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The Special Office Brief

Kenneth de Courcy

by Revilo P. Oliver

MY OLDER READERS will remember the very valuable Intelligence Digest that was published by Kenneth de Courcy until he gravely offended the rulers of the world and was hustled off to prison for having believed what he was told about Kenya by the government that was then in power in Britain. The successor to that publication is the Special Office Brief, now published in Ireland, evidently for security from harassment by the present government of Britain, by Kilbrittain Newspapers, 52 Merton Square, Dublin. You may subscribe to the fortnightly journal for $500 per annum, or, if you also want the special reports issued twice a week, you may have both at the bargain rate of $3,000 a year.

I am afraid I cannot promise you your money’s worth. I have looked over some of the fortnightly issues. So far as I can determine from the issues I have seen, the Special Office Brief does not have the sources that made the Intelligence Digest so valuable, confidential reports from former British intelligence officers who, as civilians, were stationed throughout the world as representatives of British businesses. It may be that the British government’s planned destruction of British industry has already gone so far that few such experienced observers are left, or it may be that the new publication does not command the patriotic confidence of the old.

The new publication, oddly enough, continues and even augments what was the principal weakness of Kenneth de Courcy as editor, a tendency to talk about the “Risen Christ” and the “Almighty Creator,” and what he (or they) are going to do to the wicked infidels when he (or they) get around to it. The issue for 12 May assures us that “it is not possible to challenge the predetermined design of History” because “He [presumably Jesus’s almighty dad] does not allow fundamental and ultimate insolence to prevail,” and the editor implies that the “Creator of the Universe” stealthily tampered with the structure of the Russian nuclear power plant at Chernobyl to teach Gorbachev a lesson with a big and resounding bang. If we don’t want the aforesaid Creator to raise Hell with us some dark night, we’ve just got “firmly to stick to the old rugged cross where amazing grace abounds.”

Now although the Scientific American for July 1986 reports (pp. 67 f.) opinions of technicians who believe that the power plant at Chernobyl was as well-built and safe as any in the United States (and I needn’t tell you what that means), what worries me most now is what the old rugged cross may do to a man’s understanding of history and his perception of present reality.

So, if you have already made out your cheque for $3,000, I suggest that you get a good night’s sleep before you mail it.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, October 1986

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