FBI Fabricates Another White “Terror” Plot

WATCH TV shows like MindHunter or Dick Wolf’s FBI and you might come under the impression that the FBI is a law enforcement organization. 

But from its inception, the FBI has always acted as political police led by megalomaniacs (Hoover, Mueller, Comey, McCabe) with no real congressional oversight or public accountability.

They are so lawless that they have even railroaded multiple people in retaliation for helping Donald Trump’s populist campaign in 2016, constantly planting evidence, spying and lying along the way. Trump, who fires everyone on TV, has done nothing to rein them in even though he is supposed to be their boss!

Their latest crusade is to selectively prosecute nationalist critics of globalization, immigration and multiculturalism in a time when liberal institutions have been discredited.

The excuse given is “white nationalist domestic terrorism,” a moral panic and cynical narrative concocted by the Israeli fifth column at the Anti-Defamation League and dispersed by Jewish run media outlets. The FBI’s own statistics show that only 1 out of 4 hate crimes are committed by White people, but their bloated $9.5 billion “counter-terrorism” budget needs terrorists!

The latest victim is Jarrett William Smith, a US servicemen who was entrapped by an undercover agent in a conversation over Telegram.

According to Special Agent Brandon LaMar’s affidavit, the agent asked Smith who he thought deserved to be targeted in Texas, and he responded “Beto O’Rourke.” A dramatic arrest and claims of foiling a terror plot soon followed.

If the agent had approached any random good ol’ boy gun owner with said question about Beto he would’ve gotten a similar response. One GOP legislator, Briscoe Cain, tweeted something similar directly to Beto and federal agents aren’t dragging him away in handcuffs because he’s highly visible and politically connected.

The FBI’s New Conspiracy

A source familiar with the recent spree of FBI entrapments told National Justice that undercover secret police and informants like to present themselves as military veterans, sometimes trying to recruit people to go fight in the Ukraine. They are seldom well-versed in ideology beyond superficial “racism,” talking about guns and blowing things up.

A nationalist organizer we have spoken to has witnessed one or two attempts by this template, but told us that they were quickly rejected.

Because of this frustration, FBI informants and undercovers have been burning up overtime hours trolling on the Internet’s last free speech outlets like Telegram, Gab, etc and casting a very wide net in hopes of finding a lone schizophrenic straggler who police operatives can talk into a “terror plot” the mark has no way of executing. 

A nationalist Web site, National Justice, is trying to document such underhanded, illegal, unconstitutional tactics, saying, “If you have the secret police knocking on your door to harass you over 1st Amendment protected activities, film them and send it to us.

What the Numbers Show: Domestic Terrorism vs Homicides

The figleaf over the FBI’s latest political crusade is extra egregious when you compare it to the overall state of law enforcement in America.

50 people were allegedly killed in “far-right domestic terror” attacks in 2018, and this is considering the fact that the FBI defines “far-right” as any terrorist attack that wasn’t committed by a leftist or a Muslim (a wide variety of ideologies, from libertarian Sovereign Citizens to White nationalists, are put in the same category). [And a large percentage of those supposedly killed “by the far right” in 2019 were killed by one man. The totally meaningless statistical jump gave Jewish groups the excuse they needed to hold Congressional hearings and the like raising the alarm about the “threat” posed by White people who want to continue to exist. — Ed.]

This non-issue has the FBI Agents Association demanding Congress give them more powers and laws that they can use to prosecute teenage American citizens posting memes on Telegram with lower standards of evidence than you would need to prove a real crime in court.

Meanwhile, the latest government data shows that 40% of all homicides went unresolved last year — 6,000 deaths, in spite of massive leaps in forensic sciences. This is a historic low.

If we single out major cities, the numbers are even more alarming. In 2016, Baltimore, Chicago, and New Orleans cleared less than 30% of all murders.

In 1973, Memphis saw 126 homicides, and 99% of the cases were resolved. In 2016, the same city had fewer killings, yet only 38% turned up a suspect.

 In Detroit, only 15% of all homicides lead to an arrest. According to the FBI’s priorities, it is more acceptable to kill Blacks than to joke on the Internet about killing Blacks. 

If the FBI was a law enforcement organization, they would be demanding resources to aid local police departments in these cold cases, or put extra effort into busting the national and trans-national gangs who are behind most of these murders.

But this is not their job. The FBI exists to affirm and impose oligarch narratives created by the Jews at the ADL. Their primary objective isn’t to stop drug traffickers or use psychic powers to find missing children, it’s to make you afraid of expressing views that politically undermine the established order.

* * *

Source: National Justice

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Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
25 November, 2019 12:51 am

An eye-opening article. I’m glad to learn National Justice is attempting to reign in the FBI’s over-zealousness. It appears setting up white folks as domestic terrorists, is a multi-billion dollar cash cow for the FBI.

25 November, 2019 9:40 pm

Look, Jews want the entire world to themselves. Just look at the way the Earth is being restructured. You can see it all happening right before your eyes. These sick parasites have nothing better to do, so why not go for broke ? They seem to be Der Ewige Jude, no ? Who’s gonna stop them ? NO ONE !! All we do is sit behind our stupid computers, typing our hearts out while THEY do things that are REAL and get REAL results. Just look at the world’s immigration crisis, my God, do you really think this is happenstance ? It’s all part of the globalist agenda, with the Jew winding up top dog on the pyramid of life, their dicks in one hand and a whip in the… Read more »

Reply to  Tom
20 February, 2020 2:03 pm

Yes all is true, but The LORD Jesus Christ is coming soon, and He will win the war, and Antichrist will forever be in hell.

Luther Williams
Luther Williams
Reply to  Drew
21 February, 2020 12:46 pm

Jesus Christ? Boy, did you come to the wrong Web site.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  Luther Williams
21 February, 2020 6:28 pm

Ha! Do you mean you didn’t know that the Pale Jew will eventually swoop down through the clouds on a white horse and rid the Famous But Incompetents from DOJ with his cat o’ none tails, like he dealt with those pesky money changers 2,000 years ago in that Jerusalem temple at Passover? Then, of course, he’ll save the White race. ;o}
comment image

21 February, 2020 8:00 pm

If the FBI should be investigating anyone it is the mayors and public safety officials of major sanctuary cities. Are they working in cahoots with drug cartels, or local “legitimate” businesses that happen to use undocumented workers, or are they simply afraid that the big media managers might not be generous in their coverage – and we know that liberals and their enablers get “can do no wrong” coverage like Bill Clinton did when president. Regardless!