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The Scoundrels Who Misrule Germany

by Revilo P. Oliver

ECOLOGISTS, as they now call themselves, have long been concerned over the chemical pollution of land, air, and water in industrial nations and the ever accelerated depletion of natural resources throughout the entire globe. Aside from some shameless exploitation of this concern for political and subversive purposes, the ecologists’ fears for the future are justified, and one could -wish that they dared say frankly that a principal cause of what they deplore is simply the overpopulation of this planet as a whole and of countries such as the United States in particular. If the world is not to become eventually uninhabitable, an intelligent race, interested in its own survival, must find a way to arrest the noisome pollution of its environment by the fantastic proliferation of anthropoid refuse within its own borders and in territories that its own people could advantageously colonize.

That problem, posed by an undeniable fact, is grim indeed, and every possible solution of it is certain to be highly unpleasant and even horrible, but it is one that intelligent men will face rationally. It is, of course, entirely beyond the comprehension of persons whose minds have been hebetated by prolonged use of ideological narcotics, Christianity, “Liberalism,” and similar forms of childish sentimentality.

* * *

A recent flurry of concern was caused by the unverified report that a very low form of organic life had been detected in the soil of Mars, which induced unjustified speculation that Mars may once have been an inhabited planet on which all complex forms of life had been destroyed by a progressive desiccation caused by the consumption of such plants as the forests on which the habitability of the earth depends. And although attention was then focused on the rapid destruction of the great rain forests of the Amazon to clear land and build towns for irremediably inferior and useless species of bipeds, the depletion of other forests was, of course, relevant.

One is saddened by the waste of trees to produce paper that will be covered with drivel and the verbalized nonsense that gives the thoughtless the illusion that they are thinking. Two examples of such waste have just been scattered around this country by the “German Information Center” in New York, the propaganda agency of the disreputable gang that now governs Germany. But there is truth in the aphorism that there is no book from which a critical reader cannot learn something. Whether that something is worth the time it takes to read the book is, naturally, a quite different matter.

Common Values, Common Cause: German Statesmen in the United States, American Statesmen in Germany, 1953-1983, is, as one would expect, a maladorous mass of the gobbledegook that politicians in a “democracy” utter as naturally as locusts stridulate, and, except for a few geographical terms, the 202 pages of “statements and speeches” might have been productions of the speech-writers in the White House. It is adorned with pictures that show German scoundrels conferring with American scoundrels. It would not be right to say that the various Chancellors and Presidents are plotting together, because all the scheming has been done for them by higher powers, but, to judge from the pictures, they have a good time exchanging off-color jokes and winks.

If a diligent reader were to sort out and examine every bit of the verbal garbage about “partnership for peace,” “commitment to democratic ideals,” “cooperation for progress,” and the like, he might be able to find some traces of the constant deterioration of Germany from the time of Adenauer to the time of Kohl. Each puppet has represented something a little worse than did his predecessor.

Indefatigable optimists, who hoped that Helmut Kohl might mark the beginning of some slight amelioration of conditions in Germany, should have learned from that individual’s conduct during the visit of the leading South-African scoundrel, Pieter Botha, to Germany, as reported in the official Week in Germany for 8 June. With the insolent vulgarity of “do-gooders” and their Puritanic itch to meddle in other people’s business, Kohl demanded the abolition of apartheid in South Africa and hastening of the glorious day when the savages there will start exterminating White men. His Foreign Minister, Genscher by name, carried on the work of insulting South Africans and our race in general by yapping for “independence” for the sub-humans who infest the deserts of what he called “Namibia,” i.e., South West Africa. Needless to say. Kohl and Botha winked at each other as they went through their act, and chuckled as their infamy was covered by turning loose hordes of presumably German zombies, who howled with indignation because Botha, supposedly the representative of a White nation, had been allowed to visit the ruins of Germany. But the episode of the visit made it more clear than ever that Kohl and Botha are both puppets that are manipulated in a single Puppenspielerei.

