“Never Again Is Now”: Jews Organizing Pro-Invasion Movement

Protestors with the Never Again Action take to the streets in Graham, North Carolina on November 24, 2019.

INTRODUCTION by Chris Rossetti: Jews are taking the lead in pushing for open borders and more replacement migration of non-Whites into the US, just as they are in Europe. In this article from a Jewish source, they boast of their “leading role,” and posture as great street fighters challenging a “powerful racist system.” In reality, they are the richest and most powerful group on the planet, and they are using that wealth and power to leverage an overthrow of the last tattered remnants of legitimate American law.

* * *

EARLIER THIS YEAR, a newly formed coalition of Jewish people opposed to Immigration and Customs Enforcement organized their first action in New Jersey alongside movement partners Movimiento Cosecha. The New Jersey protest sparked Never Again Action, the largest ever mobilization of American Jews and allies against the persecution of immigrants. More than 40 actions have now taken place nationwide.

This interfaith, intergenerational, cross-movement campaign is gaining steam in the South, a region with record numbers of newly arrived immigrants — and a place with the country’s toughest immigration courts, where some of the most notorious detention centers dot rural landscapes. In North Carolina, the Jewish-led movement has joined forces with immigrants’ rights groups to combat anti-immigrant sheriffs who partner with ICE.

Organizers and activists behind the Never Again Action in Graham, North Carolina.

On November 22, more than 20 Jewish activists and allies gathered in a Durham, North Carolina, church fellowship hall. As they shuffled inside, greeting friends and “comrades” warmly with hugs and laughter, somewhere in the kitchen, a Shabbat potluck was waiting. But real work was to be done before dinner. There were zines to fold, plans to finalize, and questions about risk, safety, and security to grapple with. …

Two days later, the people in the room reclaimed space in front of a line of law enforcement officials outfitted in riot gear. Wearing kippahs and tallits, Jewish prayer garments, they gathered at the intersection of Maple Street and McAden Street in rural Graham, North Carolina, and sat shiva for immigrants who have died in federal immigration custody. …

Law enforcement officials respond to Jewish-organized threats and actions in Alamance County, North Carolina.

‘I Do This Because I’m a Jew’

Leah Fuhr, who has been organizing in progressive Jewish spaces for 15 years, helped organize an Atlanta Never Again Action in July. Fuhr said that when Donald Trump came down a golden escalator in 2015 to launch his presidential campaign, “it was like a match being lit.” She threw herself into organizing work with the progressive Jewish organization Bend the Arc and began actively seeking out opportunities to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

“I do this because I’m a Jew. This happened to my people and I will fight to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Fuhr said. “Six million of my people died because of fear and hate directed at them. As Jews, we cannot allow fear and hate to be directed at immigrants, Muslims, and refugees. We know how this ends, and we can’t allow this to happen in our country.”

During the Never Again Action, organizers sat shiva for migrants who died in federal immigration custody.

Many of the Jewish members of Never Again Action see their activism as an extension of their Judaism and weave together their religious and cultural practices with protest. Some protests with Never Again Action fall on Jewish holidays, including mass, nationwide protests planned for December that will coincide with Hanukkah. Protestors often incorporate prayers and ceremonies into their actions.

“To me, it’s important to show other Jews that our religion and culture and values actually tell us that we should welcome the stranger and fight for justice. When I protest, it’s important to me that I look visibly Jewish, to show that this is a movement of Jewish people showing up for immigrants because our Jewish values and history tell us that what happened to us can never happen again,” Fuhr said.

Organizers say it’s imperative that Jewish and immigrant communities join forces.

Protesters sang songs in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Organizers such as Brandon Mond makes direct comparisons between his family fleeing the Holocaust and migrant families seeking asylum. Mond was one of the organizers behind the first Never Again Action. He now works with Carolina Jews for Justice, where he helped lead the direct action in Graham against Alamance County’s Sheriff Johnson. …

Knowing that media, NGOs, and corrupt state and federal officials would back them up, the Jewish-led mob refused to disperse when ordered to do so by law enforcement. In striking contrast to Charlottesville, this open defiance resulted in no charges, no convictions, no prison sentences — no consequences whatever for the truly privileged “protestors.”

