No, the Rothschilds and Jewish Bankers Did Not Finance Hitler

WE hear this one all the time; but how few of the people repeating this cooked-up, passed-down, 100-year-old lie realize that the first such smear of Hitler came from an openly pro-Marxist newspaper? It’s true. Co-founded in 1876 by German Communist Wilhelm Liebknecht — Vorwarts (Forward), in 1923 — in a clever effort to separate Hitler from his base, claimed that Henry Ford (who tried to expose the Jewish bankers) and American Jewish bankers were financing Hitler.

Hitler filed a libel lawsuit against Vorwarts over this absurd claim — and he won in court because Fake News Marxist Vorwarts was unable produce any evidence to support their manufactured lie. And neither can the Marxists nor the fake “right wing” anti-Hitler moles and dupes of today.

The early NSDAP may have collected a negligible amount of money from Jews who are notorious for “hedging their bets” — but the real money came from a few Russian émigrés who had escaped the Bolshevik Revolution, some business owners concerned about the very real threat of a Communist takeover in Germany — and huge numbers of small donors who believed in Hitler and his revolution.


Hitler Wins in Libel Suit
September 4th, 1923

Berlin Vorwaerts To Pay 6,000,000 Marks Damages For Saying Hitler Got “Jewish and Ford Money.”

Adolph Hitler, leader of the Bavarian Fascisti, was awarded yesterday 6,000,000 marks, damages in his libel suit against the editor of the Vorwaerts, the Socialist daily of Berlin.

The libel proceedings against the Socialist editor were instituted by the reactionary leader of Bavaria following the publication by the Vorwaerts of a report that the Hitler Organization was receiving financial aid from “American Jews and Henry Ford.”

* * *

Source: William Leone and Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Kenaz Othilla
Kenaz Othilla
15 March, 2020 2:29 pm

Good essay. I read other website news journals similar to the National Vanguard and I have learned similar information about how the Western jewish bankers/corporations “financing” the Third Reich is greatly exaggerated or blatantly falsified by either communists, anarchists, “anti-fascists”, or gatekeepers of various kinds, as well as dupes that I must be careful of not becoming. I recall learning that Ford, IBM, and a few other US companies sold goods and services to the Third Reich before the US entered the war. I also recall Hitler taking one of the Rosthchilds hostage (a legendary move that I respect) and removing the jewish bankers in Germany from power which lead to international jewry declaring war on Germany first, before Germany invaded anyone. Even if Hitler had received some financing from… Read more »

Jim Rizoli
Jim Rizoli
Reply to  Kenaz Othilla
4 April, 2020 1:04 am

Excellent reply thanks.
Jim Rizoli

David C
David C
19 March, 2020 1:15 pm

Berlin Vorwaerts To Pay 6,000,000 Marks Damages For Saying Hitler Got “Jewish and Ford Money.”

6 Million! In 1923 everyone with a brain was familiar with the strident jewish cries of that satanic number. How fitting that was the payment Hitler won from the children of the father of lies.

3 June, 2020 8:30 pm

Good article. Going to post it in research group.

4 June, 2020 6:54 pm

Thank you for your research work there as most people seem to need solid hardened facts for any change of opinion. In particular, one that which has been brainwashed into them via so many sources for so long. To me, it was simple to know it was a lie just by knowing how and why he changed the system there once the National Socialists took power. The two just will not stand side by side in any language, except that of the completely brain-washed of course. For those who did not know, Henry Ford was actually a great admirer of Hitler and also (I assume most already know this) a great condemner of the methods, practices and beliefs of the “International Jewry”.

Sein Kyle
Sein Kyle
7 May, 2021 5:31 pm

Someone needs to send this to Christopher Jon Bjerknes in response to his book “Adolf Hitler, Bolshevik and Zionist” in which he makes the accusation that Hitler was a secret controlled opposition agent working for the Zionists.