The volume of printed tripe, however, will remind some of us of the cautious hopes we entertained in Adenauer’s time. He was, so far as was known, a German, although he was doubtless supervised by the Jewess to whom he was married, and he was obviously in a position that was extremely difficult and, if he was an honest man, heart-breaking. So far as one could judge from visits to Germany during those years, he did his best, within the limits of his authority, to give the conquered nation hope for its future in the part of the dismembered country that was under his jurisdiction. And he certainly exercised some restraint on the ferocity of the Jewish conquerors to an extent that became obvious only in later regimes, when the parasite race began more boldly to display its unappeasable hatred of civilized mankind. He also presided over the “economic miracle” of German recovery from the devastation and slaughter wrought by the Jews’ janissaries in the Suicide of Europe. That, to be sure, was a great achievement, but one that was made possible by the innate character of the Germans who survived the great catastrophe and belonged to a generation that had not had its brains addled by American barbarians, officially called “educators,” who zealously undertook the work of sabotaging the minds of German children. It was not so much of a “miracle” as it appeared to Americans, who had already been trained to regard work as a hardship to be avoided except when it is a dire necessity and proof that one is “underprivileged.”

We, who know what conspiracies accomplish on every scale from the boodle that is normal in even a small town to the world-wide operations of the innately conspiratorial race, are perhaps excessively inclined to suspect that subtle and long-term planning contrived events that greatly further the work of our enemies, whereas in reality all that may be involved is their proficiency in exploiting every opportunity for depredation that chance offers them, just as pickpockets take every opportunity to snatch wallets surreptitiously. We must be wary therefore, and not leap to a conclusion when we observe that Adenauer’s “economic miracle,” by exploiting the superiority of German industry, created a shortage of labor, which led to the importation of swarms of incompatible aliens, chiefly mongrels and other dregs from the biological cesspools of Asia Minor,* who, with their often even more mongrel offspring, now clutter up Germany, where the industrial boom has been ended by the growing superiority of Japan. The offspring of the refuse have for years polluted the German schools, to which they were foolishly admitted, and in some places they were actually so numerous that German children became a minority, while German children everywhere, like children in the United States, were exposed to corrupting contact with lower forms of human life. Now some Germans are trying to hire the creatures to go home, while feeble-minded Germans talk about making citizens of some of the scum, and the Genscher mentioned above officially yelled for the “social integration” of the refuse as a “top priority” of his government, so that German taxpayers will be forced to finance the increasing pollution of their country, while they also support the two and two-thirds millions of Germans who cannot find work because their places have been taken by the imported riff-raff, which numbered 4,600,000 in 1982 and was increasing at the rate of 650,000 a year.

In his treasonable talk about “integrating” the “minorities” in Germany, Genscher merely repeated what was said by Helmut Schmidt, when he was the Flugelmann called Chancellor in 1982 and jabbered about his “long-term goal” of “integrating” the parasitic enemies “permanently into the mainstream of society.” If Germany were still a nation, the problem of the “minorities” could be solved very quickly, given the well-known efficiency of the German railroads, and Herren Schmidt, Kohl, and their coadjutors could be given a special coach at the end of some train.

But Germany is not a nation, and so long as her territory is ruled by the shabbat goyim in Bonn, the dwindling population of Germans will have to walk through streets that are filthy with walking garbage. So now you see clearly the result of Adenauer’s “economic miracle.” And you have before you a question of historical causality that it behooves you to ponder carefully. When Germany was permitted to make the economic recovery that amazed the world, did the Jews permit and foster that recovery for the specific purpose of producing the result that has now occurred? Or did they permit the hated Aryans a measure of economic prosperity only so that they could extort from them forty billion dollars as “reparations” for their fictitious Holohoax, and only later discover how the influx of foreign “workers” could be used to hasten the final liquidation of the Aryans in Germany and thus leave God’s Race free to start in earnest on the Aryans in other parts of the world?

How much was forethought and long-range planning by the enemies of mankind and how much was only their opportunism, ever alert for a chance to plunder today with no thought of the morrow? He who can feel certain of his answer to that question will be, as the French say, bien fine.

* * *

The Federal Republic of Germany in the 1980s is another bundle of buncombe, consisting of the lucubrations of four “experts,” one of whom, Robert Gerald Livingston, who now adorns the John Hopkins University, edited the whole. I need not tell you that expert Szabo, who is the Professor of National Security in a mare’s nest called The National Defense University in the District of Corruption, assures you that Kohl is regarded by “analysts” as a great conservative, just like Mog Thatcher and Ronnie Reagaia. All that reminds me of blatteration by a “political scientist” I heard when I was a youngster: he “analysed” what he called “the great climacteric” in the Soviet, when that “genial Liberal, Trotsky” was overcome and expelled by the “reactionary conservatism” of Stalin.