Never Again

Before the Never Again Action in Graham, which was the first in the rural South, Madeline Reyes, a Latinx Jewish organizer handling logistics, said White supremacist violence was a concern, but it wasn’t enough to keep protesters away. To Reyes, the most important part of the action was for immigrant communities affected by Alamance County’s immigration enforcement to know that they are seen and they are loved.

Before the November 24 action took to the streets, activist Roshan Panjwani said it was important to note that rural and Southern communities have a long history of being rooted in resistance. Panjwani, a Muslim immigrant in North Carolina, said those at the action were from rural and urban areas, “united in a fight for justice.”

“So many communities get pitted against each other. It’s intentional. They don’t want us working together to dismantle the systems that harm us all,” Panjwani said. “But powerful things happen when we stand together and say never again is now.”

* * *

Source: excerpted from an article at Yes magazine

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
4 December, 2019 9:22 am

Strange how all this does not apply to Palestinians.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
4 December, 2019 11:38 am

Yes, very precise point. In fact, you side lined (part of) my original comment
to a reply instead. Someone should be on the opposite side of their ‘line’ and
play clips of Israeli bulldozers in action. I’m so sick of these victim identity
jews – nauseating. They should be made to give up their job to an illegal alien.
Give up their home to a refugee – preferably muslim. Give up their college
scholarship to a ‘migrant’ … Live in and amongst the barrio and ghetto
diversity inhabitants they so want us to embrace. Germans had it right !

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
17 August, 2022 3:23 pm

Because the World knows and sees what is Raley‘s and Jews due to Palestinians. You people constantly harass white Americans and say that we stole land from Native Americans when it was actually a land that was conquered, you say colonize their land… yet Israel is the biggest colonizer in the world, they not only colonized but they murder Palestinians daily. That’s why Palestinians aren’t mentioned in this article.

4 December, 2019 7:39 pm

The jews did this in Russia before the 1917 Revolution. It started slowly like this.

And they tried the same thing in pre-WWII Germany, only they were stopped by the Nationalists. At least for a little while.

But the 6 mil. dead is chump change compared to the 100 MILLION+ dead – NON-jews BEFORE and and AFTER WWII. THe the White Russians Holomodor – U.S. soldiers -xtian Europeans – German civilians – and AFTER, Eastern Europeans -Hungarians – Poles – etc. – ALL at the hands of the Communists = jews.

And now, Palestinians – Iraqis – Syrians – and U.S. kid soldiers!

7 December, 2019 9:50 am

There isn’t going to be a wall Trump’s supposed conflict with congress to get funding for the border wall is just a kosher psyop designed to give off the illusion that he is fighting to uphold his campaign promises, when in reality he’s just carrying out the jews white genocidal program. He’s no different than Obama. Black or white, they take orders from the same political class: the Jews who control the money, the policies, and the media. But what’s most sickening about all this is that the same congress that unanimously votes to give untold billions to Israel in foreign military aid is now telling the American people that there is just not enough money to fund a border wall ! Israel first, America last, that’s how congress works.… Read more »

Reply to  zard
7 December, 2019 4:28 pm

I agree with your comments. The Jews are controlling both sides. This article by Chuck Baldwin is a good read. Hope you enjoy it.

7 December, 2019 10:32 pm

All roads lead to them in their minds.

pj dooner
pj dooner
11 December, 2019 10:26 am

It looks like it was blacks or Muslims who killed a race-mixer cop and some jews in a store in multicultural Jersey City yesterday and the jew mayor Fulop and jew-tool DeBlasio in New York City just across the river have ordered extra cops to guard all the synagogues and other jew locations. What’s interesting is that nearly all the attacks on jews in the NYC area for quite some time now have been by non-whites. So even though jews are behind “multiculturalism” and Third World immigration with the goal of destroying “whiteness” there are evidently some non-whites, and not just Muslims, who correctly understand the true nature of these jew demons and what their endgame really is. The jews are never careful in what they wish for Zero Hedge… Read more »