Muslim Brotherhood Founder Was a Jew, Says Retired Egyptian General

Retired Egyptian General Fouad Fayoud: Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna was a Jew; Israel’s Mossad wants to “tear apart” Arab countries with sectarian conflict.

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD founder Hassan al-Banna was secretly a Jew, retired Egyptian General Fouad Fayoud said last month on Egyptian television.

Speaking on Egypt’s Channel 1 on Oct. 27, Fayoud said al-Banna had lived in a neighborhood inhabited by Moroccan Jews, and had been known as “the watchmaker,” a profession Fayoud said was practiced exclusively by Jews at that time.

Fayoud went on to claim that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency had agents inside Egypt and other Arab countries, such as Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, who were fomenting sectarian conflict.

The following is a translated partial transcript of Fayoud’s remarks:

Fouad Fayoud: “The Muslim Brotherhood began with Imam Hassan al-Banna, who was the founder and leader of that movement. Hassan al-Banna was also known as Hassan al-Sa’ati [“the watchmaker”]. In 1928, this profession was held only by Jews. They knew how to repair watches. Al-Banna used to live in Beheira [Governorate], which was inhabited by Moroccan Jews. The tomb of Rabbi [Yaakov] Abuhatzeira is there [, in the city of Damanhur].


“I heard a recording from the Libyan radio. … They caught a mosque preacher and imam named Abu Hafs. This Abu Hafs was actually a Mossad agent named Binyamin Israel. He grew a beard, trimmed his moustache and worked as a preacher and imam in Libya. I have a recording of this. As an imam and preacher, this Abu Hafs recruited 200 people in order to send them to wreak havoc in Egypt. Here, we had … In Tahrir Square, there was a guy who held up a sign attacking [then U.S. President Barack] Obama. It said: ‘This is a revolution for honor, not a revolution of the hungry.’ Who was this rebellious young man? Ilan Stein Grappel, an Israeli Mossad officer.”

Interviewer: “This is a lesson we have all learned. All of Egypt learned this lesson. … All of Egypt learned this lesson.”

Fayoud: “When he saw that he could not do anything in Tahrir Square, he went to [burn] the church in [the city of] Atfih. When the former chief of the Mossad handed over the reins to the current chief, he told him: ‘We have succeeded in sowing sectarian strife in Egypt.’ ”


“Bernard Lewis was a Jew, an English national, and an American citizen, since he taught in universities there. He presented a study on how to tear apart the Arab countries. It was called ‘The Great Middle East.’ The U.S. Congress endorsed this study in 1983. It endorsed [the plan] for tearing apart the Arab countries. This plan has existed for a long time.

“[David] Ben-Gurion was told: ‘[Israel] has become a strong country because it has a nuclear bomb.’ He said: ‘No, our strength does not depend on having a nuclear bomb, because if we dropped it on Egypt, Jordan, or Syria, the nuclear fallout might reach Israel and harm us.’ [He was asked:] ‘So where does your power come from?’ [He answered:] ‘From tearing apart our neighboring countries.’

“They want to tear apart Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. These are the strong countries neighboring [Israel]. Iraq is divided into Kurds, Sunnis and Shi’ites. Syria is divided into Alawites, Sunnis and Kurds. As for Lebanon, we can all see what’s going on there these days.”

* * *

Source: Jewish News Syndicate

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3 December, 2019 10:58 pm

I am sorry but this article is BS. I have looked for Hasan-al-Banna on the Internet and everything I found about him was Jewish or pro-Jewish articles attacking him. He has been denounced and still is, as a rabid anti-Jewish militant and admirer of Adolf Hitler. I wonder from where this “Egyptian general” comes from and why is he saying this. The fact that this interview was published by the Jewish media is very suspicious. Let’s not forget that they are masters of deceit.

Reply to  Angelicus
30 October, 2020 9:24 pm

The people we call ‘Palestinians’ are nothing other than one of the firts Jewish tribes to be converted to Islam, way back in the 7th century.
Yemen was a Jewish kingdom before Mohammed’s army showed up.
Many of the Viziers and Grand Viziers in the various Islamic Empires were either Greeks or Jews (sometimes both), because those were the smartest people available within their borders.
What the Egyptian general says may very well be true.