NC: Your Dead Shall Be Forgotten; Another Monument Removed

This is more than an issue of Confederate history, though it is that. White people as an identifiable group are being demonized in preparation for our planned death; and we are no longer permitted to memorialize our dead and fallen, our great men and women, if our would-be executioners proclaim them to have committed the “sin” of wanting the hated White race to survive.

THE Confederate monument outside the Chatham County courthouse was taken down overnight, with crews removing the base early Wednesday.

About 50 people who supported and opposed the monument gathered in downtown Pittsboro as the work began Tuesday night. The statue was taken off its base around 2 a.m. Wednesday, and the base was removed around 5:30 a.m.

The monument sparked frequent protests ever since the county board of commissioners voted in August to remove it.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Robert Butler, a supporter of the monument, said as crews worked overnight. “A statue’s never hurt a soul, just like a grave memorial. Do they hurt anybody?”

Anderson Ritter disagreed.

“It represents stuff that never really should have happened, and it kind of memorializes and makes it seem good,” Ritter said. “I and other people don’t agree with that.”

A poll by Elon University found that most North Carolina residents think Confederate monuments should stay on public property. Of the respondents, 65% said the monuments should stay on public property, while 35% said they should be removed.

Chatham County spokeswoman Kara Lusk Dudley said Tuesday night that crews were working to “safely and respectfully dismantle the Confederate monument, which includes the statue and pedestal.”

The statue and pedestal were to be taken to a “safe location” for storage until the Winnie Davis Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy found a location for them, she said.

County Manager Dan LaMontagne said the monument is being held at a third-party storage facility, which costs the county money.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy donated the statue in 1907, and it has stood outside the county courthouse since.

A Superior Court judge last week denied an injunction that the United Daughters of the Confederacy wanted to keep a Civil War monument outside the courthouse.

After the ruling, a Chatham County commissioner said officials would proceed “with reasonable haste” to remove the monument.

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Source: Southern Partisan

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6 December, 2019 11:50 am

The Horrors of 1865 To Present: My 5th grade teacher taught us that a sore winner is worse than a sore loser. THE UNRECONSTRUCTED is still at large.

6 December, 2019 12:04 pm

Let the destroyers of the Southern Confederacy count the beautiful White California girls while two prominent southern presidents watch over their posterity:

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
11 December, 2019 1:48 pm

The death from a thousand cuts continues.

11 December, 2019 4:41 pm

The Sister States have been under Federal occupation from the 1860s forward.

The Federal spider-web wants to smother the world before it hemorrhages and bleeds out.
The Federal authorities will announce their new victim soon. I suggest the countries in South America train their soldiers in guerrilla warfare.

The future office of Aryan history will reduce the greatness of this country to its net-worth.

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
15 December, 2019 9:16 pm

I eagerly await the first instance of a community deliberately restoring a Confederate monument to public space–an in-your-face defiance of political correctness. One such instance could very well lead to more.