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Jews and the Assassination of JFK

The Commission that couldn’t discover much. L. to R.: U.S. Rep. and later President Gerald Ford (R.-Mich.), U.S. Rep. Hale Boggs (D.-La.), U.S. Sen. Richard Russell, Jr. (D.-Ga.), Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren (R.), U.S. Sen. John Sherman Cooper (R.-Ky.), Council on Foreign Relations Chairman and former American High Commissioner for Occupied Germany John J. McCloy (R.), former CIA Director Allen Dulles (R.), and general counsel J. Lee Rankin (R.), ex-Solicitor General of the United States. That’s a lot of Republican appointees for a Democratic president! Unseen staff members and attorneys for the Commission who did most of the work included many Jews.

by Andrew Hamilton

National Vanguard recently reprinted an article by Ben Klassen entitled “Who Killed John Kennedy?” that originally appeared in Racial Loyalty (January 1989), a tabloid published by Klassen’s Church of the Creator. National Alliance Chairman Will Williams, Klassen’s right-hand man at the time, edited Racial Loyalty.

In it Klassen maintained that “Jews, Israel, and the Mossad” killed Kennedy.

Like millions of Americans, I never believed the official story either. Authors of hundreds of books and articles, the vast majority of whom are Leftists (who else can publish without being suppressed?), have banged their heads against the brick wall of the JFK assassination and cover-up. But after a half century of digging and speculation they “still haven’t proved much” as Sam Francis wrote years ago. Their conclusions are all over the map.

Because these researchers are typically committed Leftists and anti-White racists they are severely constrained by what leads they will follow and the limited range of evidence they are willing to consider.

I’m familiar with some of the massive literature, and interested in the subject. What follows is an evaluation of some of the extant writings, together with random thoughts about the killing and presumed cover-up. I don’t pretend to know what actually happened. I’m not an assassination buff, much less an expert on JFK’s murder.

The main point is this: My head isn’t stubbornly in the sand when it comes to Jews and Communists. I can therefore think freely about important questions that Leftist, conservative, and philo-Semitic racialist researchers by their own choice cannot.

Thus, it’s low-hanging fruit to consider features of the case that 98% of investigators adamantly refuse to contemplate.

I’m not saying Jews did it, though they’re crazy enough and I wouldn’t put it past them. They also possessed the power to cover it up. These facts do raise red flags.

A handful of racialist skeptics, including Ben Klassen and Revilo Oliver, have considered the subject, though I do not recall National Alliance founder William Pierce ever commenting publicly about the assassination one way or the other.

Back in the day almost nobody believed the official story of JFK’s demise.

Decades ago I spoke to a man whose extended family had jobs in law enforcement and the vast social services network associated with it. He didn’t believe the official story. His father, a sheriff, had spoken contemporaneously to Dallas police officers who were present on the scene, and they did not believe it either.

Mark Lane and the Zapruder Film

In the 1970s I drove to a facility some distance away to listen to Jewish attorney Mark Lane, an assassination skeptic who was scheduled to speak on the subject. This was long before I knew about Jews. I didn’t even know Lane was a Jew, and it wouldn’t have meant anything to me if I had.

Lane, a minor Left-wing celebrity, had written a number one bestseller, Rush to Judgment: A Critique of the Warren Commission’s Inquiry into the Murders of President John F. Kennedy, Officer J. D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1966), and A Citizen’s Dissent (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1968). Around the time of the talk he co-wrote the story for the Hollywood assassination thriller Executive Action (1973) starring Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan.

Lane’s presentation took place in a gloomy auditorium in the evening. About a dozen people showed up.

He played the famous but at that time never publicly seen Zapruder film.

It had been shot on the day of the assassination by Abraham Zapruder, a well-to-do Russian-born Dallas dress manufacturer who was (surprise, surprise) another Jew. And 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Zapruder’s clothing business was located on the fourth floor of the building directly across the street from the Texas School Book Depository (the red building in this hyperlinked photo). Oswald shot the president from the Depository’s sixth floor.

“By sheer happenstance,” a federal court said in 1968, Zapruder shot his home movie footage at exactly the right time and place. His 8 mm color film is “undoubtedly the most important photographic evidence concerning the fatal shots,” the judge added.

Zapruder was perfectly positioned to capture everything that happened within the kill zone, and did.

Abraham Zapruder’s 8 mm Bell & Howell color movie camera with telephoto lens (U.S. National Archives)

Lane said that it was unlawful for him to possess or show the Zapruder film in public as he was doing. He nevertheless assured us there would be no consequences because that would open a can of worms. He’d welcome a legal challenge because it would publicize the suppressed film.

