RACIAL FRUSTRATION: we’ve all experienced it.

This frustration often leads even the most kindhearted White people to become angry.

But what do the people of today expect? Our most basic and primal instinct has been telling us that there is something wrong with society today. Deep down, the people’s instinct tell them that there is something inherently wrong with multi-racial societies.

But why do we feel that this is wrong? Our schools certainly don’t encourage our White youth to take pride in their race, nor do they even attempt to instill a sense of racial identity in them. Yet we still feel as though it is wrong to mix with those who are not of our own race.

Society tells us it is all in our heads. They tell us that we are confused or potentially even mentally ill. So why do we continue to feel so strongly about our race?


We can see that our race stands out when compared to the other races. We see that perhaps our race is more advanced. But they tell us this is not so. They tell us that we are all equal and it’s society’s fault that there is an achievement gap between the races.

Our young minds, having no formal education on race, have no argument to make. And yet we still feel so convinced that the races are different

Without any sort of personal racial identity, we go about life with our convictions. We feel so strongly about race, but with no way to defend it. So ignorance turns to anger, frustration, hopelessness, and defeatism.

Mainstream and social medias instill guilt into the bulk of White peoples, those who are not racially aware. Every time a crime is committed against a non-white man pity goes out to a “persecuted” race of people. “Whites are to blame!” says the television man.

And yet still, we cannot let go of what we feel inside…


And now we move on to where we are today.

Today we are pro-Whites of a numerous variety of types. We have searched long and hard to find the truth, and we have found our truth in our sense of racial consciousness and racial identity.

So relieved we feel, because we now have resolution: “We were right!” our hearts shout. We recognize how great our blood is. We recognize how advanced our people are. We learn that our people are in danger of becoming extinct

We know who we are. We know what is within our blood. No anti-White could change our minds to these facts.


It is unfortunate that our people are too kindhearted, because this, the anti-White, certainly preys on.

The anti-White makes Liberalism seem so wonderful – and in theory it is very appealing to the spirit of White people. They tell us that we should all love one another — White people long to love all beings. They tell us to end all violence — White people love peace. They tell the more able people to support the less able — White people long to help and defend those less able. 

And thus our people sink slowly down into the depths of the abyss of “colorblind” Liberalism. How can we help such lost souls? In truth the majority cannot be helped, for they have lost their racial instinct.

But many of our pro-White brothers and sisters have the heart of a warrior, and become upset when they hear this. The pro-White warrior knows no boundaries. The pro-White warrior feels as though he can save this entire world by himself. This is the passion felt by the pro-White man.

But in truth we cannot save this earth — not now anyway. It will take much time and much effort.

We will save our race one generation at a time. The majority of past generations have given up their racial instincts and therefore they have forfeited their earthly greatness.


It is up to us now to present ourselves as genuine pro-White men and women. It is up to us to gain the attention and interest of our fellow White brothers and sisters.

We will carry ourselves with pride and dignity. We will speak honestly and maturely. We will represent our race in a manner that is worthy of honor and respect.

We will not frighten our own race away. Instead, we will show them what they must one day become. We will show love for our children, and sacrifice all that we have to in order to see them survive.

Our fight began many generations ago and it will continue for centuries to come.

Love your kin more than you hate your enemies.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
11 September, 2019 10:13 am

I have several friends who are liberals and I can tell you that they do indeed have a sense of race! They are not Christians; they are ex-Catholics. They are the post-WW2 generation. They do not like Trump. None of them has started his own business, like I have. But they do indeed have a sense of being White. They can’t believe the things that are happening in France and Britain.

12 September, 2019 9:57 am

It’s one thing to note our race is not only who we are physically but also spiritually. We must also do all that is necessary to secure our place in this universe, for it is not enough to merely understand who we are.