Eugenics: Steps Toward Godhood

by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson

AS Natalie Regoli wrote, it’s a simple fact that choosing healthy mating partners and controlling the offspring can improve the quality of human life. But even when that is not done, engineering the genetic makeup of a child can eliminate hereditary conditions that lead to deformities, mental and physical problems. It then acts as a preemptive protection for the child so that he or she will no longer worry about inheriting genetic disorders from his or her ancestry.

Eugenics is already shaping where the next generation wants to go in education, and parents are already using testing and screening, genetic counseling, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and genetic engineering, and we can move on from there, as the deceitful demonization of eugenics begins to wind down.

One of the stupidest things humans have been doing at least since World War II is denying the opportunity to phase out some of our undesirable genetic disorders. This also relates to denying the biological origin of social behavior.

Positive eugenics is aimed at increasing desirable traits, while negative eugenics refers to decreasing undesirable traits, but we can’t even advocate decreasing undesirable traits without some loudmouth calling us “racist.”

It is true, as Regoli points out, that engineering desirable offspring is now very expensive. Not many couples can afford hiring a team of geneticists to engineer their next baby. This further widens the gap between the rich and poor, with the rich producing dominant and superior offspring in greater numbers. And down the line eliminating genetic disorders might also produce humans with similar genetic makeup and a shallow gene pool, with a lack of diversity.

But basic human nature is genetically kin- and ethnic-centered and, if idiotic multiculturalism is not forced upon us, we naturally separate into ethnostates, allowing true diversity to naturally continue.

Some of the best thinking on eugenics over the past 30 years comes from Raymond Cattell’s book, Beyondism, (1987), especially the tightly packed 16th chapter. I would have future sociobiological research centers built on many of Cattell’s ideas, which could then be applied to our religious evolution toward supermaterial Godhood.

For me the deeper more serious problem in blocking eugenics is that it blocks the sacred mission of life evolving to Godhood. We will not launch ourselves out on a goalless adventure of evolution, because we need not remove God or Godhood from evolution; in fact, our goal is Godhood.

We can learn to prevent the decline and early death of a variety of peoples, ethnic groups, and societies by understanding the social and biological patterns that bring collapse, and by applying voluntary population control and genetics. We can help prevent negative ends, but we can also civilize the beast and seek positive ends, even as we recognize that competition, separation, and distinctiveness are a good thing on the evolutionary path to Godhood.

* * *

Source: Civilizing the Beast

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Old Norseman
Old Norseman
8 February, 2020 3:44 am

This week I had a classmate die. She was older than the rest of us because she had been held back at least one grade. She was in the special education classes. Her first marriage to another low IQ person produced a child born deformed and extremely retarded. He mercifully died and so did the marriage. Her second marriage produced four more children, three very stupid and one wheel chair bound, unable to speak beyond a grunt, until he mercifully died a year ago. Why was this woman even allowed to breed? We can not advance as a race if the people furthest down the IQ ladder are allowed to breed. I declined to go the wake on Friday night. Partly because I hardly knew her in school and hadn’t… Read more »

The Eye
The Eye
Reply to  Old Norseman
8 February, 2020 10:14 am

This is the way of the world since the advent of birth control, as well as western medicine being available to 2nd and 3rd world countries. The very worst and lowest IQ sectors of humanity reproduce with abandon, and healthy, intelligent whites have 1 or 2 kids at best. In the future the world is going to be a dark place in more ways than one.

Reply to  Old Norseman
23 February, 2020 2:41 am

Greetings Old Norseman. Evil Hitler stated that it would be virtuous if couples with genetic defects chose a healthy child from an orphanage to raise.

Oleg Malzew
Oleg Malzew
21 April, 2021 10:28 pm

Retrospectively honoring Adolf Hitler.