Lane was doubtless alluding to a possible copyright infringement claim by Big Media. Two days after the assassination Zapruder had sold the rights to the movie to Time, Inc. for a tidy sum — well over a million dollars in today’s money. A year or two after Lane’s talk Time sold the rights back to the Zapruder family for $1. (Abraham Zapruder was dead by then.)

The relevant portion of the brief film showed Kennedy first leaning forward as he raised two clenched fists toward his throat, his arms and both elbows pointing straight out from his sides. At this point he’s being hit by a bullet from behind, from the general direction of the Book Depository. This shot caused the throat wound.

Next his body moves backward as he is struck from the front — the grassy knoll or the bridge. Lane had synced network television commentary that had been broadcast to the American people describing the Zapruder film, which was never shown to the public. I believe the voice was Dan Rather’s.

As Kennedy clearly moves backward, the reporter states that Kennedy is being hit from behind and moving forward. Lane emphasized this falsehood by looping the film and replaying this key moment several times.

Finally there is a cloud of blood, bone, and flesh as the President’s head seems to explode in a backward direction. This shot also comes from the front, not the Book Depository.

For some reason Jackie crawls onto the trunk of the convertible as if to retrieve something — my recollection was that it was Kennedy’s scalp, but whatever she is going after is not visible when I look at it now. A Secret Service agent leaps onto the back bumper and the limo speeds off, Zapruder tracking it until it disappears beneath an underpass.

Zapruder wasn’t able to keep his subject precisely centered within the square of the film frame at all times, so Kennedy’s upper body and head, and his wife, seem to stick up from the very bottom of the frame at the key moment.

Texas Governor John Connally (D., later Republican), was seated slightly in front of the President. I can’t tell when Connally is hit. The Governor was badly wounded and nearly died.

Zapruder caught the entire scene from start to finish, in color, with a zoom lens, and was the only person to do so.

A 47-second, very low resolution (240p) slow motion version of the film can be seen here. It has the advantage of displaying the frame numbers later assigned to it by investigators. Every frame of the film was assigned a number, 486 in all.

A higher resolution (480p) version is available here, first in slow motion, then at regular speed. These versions lack frame numbers.

You’ll notice that Jackie, seated next to Kennedy, detects something amiss after the president slumps forward and raises his arms and fists in the odd manner described. She leans very close to him to see what is wrong. At the moment his head explodes Jackie’s own head is just inches away from the point of impact of the sniper’s bullet.

Lane maintained that the Warren Commission hadn’t told the truth, and there was an ongoing cover-up. I asked the obvious question during Q&A: If Oswald didn’t do it, who did, and why? Lane wouldn’t answer the question directly, but by 1992 was telling Willis Carto’s The Spotlight and others that the CIA was responsible.

Edward Jay Epstein’s Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald

Three of the books about the assassination I own (I have half a shelf of them) are by Jewish author Edward Jay Epstein. I’ve read one of them, Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald (N.Y.: McGraw-Hill, 1978). It was based on a great deal of original research.

Epstein maintains that the KGB recruited and trained Oswald during his years in the Soviet Union, but does not suggest the agency assassinated Kennedy. That was presumably Oswald’s own idea.

Epstein’s Legend is detailed and extremely interesting. It supplies a great deal of information I’d never known before about Oswald’s Communist background and life in the Soviet Union.

Left-Wing Conspiracy Theorists

In 1963 Communism was almost as near and dear to “Western” elites as Jews were.

In 1993 Sam Francis wrote a syndicated newspaper column discussing 275 recently-released transcripts of LBJ’s telephone conversations relating to the assassination. (“LBJ’s Cover-Up of Kennedy’s Assassination,” Tribune Media Services, October 6, 1993.) The recordings showed that the new president, who had a very forceful personality, pressured high-level officials to avoid finding any meaningful Soviet or Cuban involvement for fear of starting a nuclear war.

None of this proves that Oswald shot Kennedy at the behest of any communist conspiracy, but for the last generation, almost none of the conspiracy theories has bothered to consider that possibility seriously.

That’s because most of the conspiracy peddlers have come from the left, and one of their main motivations has been to exculpate either Oswald himself or the communist regimes they’ve always clucked and cooed over.

Francis concluded that Johnson’s “eagerness to avoid finding a communist conspiracy may well account for the blind alleys and blank stares that the commission he appointed eventually offered to a mystified nation.”

That’s true. But the same reasoning applies to possible Jewish involvement as well.

Over the years I’ve read some English-language JFK articles published by Communist regimes. The party line closely resembles the theories set forth by dozens of independent Left-wing and “mainstream” (i.e., also Left-wing) publications in the United States, which constitute 90% or more of the JFK conspiracy literature.

