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A Strange Book

Richard Kelly Hoskins

by Revilo P. Oliver

WAR CYCLES – PEACE CYCLES (Lynchburg, Virginia, Virginia Publishing Co., 1985) is a paperback volume of 250 pages printed by photo-offset from a good computer’s print-out. Although the type is ordinary typewriter type with bold face produced by the usual overprinting, justified but without the ugly gaps between words that are so often found on such print-outs, the result is a readable text, almost as comfortable to one’s eyes as normal printing. I thought this worth mentioning because this is the first successful use of this technique that I have seen. It is certainly not to be preferred to orthodox printing, but it may be sufficiently more economical to justify its use for books that will have a very limited circulation. This is such a book.

It deals with a fundamental and crucial problem in political economy, and it furthermore offers an analysis of the present plight of the American people from which can be made a cogent extrapolation to forecast the immediate future of the nation and even probable trends in the stock and commodity markets, but it will have a very limited readership. I do not refer to the well-known fact that most Americans are determined to avoid the painful sensations in their cerebrum that would be caused by serious thought. I consider only the tiny minority that is not afraid of cerebration. Of that minority, approximately 0.2% will read beyond the first few pages or go far enough to find out what the book is really about. The author has seen to that. That is what makes the book so strange.

War Cycles-Peace Cycles is the work of Richard Kelly Hoskins, who will be remembered for Our Nordic Race, published in 1958. But he is a changed man. He tells us that at four o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday, the twenty-eight of April, 1965, he got Jesus. And Jesus, I am sorry to say, got him.

When the reader reaches p. 3 of this book, he faces a salvo of four quotations from Holy Writ, which prove that usury is wrong because the god who dictated the passages from Deuteronomy and inspired the others said it was “streng verboten” to charge interest on loans to one’s fellow tribesmen, although it was entirely proper to exact usury to exploit members of other races.(1) So at p.3 rational men, who are always confronted with many more books of possible interest than one human being could find time to read, exclaim “Jesus, a christ!” while Mr. Hoskin’s book is describing an arc into the waste basket. And they never find out what it is about.

Quotations from Scripture make Christians purr, of course, and they read on eagerly, but even they are a little worried by p. 3. Some of them believe that although their god helped his pet tribe of swindlers and killers prey on the rest of mankind in Old-Testament times, he became peeved when they crucified and temporarily killed a big piece of him, and seeing he had made a big mistake in ever trusting them, he wrote them off as a loss and decided to try “converted” Goyim for a while. So what he said in Deuteronomy et alibi is obsolete. Other Christians, however, wooed by Jerry Falwell and the other Jesus-jerks who perform on the Jews’ boob-tubes, believe their god still dearly loves his old pets and will slap down nations that wickedly imagine it isn’t a privilege to have their lowly blood sucked out by divinely ordained vampires. So they will wonder why Mr. Hoskins thinks it wrong for the Jews to use usury on us.

Christians read on in ever greater perplexity until they discover that their god’s pet freebooters were not Jews at all. They were the Israelites; they were, in fact, our Nordic ancestors. You see, the temperamental old god up in the clouds got into a huff one day and let Babylonians and Assyrians carry our ancestors into exile farther east. Thence, most of them headed for Northern Europe, including Scandinavia and the British Isles, and their descendants flourished there in ignorance of their exalted ancestry until it was revealed to them in 1822 by a certain Richard Brothers, who, by a genealogy I cannot trace, was God’s Nephew.(2)

Most Christians have never even heard of “British Israel” and “Identity,” but they have been well trained, and they sense that the idea smacks of “racism,” the kind of wickedness that pretends that Aryans are not a species of inferior beings created by Yahweh to serve not only Jews, but niggers and wogs and mongrels from Mexico and Indo-China. Most Christians who have heard of “British Israel” and “Identity” have been told by their dervishes that those are damnable heresies that seduce souls for Satan’s psychic barbecues, so they hastily put War Cycles-Peace Cycles in the garbage pail and hasten to cleanse their polluted hands with their favorite germicide.

