Be Jubilant

by Lucas Hood

“Grab life by throat and make it give us what we desire”

— the thief Valeria from Conan the Barbarian

BE JUBILANT. It goes without saying that our times are tough, perhaps tougher than ever before. Being born into this age is the greatest gift of fate that we could have. We were given the opportunity to complete the greatest struggle over the most powerful enemy to ever exist. Without action, being aware of what is going on and thinking about it all the time can be depressing. We counter this with acts of will. When you work toward improving yourself and the global situation in which our people find themselves, then you will feel much better. This is primarily done by spreading knowledge of what is going on and creating local groups of awakened people. You must exhibit the Wotanic element of being a Volk-Stirrer. Stir and rouse the Volk. Bring them together and commune with the Gods. It is our greatest strength that even after two thousand years of Christian oppression we still possess this power.

It matters not to us how a member this generation of the Global Volk starts out in life or where he or she was born. What matters is what you make of the situation. It matters that you become stronger, healthier, wealthier and more resistant to subversive agents. It matters how much you resist the efforts to blot out our race and continue as a people. One day our current enemies will die and as long as we have passed on healthy children with a right mind about them, then a recovery will be in order. Be jubilant; hail the gods!

* * *

Source: Volkish

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20 October, 2019 7:09 am

Stir up the folk, yes! But give them intelligent direction when you do.