To cite one example, I long ago photocopied Soviet journalist Iona Andronov’s major three-part series “On the Trail of a President’s Killers” in the English-language edition of Moscow’s New Times magazine (founded in 1943) that began with the January 1977 issue. Wandering all over the place, typical of such literature, it darkly insinuates that the CIA, FBI, and Mafia killed Kennedy. Andronov is still alive in his mid-80s.

One interesting thing the author did was visit Jack Ruby’s gravesite in a northwest Chicago suburb, where Oswald’s killer is buried beside his parents, Joseph and Fannie Rubenstein. (Born in Poland, his parents were Orthodox Jews. Ten of their children survived to adulthood.) Ruby was born in Chicago and began his career in organized crime there, later relocating to Dallas.

Enigmatic killer Jack Ruby

A retired professor of oceanography who apparently taught a course about JFK assassination literature at the University of Rhode Island has since transcribed and posted this New Times series to the Internet. The professor’s personal website is partly devoted to an “academic” examination of the JFK assassination — as opposed to irresponsible stuff written by pesky citizens. He asserts that the media and government told the truth.

I haven’t compared his transcriptions to my original photocopies, but I assume they are accurate reproductions. You can read them here, together with other New Times articles about the assassination.

Does that series not closely mirror the bulk of the American literature you’ve read?


As Sam Francis observed, Left-wing researchers have “always been eager to cast the blame on the right and anti-communist forces: The extreme right, the CIA, the FBI, the military and anti-Castro Cubans.”

Orchestrated media hysteria in 1963 deliberately fanned flames of hatred against conservatives, White Southerners, “racists,” “haters,” mysterious right-wing Texas oilmen (by insinuation, H.L. Hunt), etc. This now-stereotyped form of hate speech, blasted to a credulous audience of hundreds of millions of people through an all-powerful media, spurred Leftists with rifles to fire bullets into the John Birch Society headquarters in Belmont. Massachusetts in drive by shootings, among other attacks.

The Warren Commission even subpoenaed Revilo Oliver to testify because he had written a two-part article, “Marxmanship in Dallas,” for the John Birch Society’s American Opinion magazine shortly after the assassination. (A different version, from an original Oliver manuscript, can be read online here.)

I was so fascinated by the fact that the Commission had done something so stupid, irrelevant, and time-wasting that I looked up the transcript in the full report. (You now have the luxury of reading it online if you wish.)

The Feds assiduously tracked “news items and newspapers published in Washington, D.C., Illinois, Mississippi, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California, and other States” containing “reports of lectures and speeches made by” Oliver in which he “repeated, elaborated upon, or added to the charges and claims made” in the American Opinion article!

The bad guys get to the bottom of some things really fast, while far more substantial matters seem to induce puzzlement, head scratching, and permanent impasse.

In his article Oliver wrote that one theory floated on the right was that “Kennedy was executed by the Communist conspiracy because he was planning to turn American.” (A line that always cracks me up.)

I don’t think JFK was ever in danger of doing that. But then, neither did Oliver:

Mr. Jenner. You follow the statement I have quoted, with this statement, Doctor, “For this comforting hypothesis there is no evidence now known.” As of this moment is there any “evidence now known” to you?

Mr. Oliver. None that is known to me.

Oliver told the Commission the article reflected his opinions concerning widely-reported facts, and was not based on any non-public extrinsic information.

In 2010 Left-wing Catholic extremists flipped this right-wing conjecture on its head, claiming Kennedy was killed by the American intelligence apparatus because he was going to abandon Cold War policies in favor of détente with the Communists. Their book was greeted favorably by many in the Establishment. (James W. Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. Maryknoll, New York, Orbis Books.)

Probably the high-water mark of skepticism toward the JFK killing was reached in 1976 when the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives held hearings to reexamine the JFK and MLK killings. It arrived at slightly different, if inconclusive, findings than the Warren Commission had. I have The Final Assassinations Report (1979) in paperback.

Reawakened Faith in Monolithic Media and Government

As a couple of NV commenters to Klassen’s article noted, things have apparently changed since then.

In 2007 the late Italian-American attorney Vincent Bugliosi, best known for his prosecution of Charles Manson and co-author of the bestseller Helter Skelter, wrote a massive tome (1,600 pages, with an additional 1,000 pages of notes on CD) refuting (to his satisfaction) the JFK “conspiracy theories,” and endorsing the Warren Commission’s findings. (Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, New York: W.W. Norton.)

Anybody undertaking a thorough examination of the case at this point would have to carefully evaluate all of this material along with everything else. Ironically, Bugliosi believed the assassination of Robert Kennedy involved a massive conspiracy “bigger than Watergate.”