The readership is now down to the faithful of the strange cults for which educated Aryans must feel a kind of compassionate sympathy, wishing their doctrines were not so historically preposterous. But even veteran devotees of the cults will read Mr. Hoskins with misgivings. He assures us that “everyone knows that the God of Israel is not ‘harsh,’ but gentle and long-suffering.” And he proves it by quoting from Numbers and Deuteronomy passages in which our god explicitly commands us to drive out, without hesitation or mercy, all the inhabitants of countries we take over for ourselves; not only must we drive out every last one of the natives, but we are explicitly ordered that in the lands we occupy, “thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth: but shall utterly destroy them,” as, indeed, we did when we occupied Canaan and slew not only all human beings but also the cattle and the dogs and everything that lived and moved. Now that divine commandment makes Aryans uneasy. Granting that we sinned grievously in God’s sight when we occupied North America and did not simply exterminate all the aborigines, and granting that we have been chastised for that sin, for the Indians that we so sinfully spared have been a perpetual nuisance, as God warned us they would be, still we cannot quite bring ourselves to believe that it was also our duty to exterminate all the deer and the buffalo and the wolves (animals especially dear to our race) (3) and the pigeons and the song birds and just everything else that was alive and breathed. I am sorry. It may be just proof that we are a weak people who find it hard to keep God’s Commandments and deserve his favor, but while we may see the wisdom of obeying him and exterminating other races, who are necessarily our enemies and should not be tolerated in lands that we have taken for our own, and while we may furthermore have no reluctance about exterminating animals that are useful to us or that we instinctively like. So even “British Israelites” who persevere and read Mr. Hoskins’ book, will do so uneasily, wishing they had not been reminded of religious duties they would prefer to forget.

All this is a great pity, because the barrage laid down by Jesus-Yahweh’s howitzers will exclude from the book’s pages almost all of the persons (including a few Christians) who could understand Mr. Hoskins’ real subject and appreciate the learning and prudential judgement he brings to it.

We must charitably disregard Mr. Hoskins’ strange notions that the Jews are the descendants of the Samaritans (!) and of the various other peoples who occupied the land left vacant by the deportation of the Nordic Israelites, and the Jews were later augmented by the too famous Khazars, and we must ignore the even stranger modification of this revelation by the claim that while most of the Nordics transported themselves in some way to the Northland,(4) a passel of them remained in Babylon and later (after they had betrayed that city and empire to Cyrus the Great) returned to Jerusalem, where, alas! they were called Jews because they lived in Judaea and were confused with the real Jews. (This makes it possible to make Jesus-God our Nordic relative, but it reminds one of some of the most disgusting canards that have been excited by a yen to make that transformation.(5)) But when we have shoveled away the last layer of Jesus-jargon, we find that Mr. Hoskins gives a succinct account of the ways in which the Jews preyed upon our race in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire – an account that is historically accurate, except for a few slight slips and oversights.(6)

The Jews did not invent usury, but that has always been their principal means of predation. So long as Europe was Christian and usury was forbidden to Christians by the Church, the Jews had a monopoly of banking, except insofar as some Christians may have been willing to realize profits at the cost of being damned forever.

This takes the author to a consideration of the disastrous effects of usury on an organized society and of the sheer fatuity of an economic system based on debt. It has now reached sheer lunacy, since everyone knows the aggregate indebtedness, public and private, in the United States will never be paid – never could be paid, since it not only exceeds by many thousandfold the amount of available currency, but greatly exceeds the total value of all property, public and private.

A people that tolerates usury is automatically reduced to serfdom, since “the borrower is the servant of the lender,” and the great international bankers, the Jews and the unscrupulous Aryans whom they find expedient to take as confederates for protective covering, now have all Americans by the neck and can do whatever they wish with the tax-paying animals. They compel all corporations and businesses to pay them usurious tribute,(7) and at times they encourage the multiplication of small independent banks for the express purpose of later, by financial manipulations, gobbling them up at the expense of the unfortunate depositors or the stupid taxpayers.

This crazy system can be maintained only by periodically producing world wars to increase the supply of currency by ruthlessly plundering the befuddled belligerents and squandering the accumulated surplus of foods and manufactured goods. The author, by a detailed examination of events from 1763 to the present with a projection to c. 1988-1992, identifies the regular succession of war cycles, marked by a large-scale war between major military powers, and peace cycles, which are the intervals between major wars, with only a continual succession of local wars. In the planned “peace cycles” the economy, crushed by accumulated usury, climaxes in a period of ruin and destitution, which is then relieved by the war cycle, when an enormous squandering of resources and enormous borrowing to create a fresh supply of fake currency, produces a boom.

In his projection of the immediate future, Mr. Hoskins differs from most Americans, who assume that the big counterfeiting ring will just go on printing paper currency until the stuff becomes worthless and, as happened in Germany and Hungary under Jewish ownership, we will reach a time when a few billion dollars will suffice to buy a palatable meal. Mr. Hoskins believes that the plan is to produce a return to 1933.(8) This will permit the total ruin of American farmers and the transfer of the land they now precariously hold to large corporations, mostly foreign; this will in turn permit the equivalent of the Jewish capture of Russia in 1917, by which a country that exported a large agricultural surplus was transformed into one that could not provide sufficient food for its own population. Thus the American imbeciles can be starved delightfully, increasing, if possible, their abject submission to their masters. Furthermore, the Jews are determined to annihilate the Semites of Asia Minor, especially the Arabs in the oil-producing countries, whom the Jewish governments in Washington and London incited years ago to take over the oil fields that Aryans had opened in those countries. This may be done by driving herds of American cattle, pepped up, as usual, with righteousness and blood-lust, into the Near East to destroy the oil fields, thus putting on the boobs the squeeze for which all preparations have been made by making virtually the whole of the American economy depend in one way or another on imported oil. The miserable nitwits will find their automobiles and buses useless, and will have to learn to walk again, and, of course, most farms will become inoperable, thus helping consume the present surplus of largely devitalized food and hasten starvation.

