revilo P. Oliver

NOT LONG ago, I noticed that the ham actor in the White House was trying to entertain his audience by reciting some moral indignation about the wicked Soviets. From time to time, one hears the same patter from dithering “Liberals” and high-pressure Jesus-hucksters, often with reference to the Gulag Archipelago or some more recent work by Solzhenitsyn. The boobs, of course, squeak a bit in horror at the wickedness of the Soviets, but they do not think, perhaps because they know they are not supposed to remember that it was they who created the present regime in Russia when they permitted that most loathsome of anthropoids known to history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to send crazed hordes of them into Europe to punish the Germans for not worshipping Yahweh’s Master Race and to save the Soviet barbarism from the only nation that was sufficiently civilized and alert to try to preserve Aryan civilization. Americans, and Americans only, must bear the full gravamen of guilt for the Suicide of the West, and they will be estopped from justly complaining when they experience all the admired qualities of undisguised Soviet rule in their own country. When I noticed a report of Reagan’s drivel in a newspaper, it occurred to me that readers of Liberty Bell might be interested in a passage from Gregory Klimov’s The Terror Machine, the Inside Story of the Soviet Administration in Germany (New York, Praeger, 1953). Klimov was, of course, an officer in the Russian army, and recounted only what he had himself observed.

Whenever Russian people hear mention of the words ‘lend-lease’ they think of cans piled up like mountains. These cans were to be found in the wildest and loneliest parts of the famous Bryansk forest, in the marshes of Leningrad, wherever the Soviet army passed. Russia is undoubtedly a very rich agricultural country, with inexhaustible natural resources. Yet from 1942 to 1945 that country lived and fought exclusively on American products. We officers were all convinced that we could have held out without American tanks and planes, but we could have died of starvation without the American food. Ninety percent of the meat, fats, and sugar consumed in the Soviet army was of American origin, and almost the same can be said of life in the rear. Even the beans and the white flour were American. The one article of Soviet origin was the black bread — apart, of course, from water…. After the war it was said that the Kremlin had provided itself with American foodstuffs for many five-year plans ahead.

For more details, see Klimov’s book. That passage will remind most readers of one aspect of the treason by which the American nitwits began industriously to dig their future graves. And it, like a thousand other facts, will illuminate the sickening hypocrisy of the homunculi who now bleat about the wickedness of the Soviets and never mention the responsibility for it that the Americans assumed when they obeyed their Jewish masters. The same hypocrisy appeared when it was thought expedient to distract the boobs’ attention by staging an invasion of the bump in the Caribbean called Grenada, and the old hoofer in the White House jabbered about saving the niggers in Grenada from the wicked Communists in Cuba, although most of my readers are old enough to remember that the Americans established a Jewish or half-Jewish thief and murderer named Castro in Cuba and feeble-minded intellectuals believed the leading jewspaper in New York when it asseverated that the filthy Communist was “the George Washington of Cuba.” Of course, as I have often remarked, well-trained intellectuals will believe anything, provided that it isn’t true, but even so, I think it odd that they can never remember what they believed a year or two ago. Roosevelt, who began the active, though prudently gradual, imposition of the Communist terror on the American boobs, is incidentally an interesting problem in characterization. The Jewish (Delano) part of him was, of course, loyal to its race, while the White part of him was the foulest traitor the world has ever known. So is it right to call the composite creature a traitor or was it merely a Jew varnished with some Aryan blood?

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, December 1984

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29 March, 2020 10:45 am

A brief eulogy of the AMerican people , who died by jew education. The jew mental disease has replaced common sense . The invaluable salubrious , spiritual qualities of life were traded for cheap , ostentatious novelties and its concomitant pathology has been superfluous in our self destruction. Dr. Oliver is passionate with his personal testimony of the great demagogues , that are still worshiped. His reiteration is appreciated when perceived or futilely spent as water rolling over flour. he struggles with the frustration of an unwelcome prophet the burden of justice . He knows words are not enough.

10 April, 2020 7:37 pm

White nationalists should know the complete Soviet story, when pressing the case that it was an organ of jewish power, as white men excelled there too as ruthless, committed, semi-autonomous leaders, some anti-Semitic. e.g :
Unlike white men of today, crossing them resulted in immediate exile at best, gunshot typical.

tony bonn
tony bonn
11 April, 2021 12:42 am

The Americans killed two races with one stone when they piled into the Jew taxi to save the Soviet Jewnion. They destroyed America by making it a jewish satrapy, and enabled Jewseph Stalin to continue his murder spree which would not end until 60 million Russians were dead. Russia does not equal USSR; the two terms are not interchangeable.

More importantly, Oliver confirms my beliefs that Joosevelt was a jew, taking on Aryan blood from time to time to make themselves chameleons in a once Aryan world.