Evangelical Lutheran Church Creates Child-Grooming App

iPhone app incentivizes children to create and “marry” non-White and “LGBTQ” characters.

THE Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) has created an app (application, or program) for the iPhone which targets White children — Whites are the dominant demographic still left in this once-thriving church — and makes it “fun” for them to create and choose to “marry” non-White, homosexual, and other “partners” in a game designed to break down their natural reluctance to do such things.

The ELCA has long been known for its pro-pervert propaganda. The ELCA is also home to the infamous “feminist” pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber who solicited parishioners to turn in their purity rings (which were created to be symbolic of sexual fidelity) to be melted and turned into a statue of “a vulva in flames” as a part of her “ministry,” with full church approval.

Now, the denomination has created an app in which children enter a virtual where game play consists of creating “LGBTQ” characters and non-White characters — and “marrying” them. The app, available in the Apple store — which totally bans pro-White content — touts itself as “the Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s new and original app for kids.” Here’s how they describe it themselves:

As children virtually enter the open doors of the Lutheran church, kids of all backgrounds, who speak any language, can enjoy this entirely visual interactive experience. The MNYS Children’s App is a joyful experience designed to engage and educate kids in the beauty of the accepting and welcoming love of God. Featuring six different games, children can play a game of memory that showcases various cultures; marry a couple at church of the ethnicity and gender-identity combination that the child chooses; color a variety of stained glass church windows; spot the difference in various Biblical illustrations; compose a piece of music at the organ with the help of a jazzy band of mice who accompany kids on the drams, bass, guitar, and piano; or simply read through various pictorial Bible stories. These games are fun and creative, allowing children to embody the radically welcoming inclusivity of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

They say the app boasts “Easy, child-friendly navigation,” “Colorful and playful illustrations that bring Lutheran values to life,” and “Fun challenges that enable children to learn and grow,” and it claims that it is “Culturally, ethnically and LGBTQIA+ welcoming.”

And it isn’t only the Lutherans. Virtually every Christian denomination has been turned against our people. The church, which should be a bedrock of racial integrity, healthy values, and correct guidance for youth, is now an active enemy of our race.

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Source: National Vanguard correspondents

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11 November, 2019 8:03 am

It is important to me that each of us in the National Alliance continue and expand our outreach efforts in every form to find and offer a healthier alternative to those healthy Whites that are afflicted by MNYS and other purveyors of our genocide. To stand by and do nothing would be irresponsible!

The Groyper
The Groyper
11 November, 2019 12:24 pm

They need to be groyped.

Old Norseman
Old Norseman
16 November, 2019 7:20 pm

The ELCA is also the group that sponsored bringing all the Africans to Minnesota under the guise of “we are all gods children”. This is the group I left years ago when the Bishop wouldn’t denounce gay marriage. Best thing that ever happened to me. After leaving these sick mentally ill degenerates I became an Odinist and started to live an epic life of honor.

17 November, 2019 10:03 am

After all, Christianity is JEWISH, what do you expect?

Ed Melik
Ed Melik
17 November, 2019 1:03 pm

In order to create an effective large scale (not massive) grass root movement to defeat the sinister ills of our neoliberal Zionist demonization of everything Biblical good is, to set up small groups in each community and through a network of internet based coordinations, hold smaller classes in our churches, community centers, homes, etc., to rid our children’s pre-programmed indoctrination by the evil doers. Their mission is to systematically reduce the footprint of Christian and other religions such as Islamic teachings which are based on strong family and religious values. Watch Tower folks are doing it with strong conviction so we can too but with a lot less public profile initially.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
26 January, 2021 6:29 pm

It’s interesting that there are still a relatively large number of Christian-identity people around. I can’t imagine just sticking with a losing program no matter what. This shameless effort to bring in “new Lutherans” is almost as bad as the glee that Protestants have expressed in the British Isles regarding the arrival of west African Christian immigrants who have bolstered their ranks.