Swedish Pervert Festival Countered by NRM

AT THE END OF September, activists from Nest 2 gathered to protest against the Skövde Pride festival and inform the townspeople what the LGBTQP lobby really stands for. The activists were also forced to deal with a large and unruly man who thought he could disrupt the Resistance Movement’s action.

The Resistance men arrived in the Pride area on Hertig Johan’s square in central Skövde at around 12.30 p.m. They made a short stop at St Helena church, on the east side of the square, where a large man was seen watching and photographing them. When the Resistance men moved from the church, the man followed them for just over 100 metres to the other side of the square. He then positioned himself in the way of the banner. Below the Resistance men can be seen passing him beside the church.

Despite several appeals, the man refused to move, after which he was finally reprimanded. Aftonbladet subsequently reported that someone was said to have been taken to hospital with a split lip and possibly a missing tooth during the activity…

The Resistance men then went on to where the pride parade was taking place and gave out leaflets.

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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James Clayton
James Clayton
10 November, 2019 12:18 pm

One of the problems with boxing is not having protective equipment along when you decide you pop some fat boy and you risk getting cut on a tooth, for example. Or even getting tears or saliva in a nick. I can guess where that chubby Antifa’s mouth has been. :-| If you ever were where quick response to bleeding and breathing emergencies were common, it is almost instinctive to put one’s hands and even mouth where it can save a life. And so it is important to think about the problem beforehand. Someone commented on seeing a Ziploc with a pair of latex gloves in my wallet that he carried a pair, too, and that he wouldn’t risk exposure to God knows what, these days. If I could post a… Read more »