Szabo is cuter, however, when he assures us that “The ‘Americanization’ of West Germany represents a Westernization of German life, with the result that West Germany is a completely Western country for the first time in German history.” If you

didn’t gag on that one, try this really cute twist: “Reinhard Lettau’s pamphlet, US=Taglicher Faschismus and Ernest Nolte’s comparison of Vietnam with Auschwitz were, as the historian [sic!] Hans Gatzke, has written, ‘examples of attempts which were motivated unconsciously by the hope of mitigating Germany’s own past crimes.’ By bringing America down to the level of Nazi Germany, many Germans could relieve some of their own guilt.”

That reminds one, of course, that the shameless little hirelings who now govern Germany are determined to rub the Jews’ excrement in the face of every Aryan. In Germany today, the Jews do not even need to use their owm terrorists, as they still do in the United States, where they totally destroyed the Institute for Historical Review in Torrance, California, in the early morning of the Fourth of July, a date selected to show their contempt for their American curs. In Germany, the Jews let the German police do their work for them in terrorist raids on individuals and publishers suspected of having books that displease Yahweh’s Chosen Bandits by failing to endorse their Big Lies, especially their Holohoax.

It would require too much space even to list the outrages against civilization perpetrated by the pirates of Bonn, but the measure of German degradation is shown by the action of the University of Gottingen, once a respected institution of higher learning, when it “revoked” the doctoral degree of Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, who offended God’s Race by publishing a veracious account of what actually happened at the Auschwitz that Szabo mentioned (doubtless with a smirk) above.

Now we should clearly understand what that implies. For writing a truthful book. Dr. Staglich was forced from the office of Judge in Hamburg, which he had held for twenty years. That, of course, was within the powers of an uncivilized government. The German police raided the offices of the publisher of Dr. Staglich’s Der Auschwitz Mythos and destroyed all copies of the book; that was within their power, just as they could have murdered the publisher and his staff. But what the academic rabbits in the University of Gottingen attempted was something no human being could do. A learned degree, an earned doctorate, is a record of academic achievement and, unless it was demonstrably obtained by fraud, cannot be revoked, anymore than the Jews, much as they would like to do so, can revoke the crossing of the Atlantic by Lindberghin 1927. The contemptible shysters of Gottingen knew that, but they had simply lost all respect for facts. One can only wonder that they did not think of revoking Dr. Staglich’s birth-certificate. That would have enabled their Professor of Demograpliy, if they have one, to prove conclusively that Dr. Staglich never existed and therefore that the offending book could never have been published, so reports of it must be the work of ‘Neo-Nazi’ plotters, who should be crucified for spreading such false reports. That would have been a really neat job and might have earned for them the highest academic honor in their conception, that of kissing a Jew’s godly buttocks.

If you read the German press — no, what I really mean is the newspapers that are printed in the German language in the territory ruled by Bonn, newspapers generally owned by the international parasites or their stooges, which gleefully report the crimes against civilization committed by the Jews’ barbarian mercenaries who are the government in Bonn, you will soon come to take the motto nil admirari and you will wonder at nothing they may do, however outrageous or absurd. In the August issue of Instauration, a well-known American conservative of some academic standing, who hides his identity under the pseudonym “Cholly Bilderberger,” gives a circumstantial report of a case which, he says, is now in the German courts. According to Bilderberger, two Kikesses who were lunching in a restaurant in Stuttgart told each other what blessings their race had bestowed on the Semites of Palestine by grabbing their country. They saw a young German at a neighboringtable, a man named Oberkirchen, raise his right eyebrow a distance said to be between five and seven millimeters, i.e., approximately between three-sixteenths and nine thirty-seconds of an inch. Now raising an eyebrow is a gesture that indicates irony, and if Oberkirchen was ironic, that meant he was guilty of the crime of doubting something said by one of God’s Master Race. Oberkirchen was tried for “anti-Semitism” and sentenced to six years in prison, but, according to Bilderberger, has been granted bail while appealing his conviction to a higher court.

Now you and I will suspect Bilderberger of rather heavy-handed and somewhat juvenile satire. But, given the unspeakable nest of traitors in Bonn and the utter shamelessness with which they now operate, how the Hell can we be sure? If Bilderberger invented that story as a sarcastic parody, its very crudity makes him a failure as a satirist, but he may compensate himself with the mantle of prophecy: he merely described what Bonn is quite likely to do next year or the year thereafter soon as its owners get the idea.