What About Jewish Involvement?

To pursue possible Jewish involvement in the assassination, one would probably have to start with Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, 6th ed. (Washington, D.C.: American Free Press, 2004), first published in 1994. Piper, now dead, was a journalist with Willis Carto’s (also dead) Liberty Lobby and populist Spotlight newspaper. Carto owned the American Free Press.

Piper explicitly examined the thesis that the Mossad was involved in the assassination. His book is the only study I know that explicitly scrutinizes this angle at length, for obvious reasons.

Michael Collins Piper

From a purely prudential standpoint, who wants to pursue such an inquiry? Jews are far too powerful and menacing for that. More importantly, Gentiles — some of whom boast of their “objectivity” — are psychologically and emotionally incapable of even thinking such thoughts, regardless of what the evidence shows. They simply turn their minds off. Finally, many philo-Semites blindly worship the race and would applaud enthusiastically if it its members had killed Kennedy, because nothing Jews do can be wrong.

I read much of Piper’s book in 2008. My memory of the details has grown dim. However, I did not experience an “Ah hah!” moment suggesting to me that he had solved the mystery.

Final Judgment was badly in need of a strong editorial hand, which it did not receive. Piper also makes frequent speculative leaps without sufficient evidence to back them up. Finally, there are many outright errors.

For example, calling Edward Jay Epstein’s Legend a “fantasy in book form,” he writes, “Epstein, a Warren Commission ‘critic,’ first came to prominence as the author of Inquest, a book-length study of the commission, originally written as his master’s thesis at Yale University, long a recruiting ground for the CIA.”

Epstein wrote Inquest as his master’s thesis at Cornell, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard, not Yale.

Though it is almost impossible to ascertain Piper’s core thesis in his wordy, sprawling, poorly-organized book, it is contained in a few sentences scattered across three pages in Chapter 9, all based on secondary sources:

In one of his final communications with Kennedy, [Israeli Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion wrote: “Mr. President, my people have a right to exist . . . and this existence is in danger.” (emphasis added) [You can see where Piper’s mind is going with this, which is correct in principle if he could back it up. But he doesn’t provide the full quote, or sufficient persuasive context.]

It is the thesis of this volume that Ben-Gurion, in his final days as Prime Minister [he resigned on June 26, 1963 — Piper says June 19], ordered the Mossad to participate in [sic: not “carry out”] the JFK assassination conspiracy [“conspiracy,” not “assassination”]. . . . [W]e believe that the Mossad carried out Ben-Gurion’s order. . . .

We know precisely who would have coordinated Mossad participation in concert with Israel’s allies in the CIA and [gangster Meyer Lansky’s] Organized Crime. . . .

It was former Jewish underground terrorist-turned-Mossad operative Yitzhak Shamir (later Israeli Prime Minister) who headed a special Mossad hit squad during his service in the Mossad. . . .

Shamir headed the assassination unit from 1955 until 1964 — the year after JFK’s assassination.

I can’t say Piper proves his thesis, though there is evidence of tension between Ben-Gurion and Kennedy that was apparently covered up at the time. Despite major shortcomings, the book contains some thought-provoking ideas, possible leads, and useful, otherwise ignored information.

Yitzhak Shamir, a terrorist and assassin in the 1940s, worked in the Mossad from 1955 to 1965, and did order some assassinations during that period. A little checking suggests the Establishment has concealed this decade of his life behind a thick veil of secrecy, so I could not verify Piper’s claim that he headed a Jewish assassination unit the whole time.

An anti-White racist, Shamir once sneered that “every Pole sucked anti-Semitism with his mother’s milk,” a vicious slur that from time to time is repeated with approval by high-level Jewish officials and journalists. Just turn the accusation around. It’s a better description of Jews than of Whites.

Offhand I can’t think of a really good reason why Jews would want to kill Kennedy, if they were sane, which they are not. They seem highly enamored of his degenerate, corrupt, Leftist, deeply anti-White family, whose political power, fortune, and social status, like their own, is rooted in gangsterism. The Kennedys are exactly the kind of unprincipled Gentile facilitators and front men Jews need to thrive at the expense of the host population.

It is widely if circumspectly understood by realists that Jews can assassinate or seriously harm anyone they want to with complete impunity. For example, the terrorist Stern Gang sent letter bombs to the White House in an attempt to murder Harry Truman (D.). (“Letter‐Bombs Mailed to Truman in 1947,New York Times, Dec. 2, 1972.)

Victor Ostrovsky

In The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad’s Secret Agenda (New York: HarperCollins, 1994), ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky reported on a Mossad “clique” (his word) whose fanatical members were determined to kill President George H. W. Bush (R.) for having placed a freeze on loan guarantees to Israel. (Chapter 30, pp. 270-283.)

