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A Third World War?

by Dr. William L. Pierce

IT’S INTERESTING watching the government and the news media working together to condition the public to support a war against Iraq. This week’s issue of Time magazine — that’s the May 13 issue — has a painting of Saddam Hussein on the cover in which he looks like a sinister Colombian cocaine lord, with dark glasses, a straw hat, and a scowl. The story about him and his family inside gives us a pretty greasy image of the bunch: certainly not the sort of people you’d want living next door.

Is Time’s image of Saddam accurate, or is it a deliberately distorted caricature? I’ve never met Saddam or even spoken with anyone who does know him personally, so I can’t answer that question with certainty. But the same issue of Time magazine also presents a whitewash of Ariel Sharon’s murderous incursion into the Jenin refugee camp. And, of course, the magazine is part of the Time-Warner-CNN Jewish media conglomerate. Time’s editor-in-chief is Norman Pearlstine. And all of the Jewish media are beating the war drums against Iraq. And so is everyone in the Bush government, from the Jews behind the scenes, like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, on up through the top figureheads, such as Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush.

What’s especially interesting to me about all of this is that it is a 180-degree change from the situation we had 30 years ago, during the Vietnam war. Then the media and the government, instead of being aligned as they are now, were directly opposed to each other, with the Jewish media making up what amounted to a cheering section for the Viet Cong. The equivalent today would be Fox News to interviewing former Taliban officials instead of Defense Department bureaucrats and Israeli diplomats and for Time magazine to depict on its cover Ariel Sharon with a sinister expression instead of Saddam Hussein. Well, that’s another story. What’s clear today is that where Jewish interests are concerned — where the Middle East is concerned — the news media and the government are in lockstep. Perhaps you remember how, before the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan began last fall, all of the Jewish media were pushing hate propaganda against the Afghans, trying hard to convince the American public that we ought to bomb them.

There were television specials about how mean the Afghans were to their women. In one Kabul street scene that was broadcast over and over again in various anti-Afghan news segments, an Afghan man was shown ineffectually swinging what looked like a fan belt at the legs of a woman, presumably his wife. The implication was that this was typical of the way Afghan men treated their women. Bush’s wife announced on television that we needed to “liberate” the Afghan women. Then, after a few weeks of intense hate propaganda by the media, the bombing began. And it looks as if that’s exactly what they have in mind for Iraq.

Well, we expect that from the media. As long as they are controlled by Jews they will support Jewish interests rather than American interests. Anyone who expects otherwise is living in a dream world. More disappointing is the behavior of the Gentile politicians and bureaucrats. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld seems to be trying to outdo George Bush as the government’s champion liar. Rumsfeld has been raving all week about the need to “take out” Iraq as soon as possible, because Saddam Hussein is trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. We need to get rid of Saddam because he is a threat to the peace and security of the United States, et cetera. Every time I turn on Fox News, they have Rumsfeld or some other government “expert” warning us about the danger of not invading Iraq and getting rid of Saddam before he develops nuclear or biological weapons.

And every time I see or hear such propaganda I must repress the urge to shout: “And what about Israel, you lying SOB? What about Ariel Sharon? You pretend to be concerned about nuclear and biological weapons being in unauthorized hands, but Israel is the only country in that part of the world that has an unauthorized arsenal full of nuclear and biological weapons. You never mention the danger of a homicidal maniac such as Ariel Sharon having his hands on nuclear and biological weapons. Iraq never has attacked the United States, but Israel has. Have you forgotten already about Israel’s attempt to sink the USS Liberty and blame it on the Egyptians?”

Then, there is that pompous little bigot we have for an attorney general, John Ashcroft. He was on TV last Saturday giving a commencement speech at Catholic University in Washington, DC, and preaching a crusade against terrorism and terrorists. He was telling us how evil terrorists are, how different they are from us, how they hate everything we stand for, and how we must root them out and destroy them. Watching this grim, tight-lipped little religious fanatic rave against terrorists was an experience in surrealism. Does Ashcroft believe that Palestinians blow themselves up because they like to do that sort of thing? Does he believe they would be using suicide bombers if the Jews didn’t have an occupation army in Palestine and weren’t killing Palestinian women and children and bulldozing Palestinian homes? Does he believe that they would be strapping explosives on their own women and sending them into Jewish restaurants and discos if they had tanks and F-16s and Apache helicopters like the Jews are using against them?

And when Ashcroft rages self-righteously about waging war against state-sponsored terrorism, he never mentions the state that sponsors more terrorist activity than any other, and that is Israel. Perhaps Saddam Hussein would like to sponsor terrorism against other countries, but it is Israel, not Iraq, that actually sends teams of trained assassins into other countries to kill and to terrorize: into Jordan to squirt poison into the ear of a popular Muslim cleric or into Lebanon to use a car bomb to kill a potential witness against Ariel Sharon in a war-crimes trial.

