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Marksmanship Doth Not a Mass Shooter Make

by David Sims

THERE ARE differences between White mass shooters and Black mass shooters. The most obvious difference is that the latter outnumber the former by quite a lot.

Many statistical summaries about mass shooting deliberately exclude mass shootings that occur for reasons that Blacks commonly have, such as drug deals gone bad, and mass shootings of a style typical for Blacks, such as drive-by shootings.

If you don’t cherry-pick your data and instead include all of the crimes that fit the common sense definition, then 51% of the mass shooters so far in 2019 have been Blacks. Only 29% of them were Whites. When you correct for the relative population sizes, you discover that an average Black is nine times more likely than an average White to perpetrate a mass shooting.

But there are other differences, too.

On the relatively rare occasion when a White does perpetrate a mass shooting, the news media immediately shouts the perpetrator’s race from the mountain tops. On the other hand, as Coulter’s Law states, “The longer it takes the news media to identify a mass shooter in the United States, the less likely it is to be a White male.” When you aren’t immediately told what race a shooter belongs to, as the story first breaks, then the chances are excellent that the shooter isn’t White.

When a mass shooter fires far more bullets than the number of people he kills, the chances are very good that the shooter is non-White. Black mass shooters, in particular, have a high wounded-to-killed ratio. Whereas a White mass shooter will usually kill from 50% to 75% of his shots, a Black mass shooter is usually much less effective, killing one person for each four to ten bullets fired.

A White mass shooter is far more likely to make good on his threats to kill hostages and then go down fighting: gun-fighting the police until he is killed by police. Blacks will, most of the time, do their thing and then run away.

Considering their far better marksmanship and purposefulness, it is just as well, we might suppose, that White mass shooters are relatively rare, despite what the lying leftist mainstream media want us to think.

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James Clayton
James Clayton
1 October, 2019 5:36 am

Love such articles; thank you