The Great Darkening

Hypatia of Alexandria

CATHERINE Nixey takes us back to the destruction of the premier artworks of antiquity by Christians in her book titled The Darkening Age.

Using the intentional mutilation of faces, arms, and genitals on the Parthenon’s beautiful sculptures and reliefs as one of her many, thunderingly memorable case studies, Nixey makes the fundamental point that while some lionize Christian culture for “preserving works of learning,” sponsoring exquisite art, and adhering to an ethos of “love thy neighbor,” the early church was in fact a force of crazed anti-intellectualism, iconoclasm, murder, and destruction. This is a searingly passionate book. Nixey is transparent about the particularity of her motivation. The daughter of an ex-nun and an ex-monk, she spent her childhood filled with respect for the wonders of post-pagan Christian culture. But as a student of the classics she found the scales falling from her eyes. She wears her righteous fury on her sleeve.

Christian monks in silent orders summoned up pagan texts from library stores with a gagging hand gesture. The destruction of the extraordinary, frankincense-heavy temple of Serapis in Alexandria is described with empathetic detail; thousands of books from its library vanished, and the temple’s gargantuan wooden statue of the god was dismembered before being burned. One pagan eyewitness, Eunapius, remarked flintily that the only ancient treasure left unlooted from the temple was its floor.

Christians became known as those “who move that which should not be moved.” Their appeal to have-nots meant that bishops had a citizen-army of pumped-up, undereducated young men ready to rid the world of “sin.” Enter the parabalini, sometime stretcher-bearers, sometime assassins, who viciously flayed alive the brilliant Alexandrian mathematician and pagan philosopher Hypatia. Or the circumcellions (feared even by other Christians), who invented a chemical weapon using caustic lime soda and vinegar so they could carry out acid attacks on priests and others who didn’t share their precise beliefs.

Books were systematically burned. In A.D. 386 a law was passed declaring that those “who contend about religion… shall pay with their lives and blood.” This was a dying civilization killing itself, destroying its own great works — the death spiral of the end of the Classical civilization of European man.

Paganism and the high Classical philosophies that had evolved from it were considered a psychological and a physical miasma by the adherents of the new Hebrew-derived cult. To Christians, the food that pagans produced, even the water they touched, was “unclean” — such was the insane fanaticism that their very breath was thought to be “infected by demons.” Surely, then, believers in the new cult thought, meting out death to “unbelievers,” something the Classical religion had never done, was surely “pleasing to the Lord.”

And while 90 per cent. of all ancient literature had been burned by Christians, the European religions and the philosophies they inspired still lived tenuously on, fated to re-energize European civilization a thousand years later when rediscovered in the Renaissance.

Sixteen centuries ago Christians took iron bars to the awe-inspiring statue of Athena in the sanctuary of Palmyra. Intellectuals in Antioch were tortured. The greatest thinkers, the best men and women of that time, were beheaded — as were the astoundingly beautiful statues their artists had created. The contemporary parallels glare.

* * *

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Source: based on an article by Patrick Dollard

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
1 March, 2020 1:00 pm

I did some research on this book, and one fellow on Amazon said that to balance this anti-Christian book, one should read, “Dominion” by Tom Holland, so I did some research on THAT book. A review in the Guardian (I know, a liberal rag, but they actually read the books they review) said: “(Trump and Putin) are nationalist bigots, which suggests another sense in which Christianity can be subversive. Holland remarks that the early Christians’ refusal to identify themselves with a homeland was a cause of scandal. They were branded as rootless vagrants who delighted in being alien, and thus made a boast out of what should have been a source of shame. . . What held it together was faith, not territory. One was no longer to grovel before… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
1 March, 2020 5:15 pm

Obviously Paul of Tarsus and his fellow jew supremacists were trying to destroy Western Civilization when they pathologized it with “Christianity”

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
Reply to  pj dooner
1 March, 2020 7:23 pm

I have a different take on that. I read Bart Ehrman’s “Jesus—Apocalyptic Messiah of the New Age” and it made a good case that Jesus expected himself, or “the Son of Man, ” to usher in the New Age in which Israel would be restored as a kingdom, and the Romans thrust out. All this in a few short years. Then, the brutal end came. But Jews had nothing against people being caught up into heaven, people such as Enoch and Elijah. Jesus, it was said, was killed by the Romans, and ascended unto heaven, just like Enoch and Elijah. I always wondered why Jews would object to this. They did not, at first, but they did later, because of some added-on interpretations, mainly due to Paul’s influence. The next… Read more »

2 March, 2020 2:55 am

This tract does well at illuminating the fact that Christinsanity has been and still is against honest reason in quest for truth, its equalization of beauty and ugliness, its goal of making “the last first,” and the nurturing of the defective at the cost of the well-born.
It can only be considered anti-Aryan.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
2 March, 2020 7:50 am

Arvin N. Prebost: I did some research on this book, and one fellow on Amazon said that to balance this anti-Christian book, one should read, “Dominion” by Tom Holland…

Arvin, haven’t we had enough of “balance” with the Jewish slave religion for our people? Ms. Nixey’s book does not need balancing.

Today, we refer to Christianity’s conquest of the West as a “triumph.” But this victory entailed an orgy of destruction in which Jesus’s followers attacked and suppressed classical culture, helping to pitch Western civilization into a thousand-year-long decline. Just one percent of Latin literature would survive the purge; countless antiquities, artworks, and ancient traditions were lost forever…
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Ulysses Freire da Paz Junior
Ulysses Freire da Paz Junior
2 March, 2020 4:13 pm

Who did this above ……. many still dont get to realize … that they keep doing it here > also here Libya, Syria …. … Iraq, mainly in Palestine – worth repeating, you will know them by their fruits — the same disastrous ideology that persecuted and destroyed much of the ancient art is the same that millennially promotes other scourges and genocides. It is enough to note the same murderous and nefarious “modus operandi” everywhere whether in the French revolution, in the Paraguayan war 0n 1865, the Russian revolution, two world wars against Germany, which people chose barabbas? These are the same people who invented the atomic bomb also mentioned by Jesus in John 8:44 The Atom Bomb Inventors: ALL JEWS A Jewish Gift… Read more »