Well, of course, Bush and Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and all the rest of that slippery crew understand these things. I never have said that they should be hanged for being stupid or ill-informed but for being liars and traitors; they should be hanged for letting American interests go to hell while they scramble to serve the Jews at America’s expense. And now they’re hell-bent on dragging us into another war because that’s what the Jews want — certainly not because it will benefit America.

And I have to tell you that I have mixed feelings about all of this. On the one hand, I am automatically, instinctively against anything that the Jews and their collaborators in Washington are for. If they want us to fight another war for them, I’m automatically against it. If they tell us that Saddam Hussein is an evil person and ought to be killed, my reaction is that there has to be something good about anyone they hate so much. But I also try to be cold-blooded and rational about these things. Anti-Jewish feeling is stronger now, all around the world, than it has been in a long time, and the basic reason for this very welcome development is the servile obedience of the Bush government to Jewish demands.

It’s the U.S. government allowing itself to be used by Israel that caused the September 11 attack, that resulted in the war against Afghanistan, that has emboldened the Israelis to brutalize and repress the Palestinians even more than usual, that is leading us toward a war against Iraq, and that may yet lead us into a Third World War. All of these things in themselves are undesirable, and yet they are having an overall good effect by raising anti-Jewish feeling, and that in the long run may outweigh everything else.

It’s like Affirmative Action. The forced integration of Blacks into our White society in America has had many evil effects. Easily the worst of these effects has been the increase in miscegenation, the increase in mongrelization. But Affirmative Action has been the most irritating aspect of racial integration for many White Americans: the most unpopular aspect. Many ordinary White Americans are willing to accept miscegenation, in some cases because their churches tell them that that’s what Jesus wants, and in other cases because they don’t feel personally threatened by it. But they do feel threatened by Affirmative Action. They feel that it’s fundamentally unfair to take jobs or promotions away from Whites and give them to less-qualified Blacks just because they’re Blacks. They feel that it might deprive them personally of employment or of a higher salary. And so my attitude toward Affirmative Action is, right on! The more the better! White Americans need to be irritated by the racial problem.

I feel the same way about the new campaign that Blacks are pushing to obtain reparations for slavery. It sounds like a really stupid idea with no merit at all. I mean, if anybody should pay reparations, Blacks should pay them to us for bringing their ancestors over here from the African jungle, teaching them the rudiments of personal hygiene, tripling their life expectancies, putting them on welfare, and tolerating their criminal behavior for the past 400 years. But Blacks want trillions of dollars — and I mean trillions — in reparations for the unpaid labor of their slave ancestors, and they figure that now that White men have become such a spineless bunch of wimps, this is a good time to push for it.

Of course, most Whites still don’t feel threatened by the reparations campaign; it still seems to them more theoretical than real. But the campaign is gaining momentum, and I think that it’ll have a really salutary effect on most White Americans when it finally dawns on them that they’re being asked to cough up a sizable piece of change for Blacks who, they feel, already have gotten more than enough from them. So I’m hoping that the reparations campaign will continue growing and that it will cause a lot of irritation.

I believe that many racially conscious White Americans will agree with me that it’s worth putting up with Affirmative Action and reparations, just so Blacks as a whole will be seen as a threat by Whites who might otherwise be tempted to tolerate them. I believe that many patriotic Americans can see the silver lining in the September 11 attack that served as a wake-up call for all Americans and convinced many who needed to be convinced that we must regain control of our government, that we must get the Jews off our back.

But a Third World War? Am I really willing to accept a Third World War just so more people will become conscious of the danger of permitting the Jews to control our government? Isn’t that like throwing the baby out with the bath water?

If we back off a bit and look at our situation realistically and from a viewpoint that takes in the whole picture, one of the first things we realize is that we already are involved in a worldwide war — or at least, a race-wide war. Up through the end of the 19th century, our people ruled the world unchallenged. And then came a century of self-destructive insanity. Two fratricidal world wars of unprecedented destructiveness and the rise of communism stand out in the 20th century. We killed off tens of millions of our own people in these wars, and Jewish communists killed tens of millions more in a selective way, deliberately butchering the best of our people in an effort to make us easier to rule. The 20th century was the century during which the mass media rose to dominate the thinking of the masses of our people — and fell into Jewish hands.

The 20th century also was a century of unprecedented scientific and technological progress for our people. We made enormous strides forward in transportation, manufacturing, communications, agriculture, the eradication of disease, and weaponry. If in addition to our technological advances we had retained control of our mass media, not let ourselves be lied into two world wars, and nipped Jewish Marxism in the bud, we would be in an absolutely unassailable position now.