* In 1982, when there were only 4,600,000 of the imported aliens in Germany, by far the largest number were classified as “Turks” which means only that they came from the part of Asia Minor that is under Turkish government. So far as I know, no attempt has been made to determine their racial composition, and we must rely on the impressions of Germans and visitors to Germany who have observed the aliens whom they encountered or saw in action. That they are mostly dregs from the mongrel population of the territory from which they come is shown by the efforts made by the Turkish government to prevent their return to Turkey. Germany is to be made what the United States so happily became, a dumping ground for the world’s racial garbage.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, January 1985

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26 October, 2019 5:44 am

No behavior is embraced unless there are REWARDS.

Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen
Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen
27 October, 2019 11:32 am

Climate lie, vaccination lie etc. – German puppeticians do what they can against the people – as the people does iself: homo homini lupus. This is a consequence of the loss of or even the hatred against Christianity. Consider two facts: 1. In 1957, when Germany had severely violated the Reichskonkordat (“Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich”), the Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) ruled a) that the concordat is still valid, but b) that only the church is bound by the concordat, however not the German state. That declaration was openly (e.g. by Klaus Mörsdorf) called “law-breaking” and “schizophrenic”. It was symptomatic for “German christianity” in 1957, and the situation for the Catholic Church in Germany became worse every day. 2. Revisionists often point out that Pope Pius… Read more »

Reply to  Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen
27 October, 2019 8:24 pm

Greetings Pater Lingen. PROTOCOL No. 3 (of the Learned Elders of Zion) 1. To-day I may tell you that our goal is now only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people. When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice. 2. The constitution scales of these days will shortly break down, for we have established them with a certain lack of accurate balance in order that they may oscillate incessantly until they wear through the pivot on which they turn. The implication is that they know what they are doing… Read more »

Reply to  Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen
25 May, 2021 2:00 pm

Greetings Pater Lngen. The “climate lie” will soon become apparent in the next few years because global temperatures will cool rapidly. We have passed the peak temperatures of the 172-year solar cycle/s that are responsible for ‘climate change’. Next year will be 172 years since the start of the 1850s ‘Little Ice Age’.

4 April, 2021 12:25 pm

Update from Germany

Life in Germany is getting more and more grotesque. Our business people and landowners have less and less money. After a year of the destruction of the German economy and the deprivation of liberty, the first cities respond with tax increases.
In Germany there is now a constant threat of a so-called Mega-Lockdown to protect
people from a Fairy-Tale-Pandemic.
Pictured: Placard of a controlled opposition party.

Oleg Malzew
Oleg Malzew
22 May, 2021 6:38 pm

Vor etwa drei Monaten fragte eine Stimme im BRD-Juden-Funk heuchlerisch, ob es nicht etwas Romantisches an sich hätte, Uromas alte Kaffeemaschine wieder flott zu machen! 

Der Widerstand glaubt zurecht, dass der Jude sehr bald europaweit 
Stromausfälle organisieren wird, um Chaos zu schaffen! In München gab es bereits einen Stromausfall! Haltet die Augen offen und bereitet euch auf das Schlimmste vor!

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Oleg Malzew
23 May, 2021 9:43 pm

Ich predige schon seit Jahren, daß Abhängigkeit von Elektronik aller Art uns zum Verhängnis werden wird und schätze, daß die Machthaber zumindestens versuchen werden, den Todesspritzenverweigerern Strom, Gas, Wasser,Lebensmittel und Zugang zum eigenen Geld zu verweigern bzw. abzuschnüren.

My translation: I’ve preached for years that dependence on any type of electronics will be our downfall and reckon that those in power will at least try to deny or choke off electricity, gas, water, food and access to their own money to those who refuse the death jab.

Oleg Malzew
Oleg Malzew
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
24 May, 2021 9:26 pm

Danke für den gemachten Text. Ich konnte in verwerten, um unsere Leute zu warnen.

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
25 May, 2021 1:53 pm

Greetings Prinz. The preppers have the correct attitude. If you can, disconnect yourself from the electrical grid with a solar panel, battery, regulator and inverter. Store water and stockpile food. Bank interest is tiny so use money elsewhere and buy land either alone or with a group of intelligent people. I understand that the waste from one person can provide enough gas to cook for four hours daily. Prepare now!