Nature’s Consciousness


THE LIVING LIFE of a being is conscious: Consciousness of varying degrees depending upon the being. But the spirit, the life-energy, the Force within those beings is unconscious. Conscious actions being so rare in the universe, and unconscious ones being so numerous can lead to no other conclusion.

Nature is not a conscious force, therefore it is not personal. It shapes the universe to its laws as a matter of logical consequence, a matter of impersonal, indifferent fact. Every living and non-living thing is the product of, and subject to, these unconscious laws. These laws can be ignored, but they cannot be changed, overcome, or undone: They are the literal eternal fabric of the universe, of all existence itself.

The forces which have created the universe are unconscious: They exist, we know this, but they cannot be contacted. They cannot be manipulated or convinced to operate in any other manner than that which they are designed to. The laws of physics are eternal: have always been, shall always be.

Physics is always physics, mathematics is mathematics, gravity pulls downward, heat rises, magnetism attracts and repels. And living beings grow hungry, thirsty, and tired. These forces are very real and are very much unconscious.


In living beings, however, the unconscious of the universe begins to awaken.

Nature is an unconscious energy, and yet it is the life-force of us all. But in us Nature wakes up and begins to become aware of itself. Through our eyes the universe takes its first look at itself.

While Nature may be an unconscious force, it has produced consciousness of varying degrees throughout time — seemingly peaking in what we see before us today in our own species. In our own species Nature seems to be striving for a continued increase in higher consciousness — an acceleration and intensification of consciousness. For what reason, we can only speculate. But there is no doubt that Nature has intended for us to be the soil in which it cultivates its crop of consciousness at the current place in time.

Before conscious beings, Nature was always silently sleeping, but now she can see herself and her vast universe. She can see all of her countless dynamics and possibilities that have existed since the dawn of eternity.

We are the conduit of Nature’s self-realization.


We are the product of Nature, thus we are Nature, albeit on a microcosmic scale.

Our consciousness is Nature’s consciousness. Our thoughts are Nature’s thoughts. Our feelings are Nature’s feelings. Our words, her words. Our actions, her actions.

Through our conscious, physical, living forms, Nature wakes from unconscious slumber and is able to interact with her own universe: To recognize herself, realize herself, and physically be a part of herself.


We are Nature’s unconscious evolution toward awareness, consciousness, and enlightenment. But in the grand scale of Nature and Time we are just beginning: we are essentially infants. So much growth and refinement is yet needed. The current state of our consciousness is out of order: Misguided, misdirected, and misappropriated. So many misuse their gift of consciousness for self-indulgent purposes that only serve themselves and their own lifetime — all without even being conscious of the fact that they are in fact conscious…

We are the conscious awakening of the forces of the universe. What other purpose should there be than to expand upon our consciousness? What else should we live our lives for than learning, awareness, consciousness, and enlightenment? What purpose could possibly be higher?

Learning, teaching, exploring, being inspired and creating inspiration for others through creative expression: this is the meaning of life. This is the most important reason we came into existence for.


Eternity we must serve, and serve it through the expansion, acceleration, and intensification of consciousness.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race

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