This is analogous to the Stern Gang, which, though a key, accepted component of international Jewry, nevertheless constituted a clique, or faction, within it.

As Revilo Oliver correctly noted, “We must remember that although God’s Race presents a united front against our race, which they both despise and hate, there are often violent disagreements about the expediency of some policy and consequently frequent, if not constant, quarrels between factions within the Self-Chosen People.”

Ostrovsky explained the matter this way. The Mossad clique

regarded the situation as a life-or-death crisis and decided to take matters into their own hands, to solve the problem once and for all. They believed that [Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak] Shamir would have ordered what they were about to do if he hadn’t been gagged by politics. . . . [T]hey were going to do what the leadership really wanted but couldn’t ask for, while at the same time leaving the leadership out of the loop.

Remember, Shamir unquestionably was a terrorist and killer.

In the same section of the book Ostrovsky alludes to the Jews’ hatred of various post-WWII American presidents, all of whom were in reality anti-White philo-Semites. Initially Jewry strongly supported Lyndon Johnson, “who almost doubled aid to Israel in his first year as president, after John Kennedy had come down hard on the Israeli nuclear program” because the latter desired nonproliferation.

As an aside, National Alliance founder William Pierce believed that, “When Jews in the United States collaborated in the theft of nuclear materials from a U.S. nuclear fuel processing plant and the smuggling of the material to Israel in 1962, President John Kennedy and the media here were interested only in covering it up, not in holding Israel and its collaborators to account.” (“Special Treatment,” American Dissident Voices, March 13, 1999.)

Ostrovsky says that George H. W. Bush was to be assassinated at the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991.

Anti-Semites everywhere: dangerous Jew-hater George H.W. Bush

There is a parallel here with the Kennedy assassination: “This was going to be the most protected event of the year.” Nevertheless, a powerful Jewish faction felt confident that it could murder a sitting American president despite tight security, without any consequences for its members or world Jewry in general.

Three Palestinian “terrorists” would be framed for the crime so that venal and stupid American and global politicians, media, academics, secret police, prosecutors, judges, and financial oligarchs would lash out and severely harm innocent people instead of the real perpetrators.

For this purpose the Jews held three Palestinian patsies in readiness (Ostrovsky gives their names) at “a special detention location in the Negev desert.”

Of course, Bush was not killed, so after the plan fell through “the three supposed assassins” “were transferred to the Nes Ziyyona research facility, where they were terminated.”

Ness (or Nes) Ziona is situated six miles inland from the Mediterranean Sea south of Tel Aviv. The facility Ostrovsky refers to but does not name is the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), an ABC (atomic, bacteriological, chemical) warfare laboratory where Jewish epidemiological scientists develop “doomsday machines” for use against Gentiles.

The Israel Institute for Biological Research at Ness Ziona

Palestinians are used as “human guinea pigs,” Ostrovsky says, to “make sure the weapons the scientists were developing worked properly and could verify how fast they worked and make them even more efficient.”

As an aside, what does this sound like? So-called “Nazism,” of course. Except in real life it’s the Jews, not Whites.

I wrote about another case of such straight-from-the-finger-pointing-playbook: “One Way to Solve the Race Problem: Suppressing Black Births in Israel” (2014), describing how Israelis used a long-lasting injectable contraceptive, Depo-Provera, on unsuspecting Black women without their knowledge or consent to suppress Black birthrates.

I take it for granted that most Jewish behavior of this type, which is plentiful, remains wholly unknown and is never reported to the public by anybody.

Jews exhibit characteristic modi operandi. Had Bush been murdered, the world would never have learned the truth. Global media and governments would have lied. Innocent Palestinians would have been vilified, persecuted, and probably executed.

Jews enjoy killing Gentiles. The idea that a powerful faction among them could murder Kennedy and get away with it is easy to imagine. Who would expose the Jews, much less punish them? Apart from Communists in 1963, who else could get away with such a thing?

Like every president since FDR, Truman and George H.W. Bush were shills for Jewry who cared nothing about the interests or well-being of their White co-racialists, and did everything in their power to advance Jewish interests and harm Whites.

Nevertheless, Jews targeted them for assassination. A possible parallel with Kennedy’s murder is again obvious: Kennedy need not have done anything to merit Jews’ desire to kill him.

Mossad’s Curious Behavior

In his first book, By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1990) Victor Ostrovsky devoted two pages to the Mossad’s alleged view of the Kennedy assassination (pp. 141-143). He says the organization reenacted the killing in minute detail in Israel using weapons better than Oswald possessed, and filmed a movie of the reconstruction that was used to train succeeding generations of Mossad agents, including Ostrovsky.