But we did let the Jews gain a stranglehold on our mass media of news and entertainment. We did let ourselves be lied into two world wars. We didn’t stamp out communism before it had wreaked a dreadful toll. And we let all of our technology be turned against us. We gave it away to other races, foolishly thinking that we were being good Samaritans. We went into the Third World and helped the non-Whites there control the diseases that were keeping their populations in check. We showed them how to increase their agricultural production so that they could support vastly larger populations. We permitted them to replace their spears and sticks and stones with modern weapons that we had invented.

The result, of course, was a population explosion among the non-White races, so that they now outnumber us 12 to one around the world. And this non-White population explosion that we foolishly caused has resulted in the destruction of our planet’s tropical rain forests and other natural habitats and the extinction of thousands of species of plants and animals. White Americans don’t pay much attention to this because it is happening mostly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, but I find it distressing. Even if the explosion of Black and Brown races didn’t pose a direct competitive threat to the White race for breeding and living space on the planet, I greatly prefer a world with more rain forest and more big cats and members of other non-human species, and fewer Black, Brown, and Yellow featherless bipeds.

Some of the cleverest of our own people now are making great efforts to find an AIDS vaccine that will halt the plague that otherwise might trim the Black population of Africa back to a more manageable size. Others are concerned about more efficient ways of getting relief supplies to parts of the Third World that are suffering from chronic famine. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, certainly an otherwise intelligent man, has given hundreds of millions of dollars for medical aid to lower the death rate among African infants and children. All of this is suicidal insanity.

Of course, we have other problems that seem much more pressing, but the problems of habitat destruction and species extinction caused by the overpopulation in the non-White parts of the world will catch up with us very soon. We are sharing the dwindling resources of this planet with far too many non-Whites. It’s pretty clear that to deal effectively with these global problems we need to reorient the way in which most of our people look at the world. We all need to understand that we still are as much subject to Nature’s laws as we ever were. We all need to understand that we are living in a finite world and are competing with other races for survival in this world. We need to root out the egalitarianism, the “we’re all one species” nonsense, the whining “why can’t we all just learn to get along with each other?” lunacy that has pervaded our policies toward other races and replace it with a hardheaded racial survivalism.

There are two ways to go about this. One way is for us to let ourselves be pushed into a Third World War. That might go something like this: The Jews continue their insistence that the United States use its military power to bomb and to invade Iraq and to set up a puppet government, more or less as we have done in Afghanistan. The ever-obedient Bush government goes along, using bases in Saudi Arabia. Outraged Muslim militants in Pakistan stage a coup there and lynch all of the politicians and bureaucrats who have been collaborating with the United States. U.S. military units that had been operating inside Pakistan in the hunt for Afghan patriots are ambushed by Pakistani military units and butchered. The Bush government retaliates by bombing Karachi. Frightened Saudi leaders demand that the U.S. military units stationed in Saudi Arabia for the assault on Iraq leave immediately. The Bush government, on orders from Ariel Sharon, refuses. OPEC imposes a total oil embargo on the United States and threatens similar embargoes on any countries in Europe that collaborate with the United States in the assault on Iraq. That includes Germany, which serves as a staging area for the U.S. military in its assault on countries in the Middle East. There is rioting in German cities as German citizens protest being dragged into the U.S. war against Israel’s enemies, and at the same time a wave of Muslim suicide bombings takes place in the United States, mostly in crowded shopping malls, killing hundreds of Sally Soccermoms.

North Korea decides to take advantage of the U.S. problems at home, in Europe, and in the Middle East, and invades South Korea. The Bush government threatens a nuclear strike unless the North Koreans withdraw immediately. The Chinese government decides the time has come to take possession of Taiwan and does not believe that the United States will try to wage nuclear war against China and North Korea at the same time.

Well, you can use your imagination to complete the scenario. The good news that could come from a Third World War is that with an end to intervention by misguided White do-gooders, AIDS, famine, and cannibalism would be able to whittle the African population back down to pre-colonial levels pretty quickly. Some European governments certainly would be overthrown, and perhaps in a few cases patriotic governments would replace them. In the United States, just about anything might happen. At least, no more welfare checks would be going out, and the urban rabble would be eating each other.

No matter what developed, however, it hardly could lead to anything worse than leaving the present course of events on track, because that course leads to certain extinction for our people. A Third World War would at least reshuffle the cards.

There is, of course, a better way, and that is to break the Jewish stranglehold on our mass media, regain control of our government, and then follow a rational plan to do with surgical precision and with much less destruction of our planet that for which a Third World War might or might not lay the groundwork. That’s the way I have chosen. It’s certainly not an easy way, but it is a way that becomes surer and surer as more and more decent and responsible White men and women join me along this path.

* * *

Source: Free Speech magazine, June 2002

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