Scandinavia: Nordic Resistance Movement Celebrates “Holocaust Memorial Day”

TO COMMEMORATE “International Holocaust Day” on January 27th, Nordic Resistance Movement activists spread holocaust awareness material across the Nordic countries.


Swedish activists spread informational posters, stickers and signs about the “holocaust” and also held banner actions.

In Stockholm comrades from Nest 1 conducted two banner drops above heavily trafficked roads with banners bearing the message “Long Live National Socialism”.

Nest 2 held a banner action over the E6 bridge in the centre of Gothenburg with the slogan “We will not budge an inch! The holocaust never happened!”

Informational posters were put up at secondary schools in Umeå to combat the lies all pupils are subjected to on “holocaust day”.

Between 20th and 27th January, activists in Sjuhärad spread Stop Globalism and #NoMoreWarsForIsrael posters, as well as informational signs about the holocaust. Stickers were also put up with the web address, which features yes or no questions about the truth behind the holocaust.

On one occasion an elderly lady came over to the activists and told them about how sad she is watching her beautiful country falling apart. The comrades comforted her by telling her that there is a resistance that understands her and is actively working to make the situation better.


In Norway, activists conducted a series of activities across the country intended to awaken people to the truth about the “holocaust”.

Large numbers of posters, big and small, were put up in several towns and villages. Posters with QR codes were also used to direct people to a page on featuring articles on the “holocaust”. These were chiefly put up at schools to awaken the youth.


Activists in Denmark spread “The holocaust is a hoax” stickers across the Danish mainland. As in Sweden and Norway, the material featured the web address of the Danish branch’s website, where relevant information was prominently featured on “holocaust day”.

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Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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8 February, 2020 11:12 pm

Toosen Tak Nordfront, and please excuse my spelling.

Reply to  Truthweed
14 February, 2020 10:11 am

This is awesome news waking up our kids to the lie of the Holocaust. This is the best news I’ve heard come out of Europe or anywhere for a long time. Things are unraveling in China. Check out Lastmessages on You tube. I think the footage is real. The Jews Chinese slave factory that they have been using to destroy our industry may be about to go up in flames.

10 February, 2020 6:54 pm

Jews are literal parasites. If you would rid your body of a tapeworm, for example, then rid your societies of Jews. What do Jews do, always and everywhere that they live, that makes them parasitic? Everywhere that Jews live, Jews always do the following: Economically exploit the natives, primarily with a debt-based system that enriches Jew lenders and enslaves native borrowers Push constantly for non-native “immigration,” to demographically dispossess and displace the natives Push constantly for homosexuality, which perverts culture and ruins normal families and communities “Empower” native females, perverting the natural order and relations between native males and females, thereby preventing native males from defending their people from the onslaught of the Jews Acquire positions in court systems, to prevent legal pushback of the Jew takeover, Jews are literal… Read more »

14 February, 2020 6:40 am

Did someone say “holocaust”???? Never FORGET, Never FORGIVE, the SHOAH of 1.5MILLION Armenian Christians under the crypto-Jewish “Young Turks” “necessary for the Rothschilds’ Baku Oil. The Armenian Christians’ financial and intellectual prominence was not “good for business.”” Armenians had lived in peace thousands of years, until Jewish money wanted them out. Never FORGET, Never FORGIVE, the SHOAH of 66MILLION Christians under the Jewish Bolsheviks Never FORGET, Never FORGIVE, KATYN FOREST & the Ukrainian Death Camps where the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered the Educated Elite CHRISTIAN Leaders. Teach about Bela Kun and his Jewish comrades who committed the Red Terror in 1918 Hungary. Never FORGET, Never FORGIVE, the ongoing SHOAH of the PALESTINIANS. The sight of the “STAR of DEATH” sends a frightening and offensive message to ALL NON-Jews. “The classes… Read more »

Reply to  Alfred
14 February, 2020 3:26 pm

Greetings Alfred. I don’t think that your compilation is taught so comprehensively in any of our Christian churches :). Regarding “YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State””, the NSDAP stated before they attained government, “If we can’t feed ourselves, then everyone else must leave.” Contrary to what is said about the evil Narzies, they never had a program of genocide, to kill all members of any particular race. They wanted to expell jews but also respected the rights of other peoples to rule themselves. Genocide is a jewish tradition.

14 February, 2020 10:05 am

This is really hits the jews where it hurts. Once things get in motion things can turn in our favour rapidly as our people wake up en mass once again to scheming lying jews. Videos out of China from ‘Last messages’ on Youtube. Eerie footage of thousands of crows flying in from the countryside to Wuhan. Footage of thousands of Chinese in high rise appartments screaming at night. Now the CCP is sending in the Army. It seems it could be either revolution or execution for them and this is the system the Jews want for the whole world. Truly chilling footage of what’s happening there. The Jews turned China into the worlds factory, living conditions for the animals they raise is terrible. China is also so overcrowded and over… Read more »