Here’s a disturbing statement: “The Mossad had every film taken of the Dallas assassination, pictures of the area, the topography, aerial photographs, everything. Using mannequins, they duplicated the presidential cavalcade over and over again.”

Did any other intelligence agency in the world exhibit such obsessive interest in testing or duplicating the Kennedy assassination, and then teach the murder as a case study to each new generation of legally unaccountable operatives?

Recall, too, Abraham Zapruder’s famous 8 mm color film described above, far and away the best film and photo documentation of the assassination. Zapruder chose to stand on a four-foot-high concrete abutment while he filmed, his body steadied by his receptionist Marilyn Sitzman. The murder occurred on Elm Street. Zapruder began filming the presidential motorcade as it turned from Houston Street onto Elm, and the fatal shots that struck President Kennedy occurred as the limousine passed directly in front of Zapruder. With lethal bullets whizzing around him, he continued filming until the motorcade disappeared from view beneath the underpass.

Zapruder “was haunted by this experience for the remainder of his life,” we are told by an official source, “guarding his family’s privacy and granting few interviews over the years.”

Ostrovsky reports that Israeli Jews were unable to duplicate Oswald’s feat, so “The Mossad believed that the official version of the assassination was pure, unadulterated hokum.”

This claim obviously absolves Jews of responsibility, inasmuch as they are depicted trying to puzzle out what happened. Hence, by implication, the Mossad was guiltless.

The author writes that the Mossad believed the Mafia (not Oswald, who was a dupe) killed Kennedy accidentally while trying to murder their real target, Texas Governor John Connally. The mobsters were “trying to muscle their way into the oil business.”

I don’t recall any such Mafia oil plot, but I suppose somebody has floated it somewhere in the vast assassination literature.

I know that James Reston, Jr., son of the famous Scottish-born Leftist New York Times columnist of the same name, claims that Connally, not Kennedy, was Oswald’s (not the Mob’s) intended target in his attack on Connally, Lone Star: The Life of John Connally (1989), a theory further elaborated in his conspiracy book The Accidental Victim: JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the Real Target in Dallas (2013).

It’s interesting that Revilo Oliver in “Marxmanship” in 1964 anticipated and immediately dismissed as ridiculous the notion that “Oswald was a poor shot who was really trying to kill Governor Connally or Mrs. Kennedy and hit the President by mistake.”

After the assassination Connally publicly endorsed the Warren Commission’s findings. At the time he was still an ambitious politician planning a presidential bid, which he finally attempted in 1980. But private comments he made in subsequent years prove that he did not really believe the official story. This carries weight, because he was present, and a victim.

Kennedy’s Texas visit, ex-Mossad agent Ostrovsky says, provided “the perfect cover” for a Mob hit against Connally.

This sounds patently absurd. Any group like that which had the capability to kill Connally could do so at any time. Why they would choose conditions of maximum security surrounding a presidential visit, in a situation where the president, other officials, or bystanders might accidentally be killed, bringing down the wrath of a massive police state upon their heads, is a puzzler. But Ostrovsky says with a straight face that this is what the Mossad believed.

Finally, why would the media and government conceal such a Mafia plot from the American people? If Jews or Communists were involved, that’s different. Elites would then have a powerful motive to lie, because they are all a unified whole. But that does not apply to the Mafia.

Unpursued Paths

If I was going to delve further into the JFK assassination (which I am not), I would probably focus initially on two areas.

The first is the role of the powerful half-Mestizo head of Counterintelligence for the CIA for two decades, James Jesus Angleton, Israel’s man inside the Agency. Jews facilitated his rise. His most recent biographer describes how Angleton made possible the theft of the U.S. uranium Israel needed to construct its nuclear arsenal.

This alone made Angleton a criminal, traitor, and arrogant violator of U.S. nuclear nonproliferation laws and policy. But the traitor’s crimes did not end there.

If Kennedy’s hesitation to give Jews the Bomb really did play a role in his assassination, or if the CIA was involved in any way, Angleton is an obvious place to start. Michael Collins Piper writes quite a bit about him in Final Judgment, though the information is scattered, unfocused, and overly speculative.

Angleton subsequently played a role in the Kennedy investigation as well, revolving around a KGB defector named Yuri Nosenko.

The Nosenko controversy plays a large role in the Oswald biography by Edward Jay Epstein mentioned above. Epstein’s Legend is, according to Piper, a partisan account written with the aid and from the perspective of Israel’s CIA asset, James Jesus Angleton. I didn’t know about Jews or Angleton when I read Legend, but interviews with Angleton did form the basis of at least part of the book, so I’d have to reevaluate it if Piper is correct.

