The Tree and the Vine

A lesson from Nature


NATURE teaches you everything you need to know about the reality of life. There are only so many modes for living beings, and so those modes can be seen repeating themselves throughout the natural world. This is how conscious beings like us are taught by Nature: we observe these repeating patterns and we act accordingly.

Here I will illustrate how, through something as simple as a tree and a vine, Nature teaches us some of the most important wisdom in which we, as conscious human beings, need to be aware of in order to survive on this planet.


The tree is a singular sovereign entity. It is comprised of many different parts, but are all of the same tree none the less. The leaves are as much the tree as the roots. They are different parts, but they are of the same living entity.

The tree has many different branches, from which grow many leaves. Though the leaves may grow from different branches, they are all leaves of the same tree. Here is where Nature teaches us about the nature of race and cultures: Whites…Aryans…may be of many different tribes, nations, cultures, etc. — of different branches — but we are all of the same race. We are merely the individual leaves which have grown from the myriad of branches which are all of the same tree: our racial-Ancestral tree. We are the product of the roots, the trunk, and the branches.


Through the vine Nature continues to teach us about the nature of life.

The vine attaches itself to the tree so that it might grow tall and lofty at its expense. The vine cannot grow into the heights on its own. Without the tree, the vine would be destined only to die in the shadows of the canopy…wasting away as it crawled about on the earthy floor of the forest.

The vine has a body of sorts, but nothing like the trunk or branches of the tree. The vine also produces leaves… The vine clings close to the tree’s body, pressing so tightly that it eventually becomes indistinguishable from it. This is the nature of the vine: it deceives so that it might steal the sunlight from those it pretends to be.

The vine slinks its way into the heights of the tree to sprout its leaves amongst the leaves of the tree’s canopy. The vine moves slowly and patiently, calculating its every advance: too slowly and it will not survive…too quickly and it might destroy the host before the host can take it into the heights. Slowly and patiently the vine makes its way into the treetop to push its leaves in amongst the native leaves of the tree.

The leaves of the vine pretend to be the leaves of the tree, and they do it so well that the leaves cannot tell the difference. Even when they suspect something is odd or off about the leaves of the vine, the vine’s leaves say “We are the same, I assure you. We are merely of a different branch.” And by the time the leaves of the vine have pressed deep into the leaves of the canopy, the tree has grown too tall for the leaves to see the ground: The leaves of the tree cannot see that the leaves of the vine stem from foreign roots…


Nature shows us this. Through even just this one example, Nature teaches us about the relationship of living beings.

Our tree, the White-Aryan race, produces many branches — many tribes, nations, cultures — which produce their own leaves, but they are all leaves of the same tree none the less…all individuals of the same race.

The vine pretends to be of our tree, of our race, so that it might rise at the expense of our efforts, steal the sunlight of our heights, to drain us of our ability to live a sovereign existence. Nature reveals these truths to us so that we might learn from them, so that we might be aware of possible dangers or threats, and so that we might be aware of the methods those threats use to operate.

The White-Aryan race is being consumed by a toxic and deadly vine. This vine pretends to be White-Aryan like us. Our tree has grown so large and so high that it is virtually impossible for our leaves to see the ground below. Most of our people cannot see that this vine is not of our roots…that this vine is not one of us…that this vine is the most vile and malicious sort of invasive creatures.

This vine that has thoroughly infiltrated our tree of White-Aryan race is that of our most ancient and primeval enemy: The vine is the eternal Jew.


Nature gives us these examples so that we might become conscious of the natural order. There can be no lasting civilization that is built on anything other than a foundation of Nature-consciousness. Nature is the foundation and fabric of all existence. In her countless examples throughout the natural world she shows us how to go about life in this existence. It is our duty to observe Nature’s reality and to act accordingly.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race

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17 February, 2020 4:31 am

If we don’t expel the Jews, the Jews are going to expel us from this world. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are in end-game right now, and we, White people collectively, are barely fighting. On a fighting note: I like to go on the Tinder dating app, locate sexually degenerate profiles that also list their workplaces, and then send screenshots (images of person and their words), along with some polite commentary, to dozens of the company email addresses. I ask if the employee’s photos and remarks represent the type of image that the company is wanting to convey to the community, its employees, their families, etc. No matter what happens to the degenerate employee — let’s hope it’s termination — my report is bound to get the attention… Read more »

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
Reply to  Finlander
18 February, 2020 4:54 pm

How about turning it up a notch and supporting/joining the National Alliance. Help our organization build a New White World. Lets do some activism to help our people wake up and fight.