“Irish” “Teens” Doing Their Thing

Faith and begorrah, those clever Jewish people were right; now that it’s not all White anymore the charms of the Emerald Isle increase by the day.

DROGHEDA (a town near Dublin) and its police force experienced diversity up close and personal last week. According to the Irish Independent,

“FIVE teenagers were arrested and a garda (policeman) was viciously assaulted after a party in a Drogheda pub descended into violence. Shocking video footage of the incident shows teens kicking a garda multiple times as he lies on the ground on Friday night. Sickeningly the person who circulated the video mocked the garda being attacked. “I f**king love my young drillers. Good enough for em f**ing pigs. Feckkkkk these guys are dumb. They done skiddy bop on the pigs head””. (Video).

An eye witness who saw the carnage said, “One poor cop was rushed by a load of them who kind of bowled him over by weight of numbers. When he hit the floor they started kicking him around the place, some of them were actually dancing on his head and there was blood everywhere. They were scumbags acting like animals hunting in a pack, I doubt any one of them would have been brave enough to take the cop, who was a big bloke, on in a one to one scrap, but they were brave boys when they outnumbered him.”

Needless to say the report neglected to mention that the teens were, well, “teens”. At least the (not very) Independent did report on the incident unlike our ‘national’ broadcaster RTE which completely blanked it. Or blacked it out. Yet RTE found time for a lengthy report on the plight of asylum seekers having to make do with inadequate pocket money despite having all their meals, accommodation, health, education and transportation costs picked up by the Irish taxpayer.

The ‘teens’ in question apparently come over from Balbriggan which is Ireland’s answer to Detroit or Gary, Indiana. But new Balbriggans are evolving all over the country* while our homosexual Indian Prime Minister (a Justin Trudeau cut-and-paste) posturing and preening, lectures us endlessly on the latest trendy issues and our duties to the ‘international community’. And now, to thunderous applause, he has landed Ireland with 100 of the 350 economic migrants stranded off the coast of Italy. Why should Ireland, with 1% of the EU’s population take nearly one third of these parasites? Why indeed, especially when Libya, whence they departed, is willing to take them back.

The answer of course is that the strategy is not about saving the migrants. It’s about diluting and replacing Europe’s ethnic population.

*Reader comment on Political Ireland blog: ‘I spoke with a local garda, off duty, about an hour ago. I showed him the video and he said they are causing mayhem on the Southside of Cork City. They come in from Ballincollig on the bus directly to Carrigaline. His words: “you can’t do anything about it”.’

* * *

Source: Irish Savant

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11 September, 2019 4:07 am

I am wondering if the black population is a a jot of what we really think it is. That would explain the mixing. So, is their race doomed, I can’t help to think it is, especially at the rate they are going, they might be eliminating themselves.

Reply to  Geli
13 September, 2019 1:11 pm

Their genepool seems remarkably resilient, even the addition of large amounts of non-black genetics really doesn’t change what they are (see the black populations in the US and Brazil).

I honestly wouldn’t doubt that 1000 years from now, they will be the only race on the planet. The only things differentiating one black population from another will be traces of the populations they assimilated (lighter skin, occasional blond hair and blue eyes in central Europe and Scandinavia, yellowish skin undertone and straight jet black hair in asia, etc)

Reply to  Tim
13 September, 2019 2:47 pm

That sounds like a vision of hell to me. Black genetics may be strong, but they tend to drag down whatever they mix with, and that is not conducive to survival in a world where more civilized races still exist. Thankfully, even if our race truly is bent on suicide, at least the Chinese aren’t, and while I don’t care for the idea of them dominating the planet either, if we are gone, it gives me some cold comfort that it will be their race and not the black one that will dominate. The only prospect black people possess for surival into the future is for the White man to survive. Only our kind-hearted race does and will tolerate their existence.

3 May, 2022 6:55 pm

These knuckle-draggers are not and will never be Irish. They are simply evolutionary dead-ends who ended up in Ireland thanks to liberal race traitors in the Irish government. Nothing good will come of their presence in the Emerald Isle.