Judaism Attracts Psychopaths and Killers: The Case of Eli Hazeev

ISRAEL HAS become a Jewish nation that not only trains killers but attracts them. Kevin Alfred Strom has shown us that the hateful, exaggerated, us-versus-them attitude inherent in both religious and secular Jewry is reinforced, generation after generation, and becomes more concentrated in Jews as time goes on. But this process goes even farther than Strom suggests — Jews and Jewish institutions attract psychopathic haters among other races and bring them into the Jewish fold. Consider the case of “Eli Hazeev.”

Hazeev’s story is one of the strangest stories to come out of Israel. Hazeev was one of six Israelis killed by Palestinians in Hebron in 1980, after a series of outrageous provocations on the West Bank.

Hazeev was an American Protestant whose real name was James Eli Mahon, Jr.

Twice he volunteered for active duty in Vietnam, where his nickname was “killer.” After the war he became an informer for the FBI, spying on antiwar organizations. When Israel went to war in 1973, Mahon decided he had found a country that “fought for what it believed in.”

“Eli Hazeev”: Is there more than a hair’s-breadth difference between his mentality and that of the typical Israel-worshipping Christian Zionist “conservative”?

He converted to Judaism, choosing the name Hazeev, which means “wolf,” and went to Israel to join the violent ultranationalists. He liked to strut around Hebron with his rifle, forcing Arabs to back away in fear.

One of his neighbors said of him, “He liked to go to war. The idea of violence and weapons appealed to him. One day in his backyard he suddenly started spraying the leaves as if he had a machine gun in his hands. Once he got to a war I don’t think it mattered who was on the other side.” After Vietnam he was arrested for the shotgun shooting of a fellow member of the Vipers motorcycle gang. He admitted his part in the murder, but was somehow able to convince prosecutors that he’d acted in self-defense.

In Israel, he had distinguished himself by breaking into Arab homes in the West Bank, smashing furniture, terrorizing women and children, and ordering the occupants to “get out of Jewish homes.”

Mahon’s father was on the Board of Deacons of the Alexandria, Virginia Presbyterian Church.

Just before he converted to Judaism, Mahon was arrested in New Orleans on a drug charge. None of his seedy history, however, seemed to have an effect on Rabbi Joshua Haberman, who was in charge of the conversion. Hazeev ended up as a psychotic member of Rabbi Kahane’s psychotic band, which hunts down Arabs as ordinary hunters go after rabbits.

Mahon’s pathology was too much even for the more circumspect elements in the state of Israel: He had been detained some months before his death at the Tel Aviv airport while, according to the New York Times, he “was on his way to the United States to kill someone.”

An Israeli friend said Hazeev was a “psycho” who frightened his own friends: “He once took a couple of guys outside and showed them how to kill people with bare hands — ripping off nostrils, fingers in eyes, ears, like an Indian scout gone wild.”

At Hazeev’s funeral, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren told Hazeev’s parents that their son’s name will be “remembered among the heroes of Israel.”

In a mindless, rootless country like contemporary America, anyone can drift anywhere — to Marxism, New Ageism, Jesusisms, alcoholism, drug addiction, or sheer raving insanity. Hazeev/Mahon took the lowest of low roads and joined the murderers of his own people.

* * *

Source: based on material from Instauration, Roberta Feuerlicht, and National Vanguard correspondents

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19 September, 2019 8:03 am

Israel and its Jews specialize in subverting and converting good people into psychotics then sending them out to the enemy to have them do their dirty work for them. It’s the Jewish way ; it’s called COWARDICE. They’re trying to do this now in America through their propaganda machine, hoping to rile up racism in America to the point of Civil War. But it’s all gonna backfire on the Jews in America. The GOY have awoken !! The Jews have no more power over here. They should pack up and go back to their stolen country full of degenerate murderers, thieves, and pedophiles. America IS SICK TO DEATH OF THE TRIBE. In the case of Mahon, this guy sounded like a psycho early on in life, so getting rid of… Read more »

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
22 September, 2019 2:22 pm

Blood – It’s all about blood, sacrificial blood, the blood of the lamb, the blood of racial purity, the Bible is steeped in blood. We will begin this study by examining the foundation of the system that produced the authors who wrote the Bible. A few may consider some of the points I cover to be controversial. For those finding themselves perturbed by such controversy, I ask them to consider their reaction were these very same references made in relation to Christians or Muslims. The fact is there is no difference; such differences only exist in the minds of those choosing to make exception. Long before the Temple, came the era of the Tabernacle where the sacrifice was ceremonial bloodlust. It was a time when priests butchered animals to atone… Read more »