Gangster and sex trafficker Jack Ruby fatally shoots Lee Harvey Oswald while in heavy police custody. Because the jail transfer was broadcast live, millions of NBC viewers witnessed the shooting as it happened. The rest of the nation saw it moments later on the other two networks.

My second starting point would be Jack Ruby, who has been comparatively little-studied or written about given his key role in the cover-up.

Even without information or details, the Ruby angle stinks to high heaven. All by himself Jack Ruby casts doubt on the entire assassination story.

To any racially aware person the official account of Jack Ruby and his murder of Oswald nearly beggars belief.

* * *

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6 February, 2020 12:30 pm

The Israeli theft of bomb grade uranium from the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania didn’t take place until 1964 or 1965, a few years after Kennedy’s assassination. That plant was owned by a devoted Zionist, Zalman Shapiro. The theft is well covered in Grant Smith’s “Divert” and Roger Mattson’s “Stealing the Atom Bomb”. Regarding the JFK assassination, I don’t think the “CIA did it”. They could have easily leaked his sexual indiscretions to the press under their “Mockingbird” project. Or the withdrawal of missiles from Turkey as part of the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It IS pretty certain that the CIA did help cover it up. There could very well have been elements in the CIA that were involved, perhaps unwittingly. For example, a CIA intelligence… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
6 February, 2020 3:47 pm

Why is NV posting this hit piece on Final Judgment, the best book by far on the JFK assassination?

Reply to  pj dooner
6 February, 2020 8:33 pm

I don’t know if I would call it a “hit piece” but I am skeptical of relying on Edward Jay Epstein. Besides his books on the Warren Commission, he also wrote approvingly of James Angleton which is a red flag. What’s interesting about Angleton is that he was the CIA head of counterintelligence and was the CIA liaison with Israel. Thus Angleton would be in a perfect position to know about Oswald (whether he was a genuine defector or not) as well as be a conduit to Israel. Angleton was also seen to be getting the diary of Mary Pinchot Meyer (a JFK love extramarital affair interest) as well as a draft manuscript by Winfield Scott, (the CIA Chief of Station in Mexico City which was monitoring Oswald’s supposed visit… Read more »

Robert Mitchum
Robert Mitchum
Reply to  guest
7 February, 2020 6:29 am

I am not sure what sources Dr. Pierce used, but unexplained losses of nuclear material at Shapiro’s NUMEC were indeed happening for years before the more well-known thefts of 1964. Grant Smith, in “America’s Loose Nukes in Israel,” states:

“In the early 1960s, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) began documenting suspicious lapses in NUMEC’s security, inexplicably lax record-keeping, and the ongoing presence of large numbers of Israelis at the plant. In 1962 the AEC considered suspending “classified weapons work” at NUMEC.”

The suspicious losses started in the late 1950s.

Reply to  Robert Mitchum
7 February, 2020 11:47 am

That would be about the time that De Gaulle came to power in France and dramatically scaled back French nuclear assistance to Israel. I’ve read Mattson’s book but have yet to read Smith’s. According to Mattson, while US officials had long suspected diversion, what confirmed it was the isotopic analysis of vegetation samples outside the Dimona facility taken by the CIA chief of station in 1968. They matched the signature of the highly enriched uranium processed at NUMEC and could not have been produced at Dimona which did not have uranium enrichment facilities.

Interestingly, there was a well known assassination attempt on De Gaulle in 1962. Probably others not so well known.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
7 February, 2020 10:47 am

Hamilton admits that he didn’t even read the entire book and that he has a dim memory of whatever he did read. Then he says he can’t think of a good reason why the jews would want to kill Kennedy as if Kennedy trying to stop their nuclear weapons program wouldn’t be perceived by the jew supremacists as a good reason to get rid of him and replace him with the Zionist and even more anti-white LBJ!!! Hamilton also claims there are many outright errors in the book but the only one he cites is that Piper may have been wrong about which jew-controlled Ivy league college some jew liar got his degrees from, an error even if true is hardly worth mentioning. I read Final Judgment several times and… Read more »

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  pj dooner
7 February, 2020 11:34 am

State Piper’s central thesis about EXACTLY who killed Kennedy, how, and why in two or three succinct sentences, AND GIVE THE PRECISE PAGES in Final Judgment you think back you up. You obviously imply the pages I quoted and relied upon for this–Piper’s own words–are wrong.

I had Final Judgment in front of me, and consulted it, as I summarized it for this article.