As for the next war, Mr. Hoskins believes that it is unlikely to be one arranged with the Soviet Union. The encirclement of the United States by the alien government in Washington, began by establishing a huge Soviet military base in Cuba, carried on by stripping the mindless wights of their Panama Canal, and to be completed by “fighting Communism” in Central America with the result, as in Vietnam, of turning the whole area over to Soviet dominion – this encirclement, he evidently believes, is merely a precaution to make sure that the dumb brutes do not get out of control. An armed invasion of the United States could be mounted promptly, if perchance that should be necessary. It is more probable that the next war will be the civil one for which Washington is preparing so assiduously by importing hordes of our enemies from Mexico, Indo-China, and elsewhere to supplement the vast number of niggers and Jews already here. Our domestic enemies, Mr. Hoskins estimates, now number almost half of the total population and soon will number two-thirds. They can start the joyous work of putting the White nincompoops in their place, doubtless using a large proportion of them as fertilizer on the land, and running the rest into pens in which they will work for their masters and perhaps remember the tales told by their fathers about a time when White men had such fabulous food as porterhouse steaks and apple pies.

Mr. Hoskins’ extrapolations, which I do not have time to criticize in detail, are certainly plausible and persuasive. If one accepts them, the future is indeed utterly hopeless and one can only conclude that the dim-witted Aryans are no longer a viable form of mammalian life. But at the end, good old Jesus pops up again. Mr. Hoskins bids us be of good cheer. Two-thirds of us will perish, of course, but Yahweh has promised that he will preserve one-third of us nice Israelites. See Zechariah, 13.8.

So we end where we started. I went through this book for your sake, dear reader, but don’t ask me to do it again.


(1) Mr. Hoskins properly restores the antithesis that is obscured in English Bibles by translating as ‘brothers’ words that mean ‘kinsmen,’ and translating as ‘strangers’ two entirely different sets of words, viz. (1) “GR” and “TWSB,” which designate racial kinsmen who reside in foreign lands, and (2) ZWR, NKR, and NKRY, which refer to members of alien and therefore enemy races. A quick check in a good lexicon, with reference to passages cited, will show that Mr. Hoskins is right, although there are some occurrences of “GR” and perhaps other words in contexts in which they, especially when applied to things, seem to mean only ‘unfamiliar.’ I should perhaps remark that I simply transliterate Hebrew words, whereas Mr. Hoskins uses the vowels that were consistently supplied in Biblical texts by the Jewish Massoretes in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. Vowels were earlier indicated in a few proper names to make them misleading, e.g., ‘Jesus’ was converted into ‘Joshua’ when the failure of the christs bearing that extremely common name made it unpopular in Jewry, and YHWH, which we know to have been pronounced YAHWEH at one time, was changed to YEHOVAH, whence the ‘Jehovah’ found in English Bibles. The origin of YHWH is obscure; it may have been devised by the Jews when they decided to become henotheists and venerate only one tribal god, to modify the name of their chief male god, whom they had called Y’, a word which, as we know from transliterations into languages that wrote vowels, was pronounced “Yah’o.” Henotheism seems to have spread among the Jews in the fifth century B.C., although it was doubtless advocated by some ‘prophets’ earlier. It made possible the later audacious change from henotheism to monotheism when it became advantageous to emulate Graeco-Roman Stoicism.

(2) I commented briefly on “British Israel” in Populism and Elitism, pp.65.f.

(3) Many of us bear such personal names as Ralph, Randolph, Adolph, Bartolph, Wolfgang, Wolfram, etc., and occasionally obsolete names, such as Beowulf and Cynewulf, are given to children today.

(4) The “British Israelites,” if I am not mistaken, offer no explanation of the great mass-migration of our ancestors. Since the Orient Express was not running in those days, the homing Nordics’ trek overland must have been a memorable event, with old Yahweh perhaps leading His People in person, disguised as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Some Israelites might have taken passage on the first ship sailing to London or Bremen or Oslo, but the majority must have had to march overland. It is a pity that no early “British Israelite” had the happy idea of composing a gospel, an Ephodus, that could have begun with a stirring account of how our valiant ancestors escaped from the Assyrians who had taken them captive. Some good gospels were composed in the Nineteenth Century; I mentioned a few in Liberty Bell, February 1984, p. 2.

