New Forms of Poverty

Pope Francis on Sunday decried “the culture of comfort” that leads to indifference in the face of a global migration and refugee crisis.

A POPE WHO belongs in the worst part of the Hell he is making on Earth does the bidding of his Jewish masters. You’ve got to stop worrying about your “comfort,” goyim. Give up your selfish desire to not die in pain in favor of burning cities, rape gangs and a plate full of maggots to prevent warm days in July. Yes, you really need to stop caring about your future and become a doomed outsider in your ancient homelands. It’s the right thing to do according to a delusional weirdo serving as a mouthpiece for the Jewish Moloch.

“We cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of old and new forms of poverty, to the bleak isolation, contempt and discrimination experienced by those who do not belong to ‘our group,”‘ Francis said.

The African Negro doesn’t even belong to our species, your “holiness.”

“We cannot remain insensitive, our hearts deadened, before the misery of so many innocent people. We must not fail to weep. We must not fail to respond.

What is the modern cucked church? As far as I can tell, it has something to do with sodomite “chemsex” and endless groveling debasement towards unbelievers who have nothing but contempt for you. The Jew is g*d’s chosen, the brown Muslim invader is the very face of g*d. As for you, the one actually listening to this dung-heap of a sermon, you need to climb into the grave.

His message found political resistance in Italy’s previous populist government, during which the former hard-line interior minister, Matteo Salvini, campaigned to prevent the arrival in Italy of migrants rescued at sea by humanitarian groups.

A future as a coherent homogeneous nation or becoming an enemygrant zoo. Choose carefully, Italy.

I don’t even want to know what’s supposed to be happening here.

During his homily Sunday, the Pope also noted the weapons that fuel wars are often produced and sold in other regions, “which are then unwilling to take in the refugees generated buy these conflicts.”

It’s your fault skinnies are killing each other with weapons left over from Soviet interference in their failed states. Let them all in.

Many migrants and refugees from conflicts throughout the world attended the mass in St. Peter’s Square, which closed with the unveiling of a bronze statue by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz depicting migrants packed on a boat.

The animal that’s more equal wants to show you its kosher degenerate art. This is more important than Christ.

“This statue depicts a group of migrants from various cultures and over different historic periods. I wanted this artistic work here in St. Peter’s Square to remind everyone of the evangelical challenge of hospitality,” Francis said.

It depicts the traveling merchant here with the bargain of a lifetime for you cattle and some mystery meats. I guess a sculpted version of one of those overloaded rapefugee rafts about to dump its vile dark contents into your country is still a bridge too far. For now.

During the mass, a multi-ethnic chorus sang and the incense burned came from a refugee camp in southern Ethiopia, where refugees are rekindling a 600-year-old tradition of collecting incense. The Vatican said the incense “reminds us that refugees can also thrive, not just survive.”

The uplifting story of genetic aliens rooting around in the mud. Look at them thriving. Die for the Jew.

We’ve been kicked out of 109 countries. Let us in.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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The Roman
The Roman
7 October, 2019 7:02 am

Only very few Italians believe the words of this “holiness” and only the most stupid do agree with his words. They do so because of the brainwashing 24/7 by the media, which spread nonsense and false reality like all the other media in the western world. The vilest of our people are portrayed as an example of virtues and the best are demonized as fascists, racists, homophobes, haters ..and so on. We, in Italy as elsewhere in Europe, need a real leader. “I have to die for my people, but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know I was right”. May God bless Adolf Hitler, and may the Almighty Creator give us another chance. I am a Roman and I want my children to survive… Read more »