Finally, everyone in the world doesn’t have to accept Final Judgment as Holy Writ just because you do.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
7 February, 2020 12:20 pm

Piper wrote this right at the end of Chapter One:

“What appears in these pages, many readers now believe, is a logically
constructed recitation of the facts that lead us to the conclusion that Israel’s
Mossad did play an instrumental role in the JFK assassination conspiracy.

You be the judge.
You have heard all of the other theories time and again.
This is the one and only book which ties all of those
theories together in a comprehensive summary which makes
ultimate sense.
Read this book and reach your own final judgment.”

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
7 February, 2020 12:43 pm

This is from the section titled Conclusion following Chapter Eighteen: “Middle East policy took an immediate 180-degree turnabout. In the pages of Final Judgment we have outlined, for the first time, the entirety of the conspiracy that led to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the cover-up that followed. We do not pretend to have all of the answers, but we believe that the missing link has now been supplied. Never before has the evidence been assembled as it has been in these pages. A SMALL CIRCLE OF CONSPIRATORS The close connections between a relatively small circle of people and those in their immediate spheres of influence is no coincidence. That all of them, in some fashion, were part of the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy… Read more »

Reply to  pj dooner
7 February, 2020 12:08 pm

Piper’s book was a work in progress. He was constantly updating it and I think the latest edition prior to his death was the sixth. Piper did not have access to many documents about Israeli nuclear programs, some of which were only recently released. Note that JFK was considering a first strike on Chinese nuclear facilities to prevent the Chinese from obtaining a nuclear weapon (which they successfully tested in 1964). Piper’s book was more oriented towards establishing a motivation for an Israeli sponsored assassination of JFK than the mechanics of how it was done. And whoever was behind the assassination of JFK must have felt he presented an existential threat to undertake such a risky operation. I have a hard time believing it was about stopping civil rights,… Read more »

11 February, 2020 3:05 am

Who ordered the hit on jfk by johnny gat

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
29 July, 2020 8:35 am

The Jewish takeover of the United States, began with the Currency Act of 1754 in my reckoning and then ramps up from there in discrete bumps, like recognition of USSR in 1933, then recognition of Israel in 1948, all arranged by the Jews. One speed-bump to this otherwise unimpeded program, was Joe Kennedy, who discovered the plot when his rational assessment of European affairs in the 1930s, was that Britain was egging on the Germans but Joe’s assessment: “Hitler is going to win this thing.” That’s when Joe learned that he was on the wrong side, his two oldest children were killed and he despaired of arriving back in the U.S. without being killed on Churchill’s orders. I don’t think JFK wanted politics but accepted his father’s mission and no… Read more »

8 December, 2020 5:34 am

… On 4 June 1963 President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order No. 11110 which instructed the Treasury to print $4 billion worth of $2 and $5 bills. These bills, backed by silver in the Treasury’s vaults, were issued free of debt and interest with the seigniorage accruing not to the privately owned US Federal Reserve Bank, but to the US government.This note issue formed part of Kennedy’s long term plan to reduce the power of the US Federal Reserve Bank. On 22 November 1963 Kennedy was shot down by assassin(s) in Dallas, Texas… A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind – Stephen Mitford Goodson

Reply to  vera
8 December, 2020 10:30 am

It’s a nice thought that JFK was planning to get rid of the federal reserve but this theory has been debunked in Edward G. Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and most recently is this short video from The Corbett Report:

The Executive Order that JFK supposedly intended to reign in the fed wasn’t rescinded until 20 years later during the Reagan Administration.

JFK was a creature of the Establishment.

Reply to  guest
9 December, 2020 4:26 am

thank you!!! there is so much misinformation circulating especially with corona on top, hard to filter/confirm everything

tony bonn
tony bonn
21 March, 2021 8:43 pm

About the best that I can say for this article is that it is open to the idea that Israel was involved in the murder of Kennedy, all of which takes us far beyond conventional histories. I will stand by the thesis that the murder was driven and vouchsafed by Jews. Not only does Piper start us in that direction, but so does Lyndon LaRouche’s organization which adds many other missing pieces including Jewish control of Permindex and the Dallas City Club (and I probably have the name wrong) which was entirely controlled by Jews despite its outwardly WASPish veneer. This is one reason Dallas was chosen as the kill zone, and where Zapruder comes in. Zapruder was not on the pedestal with his new camera by accident. Not only… Read more »

5 August, 2021 2:28 am

“An anti-White racist, Shamir once sneered that “every Pole sucked anti-Semitism with his mother’s milk,”

Oh yeah? Every Jew is a natural born liar, subversive, criminal, swindler, nation-wrecker, anti-White bigot and thief!

What a vile, disgusting, cutthroat Jewish supremacist devil he was.