(5) I cannot begin to say how weary I am of the old chestnut, which I recently saw hauled out again in an item in a periodical I respect, that there is no mention of ‘Jews’ in the original texts of the Bible; that is, of course, perfectly correct, and it is also true that there is no mention of God or sin or righteousness or even a person named ‘Jesus’ (pronounced ‘Gee-sus’). That, of course, is obvious, since the texts were written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and nothing could have been written in modern English until after the time of Chaucer, at the very earliest. ‘Jew’ is simply the modern derivative of Iudaeus, the Latin form of the Greek word for that strange people. I am also heartily sick of the snide evasion that Iudaeus meant a ‘Judaean,’ not a ‘Jew.’ The noun Iudaea simply means ‘land of the Iudaeis,’ and those people were so called because they gave themselves that name, the Greek being derived from Hebrew YHWDH, which seems to have been pronounced something like YEHUDAH, and was contracted to YDH, YUDAH, applied to the descendants of the famous Jacob, who swindled his brother Esau by the well-known trick by which he cheated his blind father. ‘Judah’, as a personal name, becomes ‘Judas’ in English. I know that it is absurd to expect simple honesty of holy men, but I do wish they would make their impostures on the ignorance of their congregations less crude.

(6) E.g., although he is well aware of Marranos in Spain and elsewhere, he tells us that when 16,000 of the pests were run out of England in 1290, “this handful was all there were,” and he does not see that many Jews must have had themselves sloshed with holy water and remained in England to prey on the natives and genetically pollute their race.

(7) Years ago, a friend of mine, conversing with one of the proprietors of what may be the largest privately held corporation left in this country, was told that the proprietors had to exercise extreme care to avoid offending the Jews, because if they incurred Jewish displeasure, all their bank loans would be immediately called and they would become insolvent. My friend, knowing that the proprietors were all wealthy men and women, probably with good incomes from other investments, asked why they did not forego part of their dividends each year until they were able to operate without paying high interest on loans from the banks. The man replied that they could easily become thus independent of the banks, but that as soon as they tried to do so, their prosperous business would be totally ruined in one way or another. I seem to remember that one of the ways in which the business would be destroyed would be by use of governmental agencies and the press to assure the public that the corporation’s products were noxious and unsafe. If my friend reported the conversation correctly, this is a neat example of the financial lords’ exaction of tribute from every business, large and small. One hears vague and unverifiable rumors that pressure from the banks forces some corporations to show greater favor to homosexuals, “minorities,” and the like, and to advertise their degradation, as they go even beyond what they are required to do by the alien and effectively tyrannical government in Washington.

(8) Mr. Hoskins specifically foresees default by municipalities on their bonded indebtedness, thus making worthless the tax-free bonds in which prosperous individuals invest to reduce the exactions of Infernal Revenue, and he advises such investors to dispose of their tax-free holdings at the next and perhaps last opportunity to do so, a rally in the market for such bonds in the immediate future. Mr. Hoskins, it should be noted, is a veteran of the brokerage business, now manages portfolios for investors, and publishes Portfolios Investment Advisory, P.O. Box 997, Lynchburg, Virginia, of which he offers a specimen copy to readers of his book. His analyses of the market, one may be sure, do not incorporate advice from Jesus. I disclaim competence in financial matters, and on that understanding I will remark that the only flaw I can see in Mr. Hoskins’ extrapolations is that they assume a continuation of the cycles he identifies, and that depends on what the Jews will decide to do to inflict maximum suffering on the Americans who so stupidly let them occupy the United States. Mr. Hoskins, for example, foresees the reenactment of 1933 in 1988 or soon thereafter, i.e., the bottom of the “economic depression” engineered by the Federal Reserve and its accomplices. But 1933 was a major step in the Jews’ capture of the United States, and now their ownership of the country is virtually complete and they may think it time for a new tactic, perhaps the race war that Mr. Hoskins also foresees, which would cancel all calculations based on a continuation of the cycle.)

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, October 1985

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5 March, 2020 1:39 am

Re: “I do not refer to the well-known fact that most Americans are determined to avoid the painful sensations in their cerebrum that would be caused by serious thought.” Epistemophobia, the fear of knowledge – It’s a thing.

5 March, 2020 7:11 pm

This was written by Revilo P. Oliver right?

Bradford Hanson
Bradford Hanson
Reply to  Titus
6 March, 2020 10:52 am

Yes it was — byline added. Thanks!

17 April, 2022 8:57 pm

not a good review. disrespectful language, wordy, too many irrelevant opinions & – most seriously – a failure to appreciate Hoskins peerless economic analysis. yes Hoskins includes bible quotes as assertions & doesn’t back them up with reason or evidence, & the bible is of questionable nature anyway (at least insomuch as it seems to me). but this book is about economics & in this Hoskins stands head & shoulders above anyone else i’ve come across. no-one else shows the part played by usury in the rise & fall of civilizations like he does. this is an incredible book