Pervert Journalist Gushes: Tel Aviv Is the “Gayest City on Earth”

We don’t know what the Boston Globe’s “Christopher Muther”’s racial background is, but his falsetto paean to Jew invert “culture” is so disgusting — and this in a paper accessible to children — that we will only excerpt a few key paragraphs here, with a few corrective edits. This piece confirms the fact that Jews have a much higher rate of sexual perversion than Whites.

TEL Aviv is, for lack of a better description, super gay. It could even be characterized as post-gay. Most urban centers have a concentrated epicenter affectionately called a gayborhood or a gay ghetto. Tel Aviv doesn’t need to bother with such a dated concept.

“Everything in Tel Aviv is gay, inherently gay,” said Leon Avigad, who owns two “very chic” boutique hotels with his “partner” Nitzan Perry. “The people are creative, open-minded, liberal, accepting, and daring. Tel Aviv is very open to new forms of art, new musical styles, everything is very accepting.”

The long-standing rule of thumb is that 10 percent of the population is gay, give or take. The estimate by officials in Tel Aviv is 25 percent of its population is gay. I’m no Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, but according to my remedial math skills and the calculator on my iPhone, if the population of Tel Aviv is 420,000, that means 105,000 people in the city identify as LGBT. [If we further consider that children presumably aren’t included in that figure (though we’re talking about Jews here, so who knows?), then that means that closer to half are homosexuals.]

I walked for miles along the sunny beaches that circle the city and saw same-sex couples holding hands. I glanced across the street and there were two women pushing a smartly dressed tyke in a stroller. In the other direction a party boy had his face buried in his phone making plans for a night of hedonism.

I came elbow-to-elbow [obscene implication edited out here] with Tel Aviv’s carnality shortly after I arrived. It was an ordinary Wednesday night, yet the weekend had unofficially begun. At a gay dance party called Dreck, the crowd didn’t arrive until 1 a.m., and the evening wasn’t in full swing until about 2 a.m.

“It’s like this all the time,” Guy Leitersdorf, the developer of an app that tracks the club scene, told me matter of factly.

Leitersdorf laid out an itinerary for me, and between the jetlag and the late nights I was struggling to stay vertical by the end of the trip. I began to wonder if the mandatory Israeli military service included training for party endurance. There are a few gay specific clubs, but most of the scene involves attending a weekly gay dance party at an otherwise heterosexual club. Each night it’s a new party, a new theme, and a night that can go to 4 a.m. or later.

As the weekend approached, the parties truly blossomed. I was repeatedly told I needed to return during the massive June Pride celebration, which brings together an estimated 180,000 locals and tourists.

That’s almost half the city. I heard laments from the women I chatted up that it’s impossible to find a single, heterosexual male in Tel Aviv in June….

Tel Aviv is the most gay friendly city in the Middle East. It’s a welcoming destination for residents of less hospitable territories. The government funds the massive Pride celebration, along with the Tel Aviv Municipal LGBT Community Center. The center hosts a gay parents support group, a queer cinema workshop, painting lessons, a kindergarten, a medical clinic, performance space, and nearly any other service you can imagine.

The day I met with Avihu Mizan, the center’s cultural events coordinator, I tripped over children’s shoes that littered the halls as he apologized for the screaming horde of kids playing on the second floor. They were at the center for afterschool programs. Gay life in Tel Aviv isn’t all parties and skimpy bathing suits at Hilton Beach. There is a gayby boom happening here, and there are plenty in the LGBT community who have no interest in staying up until daylight.

[Promoting such deviance among Whites not only suppresses White birthrates, but makes the Jews’ apparently inborn and inveterate perversions stand out less — which helps them avoid the just punishment they deserve and would likely get in a healthy White society.]

* * *

Source: Boston Globe

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28 March, 2020 6:42 pm

Is it the biggest intelligence collection honeypot or a case of the poisoner poisoning itself or both?

29 March, 2020 2:27 am

I can tell you first hand Tel Aviv is one of the most disgusting cities on earth. It even competes with San Francisco. My experience in Israel was non-stop harassment from gay and bi-sexual Israelis hitting on me even when I said I was straight. They have no respect for anyone or anything they are scumbags. The problem with Hamas isn’t the rockets, it’s the targeting. There needs to be beacons set around Tel Aviv.

29 March, 2020 6:54 am

I believe the Corona virus could be a mutation directly caused by the billions they have poured into antivirals. They tried to make homosexuals’ analism safe. Well nature does not work that way. Viruses and bacteria are part of the cycle of life. By trying to kill viruses and make living in filth ok they may very well have created this.

Reply to  Wolf
29 March, 2020 11:13 pm

Have you ever seen those disgusting ads for safe analism pills in magazines like Rolling Stone? You maybe right. There is no cure for AIDS and never will be. I really wish a tactical nuke would hit Tel Aviv during a pride parade. Israeli homosexuals really demoralized me. The worst scumbags of all.

mr eye
mr eye
29 March, 2020 11:27 am

I have no doubt that jews are disproportionately gays. All part of the inbreeding and mental illness of their tribe, as is the case with the muslim world. On the plus side, with so many gay jews, and so many jewish men marrying white gentile women, eventually the jewish herd is going to be thinned out and diluted. Give it a few more generations. Unfortunately, too late for all of us presently alive.

29 March, 2020 12:16 pm

Sodom(Tel Aviv) and Gomorrah(Washington DC)

Reply to  Christopher
29 March, 2020 5:24 pm

Wow. You should copyright that.

Walter Green
Walter Green
8 April, 2020 10:02 pm

I thought the the Jewish homosexual propaganda was just for the gentiles
and they cursed the gentile gays behind their doors locked.

While promoting homosexuality among gentiles, teaching their children
to never go that way. Isn’t that their true agenda ?

This is very confusing.

Reply to  Walter Green
9 April, 2020 12:44 am

Let me explain the situation to you as a 100% straight semite who tried to move to Israel. In Israel the straight male who doesn’t support LGBTQ has 2 options and 2 options only. (actually, no options). 1. Dance around the Golden Calf. Be secular, endorse and promote homosexuality and maybe even try it to show that you are ok with it and aren’t a ‘hateful bigot’ (or find yourself without friends and business opportunities). Get an incurable STD. 2. Join the ultra religious, don a yarmulke and/or black attire and hide away in the settlements or a religious community were the women shave their heads and wear $2500 wigs as a sign of ‘modesty’. Have a horrible, unfulfilling sex life and probably end up paying child support after the… Read more »

Sgt Rock
Sgt Rock
Reply to  StraightSemite
9 April, 2020 2:57 pm

You are exceptional, SS. If we had millions more that thought like you (whether jew or gentile) the USA and Europe would be better places.

Reply to  Sgt Rock
11 April, 2020 8:25 pm

If I may be so bold I would suggest eliminating the term ‘gentile’ from your vocabulary and instead use more specific racial terms. The division of the world population into Jew/Gentile implies that there is a vast majority of global population which is somehow spiritually less capable and ‘gentle’ (though that may be some sort of linguistic coincidence). This seems to me not productive given the amount of destructive leftist-Marxist ideology jews have brought over time. And it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny in terms of measuring spiritual merits with the empirical proof being Tel Aviv culture itself and its supporters in power. In Israel there is no middle ground for the simple straight semite who can only understand the concepts of God, man and woman as the law and… Read more »